Date: 11th March 2009 at 9:49am
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Hooray, things have been far too quiet recently, and finally – almost as if it is done purely as ‘something to do’, or to ‘provoke a response’, which I guess it has – the one and only ‘Hatchet Man’ has sunk this into Pompey… again!

Talk of Sacha Gaydamak performing a ‘fire sale’ has been rife for ages, this was apparently going to have happened in January – as this did not happen then it will happen in the summer with Paul Hart assigned with ‘cutting the wage bill by 25%’, again ‘reports’ that are not anything new either, and this will be done but cutting the out of contract players.

If the 18 that are out of contract are released, including ‘Sol Campbell, Kanu, Lauren, Hermann Hreidarsson and Sean Davies’, yep ‘Sean Davies’, who I do not even know, come on Hatchet Man at least get things right if you are going to dig it in, we have a Sean DAVIS not Sean DAVIES, so we will not miss him anyway! Anyway, if all are released, including these we apparently ‘will struggle to cope’…

Look, lets get this clear from the off, in all honesty even ‘if’ all 18 out of contract players left is this really going to effect us that much?

The vast majority of these out of contract players are not ‘1st team’ performers anyway, and hardly have been this season – you could argue that we will struggle more by keeping the majority of them as the ‘wasted wages’ will hurt us much more!

We will not release all 18, I would expect up to 80% of them to go to be honest, but you do not miss what you do not have anyway do you.

The only thing we would miss most is the fact that we will numerically be down on players, but that said we have to remember that we do have a wealth of talented young players coming through, young talent that could come in and ‘top up the numbers’ as effectively, if not more so, than some of those so called performers that are going to leave us with a ‘struggle to cope’ if they leave…

Of course I am not burying me head in the sand, I do worry about things, but the struggles that all 18 of the so called ‘1st teamers’ leaving will have on us is not one that I am viewing as causing us as much trouble as you do ‘Hatchet Man’. Had these 18 all been regular 1st team performers I would, as most are not I would ask you to maybe think more about the tripe you spin out before you do it, jog on!


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