Date: 12th February 2010 at 9:28am
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Midge on the rivalry between to two South Coast clubs and how any REAL fan would never want this lost, he also looks at the common link that ‘could’ unite both sets of fans.

From the final whistle on Tuesday night, till 12:30 Saturday, attention and tensions relax a bit as we all gear up and prepare for the first local Derby in a few years. And a long time coming too.

Its Strange as in the past this encounter would have had the opposite effect, instead of being a welcome relaxing disturbance, this would have been the tension match of the season. But maybe this reflects how frustrating and tense this past 5 months has become? And reading numerous articles I realise how similar we all may actually be. Southampton fans (Majority at least) admit, they look forward to giving us grief over our financial affairs and looming relegation. But most also remember the pain of administration, and say they would never wish that on ANY real football fan.

I for one, can confirm I felt the same for them when they went into Admin. I laughed and teased the same as most about their affairs and failures, but never wanted to see them dissolve…. And the memories of the Deacon Days, and the Gregory era failing and falling apart, all flooded back at that time, and reminded me that, that feeling of unknowing is actually worse than any local Hatred.

Plus without each others Local Rival, wouldn’t the fiercest derby in English Football also become a thing for the History books? No… I never wished that on them and understand them not wanting that of us either.

And who knows, History could be made Saturday, as one thing finally unites Southampton and Portsmouth for the first time in any Southampton Pompey encounter. Something that could actually have both sets of fans singing from one song sheet… The Hate/dislike of one Mr Harry Redknapp. One Southampton Fan states on another article I read, that half of his hate for Pompey went to Spurs the day Harry went there… So Harry can also add to his list of achievements, he may think he is the God that promoted and gave Pompey its best years (OK he did but at a price we are all regretting now), but he also managed to unite both sets of fans, if only for one Chorus of Harry Redknapp, is a W@#ker … As I am sure if Pompey sing it…. Scummers will too 🙂

Play up Pompey, now lets go win this game…

Written by Midge.

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13 Replies to “Southampton v Portsmouth v Redknapp”

  • Good article Midge ….but come on..”One Southampton Fan states that half of his hate for Pompey went to Spurs the day Harry went there”.. well if that is the case then I would state that he has no idea how deep seated the rivalry is .. I don’t care about (or for) Jamie (the Scummers) Dad and I really don’t give a toss what scummers think of him. The hatred (yes hatred) in my blood comes from years of being taunted, years of being told (or it be suggested) on Southern TV or TVS or whatever it was called then that we were inferior because they were the top team in Hampshire – Well tomorrow I ain’t interested in finances I ain’t interested in survival .. I want revenge for that Steve Moran goal in 1984, I want payback for the 3-0 defeat in 96 and although we have had the Lua Lua moments I most of all want every player wearing blue to fully understand what this derby means as a one off game to every Pompey fan .. From now until the final whistle NOTHING else matters more than beating the SCUM – No compassion, no similarities, no feeling as one …just pure 100% Pompey Passion. COME ON YOU BLUES

  • Totally agree Chix, Dont get me wrong We all Hate them and they All Hate us, but made me realise that when it comes to Footy and admin and Harry we all feel one way. But you are right, thats as far as it goes, just amused me that IF we all sang anti Harry, and IF they joined in, Harry would see that as an accomplishment too. I want to add to your list of Paybacks though, as you’ve not mentioned Beatie Cupping his ear,that to me was something i will never forget. Yes they bleated for too many years about being the TOP club, but they seem to forget before that We were the top club and they were in the equivilant to the conference…. Anyway lets go get ’em, 🙂

  • Trying to decide whether to watch the game in the pub or at home. There will be the same amount of Pompey support wherever and no scummers support so it just wont get the same atmosphere! 🙁

  • Yeah bugger the association with Judus and all that, we have got one aim and that is to show them up in their own back yard. I know we struggle in defence and up front at times, but I do believe that Premier Laegue class will shine through and if Avram has got key players fit ie Boateng and dare I say it Utaka, then with a bit of luck we can go into the 6th round and draw Spuds at home and give them a good hiding as well.

  • I don’t think any of us need worry about HR. Spur are well looking after that department – a lot of them hate him already – just look at their Vital website – its a joke. They are sitting in 6th place and they are calling for his blood! Scummers were real history when I first started supporting Pompey, and one of my friends was married to Bobby Stokes, but I will watch the match n Saturday and will enter into all the fun. Although I must say, Spurs affcts me more than Scummers, (or did do until such nice Spurs fans have been on this site supporting us in our problems, (can’t really hate them too much after that, can you?)).

  • Gandor, agree with your Spurs v Scummers debate, also the positive Spur fan comments. All united by the positive dislike for the selfish, opinionated “HR”.

  • Have to disagree- or ,at least,put my point across
    1st,i’d asy the scum hate Redknapp more than Pompey,Pompey fans gave him no real grief when they were asked not to.scum wouldnt have let him off so lightly im sure
    Maybe that makes us a better class of fan i dont know (i certainly like to think so)
    2nd,as much as i want to beat the scum,as much as i shat myself about having to face the ridicule of losing to a scum side 2 leagues below us SURELY our football clubs survival is more important than 90 minutes?
    If i am wrong then maybe it is because i dont live in the heart of Portsmouth and dont feel the dockers history as bad as local families(ive only ever lived in Fareham or Gosport so i am hardly an outsider).
    I would say that any Pompey fan with a true desire to see the club get back on its feet would sacrifice this game to have a team next season that could pay wages on time and compete each week and start to rebuild
    Again,my opinion and i am greedy.I cling to the hope that we do sort this mess out AND beat those filthy gob****es from down the road.
    But Portsmouth FC matters more to me than any one game of football

  • Very well written Chix! Mart, for me, the point is, this match doesn’t have any bearing on whether the club survives or not. If it doesn’t (god forbid) then we either go down with the glory of beating the scummers on their own patch – or we go out in a whimper with history recording one of the last things that happened was Pompey lost to them. That’s about the only thing that could make it worse, and it’s unthinkable. Pompey has always been about pride, and always (well for a long time) against the scummers. Our current plight makes it so so crucial that we give them a darn good doing over. And for heaven’s sake, we haven’t had much to smile about lately, as fans, we need this! As for Redknapp, I don’t really care.

  • And if the scummers have a go at our financial situation after what they went through last summer it just goes to prove they are ******** retards with the memory capacity of a goldfish.

  • Well said Tracey! Hope you have a good time and look after yourselves. Oh – and have a little singsong for me!

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