Date: 26th October 2010 at 3:51pm
Written by:

I guess something that is on a lot of people’s minds at the moment is ‘what is this surprise that Balram Chainrai said he had for us,’ right?

So far there has been no ‘surprise announcement’, although I would say for now we have had enough ‘surprises’ so just a bit of quiet time with no dramas at all, so we can focus purely and simply on what is going on with the footballing side of things, will do me fine…

He, and David Lampitt, have both said that there is no ‘quick fix’ and they have also said that this lot is ‘in it for the long-term’.

Again, all good to hear – but actions speak louder than words, as far as the ‘involvement’ goes. As far as the ‘quick fix’ goes, that is exactly right too as there is NO quick fix to our problems, these WILL continue to take time to sort out and for us to get back to the right level, ensuring that we do it the ‘right way’ will make it easier…

One of the major things in doing things the right way will be how we go about ‘recruiting’ new players.

Lampitt, also today, has also said that the lifting of the transfer embargo – even if deals still require football league approval – is not going to mean that we go on a spree of bringing players in, albeit only on emergency loan moves at the moment.

This is spot on, as the amounts of money spent on players – and the wages they were on – when we were unable to afford this played a major role in the club getting into the mess it did. Of course having crooked owners taking money left right and centre just elevated the issues!

The right loanees, using this market to our advantage bringing in players that we can get with their patent clubs contributing a lot, most, if not all, of their wages is the way to go and then looking at free agents too – and there is NOTHING stopping us from looking at free agents on a trial period, and putting them into specially arranged ‘behind-closed-doors’ games, like the one against Havant that is coming up. If we decided to bring them in then we do this on the right length contract on the right level of money.

If people start demanding for arrival after arrival now that the embargo has been ‘relaxed’ – as I have said elsewhere I like to think of it being relaxed as opposed to lifted as it has not, and will not, be properly lifted for a while, which I am happy with – will have had very short memories, and this would not be the club ‘doing things the right way’…

As said it will take a long time for this club to really sort things out, but another thing that will help is continued work with younger players coming through – this saves the need to recruit form outside and, more often than not, will see players playing for the club that genuine do want to be here.

Wishing for player after player is something that I think that we need too be careful about wishing for as the consequences of these wishes coming true are not always positive are they, as we have previously found out. Lets just keep calm, be patient and be happy if things bubble along quietly, yet nicely with the credibility of the club rising again during this period.

We have all been looking for a fresh beginning, whilst the return of Chainrai does not exactly give us a ‘fresh start’ we still do have a start and as this title says, for me, as far as the words that are being spoken go, it is ‘so far so good’ so as long as the actions that follow these words are followed by actions doing what they say the will we are going to be on the right track.


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