Date: 26th April 2009 at 4:15pm
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Sol feels he is good for another 3-years

With Sol Campbell out of contract at the end of the season the chances of him staying at the club seem slim, but as he told The Daily Star he wants to carry on for another 3-years at least.

Well, actually he said he ‘would play for another 10 years’ if he could but ‘maybe in three years I’ll think about retirement’. He also refused to rule out staying in ‘football in another capacity’ after he retires.

I will be honest, and to be fair I was quite open with these thoughts and also think they were fair, in the early part of the season I was desperate for us to release him in the summer as I thought he was totally passed it. As it is now his form in the last few months has been fantastic – I would not say ‘back to his best’ as these best days were, lets be honest, behind him even when he first came here, but back to a very high standard he still had when he first came to Pompey and a standard you would expect from a player of his quality, not to mention monthly wage!

Now I am in the ‘I would like him to stay’ group as his experience and quality could still do us a job, but his wages are going to prevent this from happening I would suspect. A pay-cut would need to be taken, and money need not be an issue for one of this countries most wealthy footballers, as it is the direction the club ‘could’ be taking might. So, I suspect that he will finally gain the move abroad that he has often spoken about getting before calling it a day. Spain or Italy could be ideally suited to him?

As for our own survival, he knows its not assured yet but he feels confident enough about this – and rightly so as I really do think we are going to be ok now, regardless as to the outcome against Newcastle tomorrow, although a win would be very handy…


Pompey job there for Grant ‘if he wants it?’

Apparently Avram Grant is in line to take the Czech Republic job, but is also keen on being able to manage a club side too – with it also ‘reported’ that the Pompey job has been ‘offered to him’ and he is now ‘considering it’…

I am not keen on Paul Hart getting the job but I am even less so on Grant getting it! Please do not let this happen!

Chances are, unless we are taken over in the summer, we are going to be in for another tough season next time round and I think I can totally understand the calls for a manager with some ‘charisma’ and ‘personality’ about them, as this would help us and do Hart, and without a doubt Grant have much, if any of these qualities?

I would say no, but would also quite easily say that Hart has more!

The plus point to Hart taking over, as someone mentioned in the forum earlier, is that he at least he knows the capabilities of the youngsters first hand, and with some of these quite possibly making inroads into the 1st team this season no one should know their capabilities better than him…

Sven Goran Eriksson is not going to get the job, but all the time that he remains out of work the more it amazes me that we were prepared to take him on when he was ‘unattainable’, yet now he is available we are not even ‘talking’ about him – this just seems to add credence to my thinking that it was just a ‘publicity thing’ with him and we never had any real interest in appointing him anyway! The compensation issue with Mexico was just a suitable cover story…

If we are happy to take the ‘job share option’, then why not let Slaven Bilic take the job?

He is leaving Croatia in November I believe, so it is not like he will have to job share for long anyway is it! People can argue he is another ‘unproven’ manager but he has worked wonders with Croatia and his enthusiasm for the game and his desire to win would make him a winner for me I reckon, and I feel players would want to play for him.

Nope, for me, the idea of appointing Grant does not appeal to me at all…


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