Date: 27th April 2009 at 1:14pm
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‘Paul Hart should not be given the Pompey job permanently’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from pentonpompey’s poll are thoughts that I would agree with to be honest.

I have nothing against Paul Hart, he and Brian Kidd have just about done the job asked of them – ‘keep us up at all costs!’ And as Peter Storrie has asked I am ‘thankful’ to them both. I would keep Kidd as a coach in a heartbeat but do not think giving Hart the job is a good idea…

The apparent ‘playing not to lose’ as opposed to ‘playing to win’ mentality of Hart is not something that I like, that said it is essential that we stay up this season so ‘maybe’ his philosophy would be different given a clean canvas to begin with, which of course next season would give him.

Whilst the 10-15 players that I would expect to be released will not cause that much concern, as lets be honest most of these are doing little to earn their corn anyway are they, so they will not be missed. However the other 2-3 that ‘probably will be sold’ are going to be missed!

We cannot rely exclusively on ‘bringing the kids through’, yep I would like some but we would have to make a couple of ‘shrewd moves’ into the transfer market, and I am not convinced that Hart has the ability to do this with senior players as opposed to youngsters? That said Kidd must have some connections in the game to help us out…

My gravest concern is the one that Hart will not see the 09/10 season through!

The players and/or fans could round on him and we will end up with another ‘Tony Adams’ situation with him forced out – we then lose such an important figure at the club for our academy growth. The guy gives us our best chance of producing a constant stream of talent, and we lose that if we lose him as our manager, we lose that anyway as how can he manage the 1st team and overlook the academy as well? It is too much for one person to do!

Whatever we may think, and of course Vital Pompey does not speak for all fans does it, I think with Peter Storrie’s latest words, on the Pompey Site, the job is going to them: ‘they came in at a time when we had gained only two points from nine games and were heading towards the bottom three.

‘In the nine games since we have picked up 13 points and lost only to Chelsea and Manchester United – two teams in the Champions League semi-finals this week.

‘They have more than steadied the ship and we have once again become a team that is very difficult to beat.

‘They have been a class act from the day they took over. They have bags of experience and have the respect of all the players.

‘They complement each other and I’m delighted how the results and performances have gone.’

‘When’ safety is confirmed, not ‘if’, they are nailed on for the job – unless we are taken over in the summer…

From a personal point of view with home games alone costing me £60-£80 each – that is an average of around £40ish quid for the ticket when the season ticket cost as is worked out, plus at least £20 for train fares, at their cheapest, usually more along the lines of £25-£40 – for each home game before beer and what have you that is hell of a lot of money to fork out, and I want to be entertained for this money!

Granted being entertained and us losing each week is not much consolation, but ‘setting out for a 0-0 each week and looking to sneak a 1-0 win’ is not going to do much to appease me, and others, who shell out these vast amounts of cash, and in all honesty is not going to get us much next season anyway is it – ok, maybe 3 teams will be worse than us but it is a horrible way to go about things…

As said, ‘hopefully’ the mentality when approaching games would be different next season, and to be fair this has improved recently as the pressure has lifted. It would be good to go into the final couple of games, at least, this season being safe without a doubt and we ‘might’ get a better idea of what we could get next season from Hart?

  • What the poll asked – With Storrie’s approval it appears Hart will be appointed our permanent manager. Do you want this?

  • How you voted – No 79%, Yes 21%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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