Date: 22nd December 2008 at 9:01am
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Sol Campbell has hit out at the ‘behind the scenes’ issues that he fears could derail of our season, turning would promised to be a positive one – as we looked to build on the success from previous years – into one of hardship…

The things that the captain speaks about, in what he told The News, are concerns over players futures, both those in and nearing the end of their contracts – including himself – and the ownership issues of the club and what this uncertainty will mean: ‘there are a million and one things going round the club. The club situation and other things behind the scenes don’t help really.

‘From top to bottom everyone has got to be singing from the same hymn sheet and there’s a knock-on effect.

‘The preparation is good, it’s pretty spot on, but there are a lot of things at the club that really need to be resolved – and we have also got to resolve things on the pitch.

‘It’s not just about contracts, a lot of things have to be sorted on and off the field.

‘A good club would keep on going and things have to be sorted off the field and on the field.

‘The powers that be need to sort their side out now. It’s difficult but once all of that is sorted you will see a better club.

‘It’s a difficult situation now so we all must work hand in hand.’

‘Tough times’, if this is as tough as he, and others, have seen it then they have had it easy – things have been much tougher for Pompey in the past, and not so distant past at that…

Whilst I would agree with Campbell in as much as all the ‘off field activity’ is most definitely a distraction and something that we do not need or want, he – and others – are professional footballers who do get paid a fortune to play football so when matchday comes around they should be right on their game and do what they are paid to do, as he says ‘preparation is spot on’ so there should be no excuse on that score.

I am sure that some of the players that we do have genuinely care, but when all is said and done they will get paid their fortunes whatever happens and can move on – and plenty probably would given the chance – we, the fans, are the ones mostly effected by this!

Sacha Gaydamak has now made it clear that he wants to move on, and if the right buyer is found he will. With him saying that ‘the right buyer’ means the right buyer for the club, not necessarily him – Whilst I do believe his thoughts and motives we will find out soon enough ‘if’ he really does ‘care’ about the club as much as it is said…

Yep, he is a businessman when all is said and done but if he totally rips the squad apart in the coming month then that is not the fan we thought he was, or things – debts – are a lot worse than the club say, with it believed these debts are actually ‘manageable’, despite reports to the contrary, and the departure of Lassana Diarra ‘should’ make these even more so.

I know I must be boring you by now by constantly saying it, but I will say it again ‘if’ players want to go, so long as we get a top price for them we ‘should’ let them go, on the other hand if we do not ‘need’ to sell players and they do not want to go then we ‘should not’ force them into doing so, as I like to say ‘loyalty cuts both ways!’

We have to brace ourselves for a turbulent month ahead – but none of us really know what to expect do we, none of us can really say we ‘definitely’ know what will happen, but we sure as hell will find out soon enough. Whatever happens though we must, as fans, stick together though – we have done it in the past when the going has been very tough, surely we can do it again in the future as things ‘should’ never get as bad as they have been at their very worst…


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