Date: 11th March 2012 at 10:32am
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Whilst I fully, like I have said so many times, understand and appreciate the gravity of our situation exactly what good are continuing players sales doing us?

Also I understand that player wages, and contracts on offer, are unsustainable so players have to go at some point, so the argument could well be why not sooner rather than later…

The departures, or at least likely departures, of Stephen Henderson and Hayden Mullins came ahead of the Brighton defeat.

An acceptance, at the very least a very strong seeming acceptance, that Jason Pearce and Joel Ward will be following in the week ahead seemed clear for all to see that travelled to watch Pompey…

Ward looked resigned to going, he took his shirt off and passed it to a kid in the crowd. Pearce looked devastated, close to tears as he struggled to contain his emotions with me now being 100% convinced that his reaction was confirming what ‘rumours’ were saying before the game, he will be off this week even if he does not want this.

A £12.5m annual wage bill just is unsustainable.

Then again is half of that, if it can be trimmed to half that, anymore sustainable for some 6-10, or so players. With a clear need for at least that amount of players again, low earners or no, to come in to give us a squad, especially as a league one club, anymore sustainable though?

Literally any player being on £10,000 of more per week – so everyone, as I suspect the lowest any 1st team members gets is that amount – realistically needs to go. Again I can appreciate that but what exactly are we achieving in the long-run if we are merely going that extra yard to just ‘see us through the season?’

Loan fees, and wages saved, further boost the coffers available to fund the running of the club but what difference, or comfort, to us is it just to get through the season only to go bust in the summer?

And as it stands now this is exactly what is looking likely to happen anyway…

In Trevor Birch’s defence he is legally obliged to ensure we remain ‘solvent’ and get the best deal possible for the creditors, so in many ways has to do what he is doing but what exactly is being left over to ‘tempt’ a new owner in?

Further ‘rumours’ have been growing at the weekend that ‘a new bidder’ might have entered the frame to take over Portsmouth Football Club, but what is the appeal to them, or anyone else?

Any would be owner is taking on a club with debts, including secured debts to two former owners, a squad that is being totally decimated – even if this is needed due to unsustainable and unrealistic contracts offered – that quite literally will have no ‘assets’ left come the summer anyway!

Those that are not released when June comes, if we make that far, that are left over for next season will only be the ‘high earners’ that we have been unable to shift no matter what we try to do.

What is the appeal to a would be owner?

What is the appeal to a manager as Appy will almost certainly leave in the summer I would think, and I would not blame him in the slightest. Without a doubt though he could walk away with his head held high. I am still gutted that the best think to happen to PFC in years has come at the worst time.

Soul destroying best sums up the situation…


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