Date: 15th January 2010 at 12:41am
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As expected our £7m income from the latest bout of TV money was withheld by the premier league on Thursday and passed on to creditors.

Lets be honest we HAD expected this – in actual fact it is a good thing really as it ensures that this money, 70% of our £10m debt to premier league and overseas clubs was paid, we now need to come up with another £3m, how we do that only time will tell, but it would suggest a player or 2 will be sold?

A statement from the premier league said: ‘the board has convened over the past two days to consider what action to take in relation to Portsmouth Football Club’s football creditors and the distribution of broadcast fee payments that under normal circumstances would have been paid to the club this week.

‘The board has decided, in accordance with Premier League rules, to pay those undisputed football creditors that were overdue at the time of meeting. This includes both domestic and overseas clubs.

‘The board continues to work with the officers of Portsmouth FC to ensure arrangements are in place to settle all club liabilities as and when they become due.’

I have little doubt that the premier league will not go out of their way to help us, as I am sure they want shot of us – but we also, as a club, have to do more to help ourselves and it appears we are not doing enough of this at this time, but can we in the weeks ahead?

Will they do what they say they are trying to do for the club? If not I just cannot understand why they even bothered?

Unfortunately it appears that Pompey have failed to comment on this, apart from something on BBC sport that says the board are working ‘extremely hard’ to turn things around…

Our transfer embargo remains in place, talk of how long this will remain is not known although I would assume that until the premier league are happy with our explanation of things, that we can prove things that they want proven and show a steady cash flow this will remain the case.

As said the money being withheld is not a surprise in the least and the longer a decision took the more it seemed the embargo would remain in place – and so it has proven and this is a BITTER blow and leaves me totally deflated as a result. Not so much as it means we cannot sign players – even loanees and freebies, which we need to, it seems to suggest that they are still not happy with things and this only adds to thoughts many have that things are not being sorted…

The club has started to open up and talk more, but this latest setback will do little to appease the fans and tensions are bound to be high this weekend I would have thought. As said previously these words SERIOUSLY need to see some actions follow them – we desperately need to see some positive moves shown in the next week or so!

This month was always the month that would define so many things, midway through and still having the embargo in place is not a good start! I want to believe that things will turn around and want to believe what we are told but all too often it seems that everyone else is wrong apart from the club, and this cannot always be the case, can it?

I am bitterely disappointed that we have made no comment on this issue at all and hope that things will turn around as time is seriously running out. Rays of light are fading, but I guess we have to continue to cling to those diminishing flickers and hope they are not totally eclipsed…


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