Date: 28th April 2010 at 6:26pm
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The ‘actions’, or ‘non-actions’ as would be more fitting, of people that have been running this club have brought shame on the good name of Portsmouth Football Club repeatedly for far too long now – I have, and always will be proud to be Pompey born and a Pompey fan but some actions just cannot be described by words and have left me feeling ‘ashamed’ even if it is NOT our, the fans’, place to feel shamed by what has happened…

The non-payment of so many outstanding amounts of money to various people is criminal, the fact that charities HAVE NOT been paid is just indefensible – and those that ‘should’ have been accountable for these payments being made, but not making them, MUST be held accountable for this, and at the very least foot the bills themselves as I have little doubt they can afford this!

Among these left short of what they were meant to get were cancer charities, left several thousand pound out of pocket (some £14,000 + by all accounts) from the lack of payment made – The Tom Prince Cancer Trust for example sees, or so I believe, something like £12,000 unpaid? This payment was, as I am led to believe, as a percentage passed on, or at least meant to have been passed on, from shirt sales – with so much from each shirt sold going to this charity.

The fact that is WAS NOT paid is just, well, as said indefensible and how these people can sleep at night having not seen this honoured is beyond me.

It makes my blood boil just thinking about it!

It is all very well adding a 50p to the costs of each FA cup final ticket, which I have no problem with, to be passed onto The Tom Prince Cancer Trust but what about the previous monies not paid? As said I have no issue, or problem doing this but this action DOES NOT make up for the previous non-action of payment – again the person(s) that were responsible for this payment being made, but not making it, should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Surely, using a charities name in connection with the selling of any product, yet not passing on those proceeds MUST be a serious form of ‘fraud,’ right?

If you or I sold something and said so much was going to a charity, if it was found out we basically ‘pocketed’ this money we would be ‘done’, and rightly so, for this – so those most at fault for this happening here should face similar punishments.

All these negative stories, these immoral actions and the lack of responsibility taken by those that SHOULD take it continue to sully the name of Portsmouth Football Club and impact on the ones it should impact on least of all, the genuine people involved in the club, the town itself and of course us, the fans, the ones that receive the biggest brunt of this – especially from brainless morons such as Stan Collymore – as if it is ‘our fault’ in some way, when it clearly is not!

Like I said at the start of this I am proud to be Pompey, I am shamed of the actions of people connected with this club – I would hope solely in a ‘previous capacity’ now though – but immensely proud of the actions being taken by Pompey fans who ARE making donations to pay off as much, and as many, of the charity and non-profit organisations, that were left shafted by these peoples ‘actions’ over the years.

I believe that 2 such cases have now been settled, and more, with a 3rd now well on the way to being paid off – we are talking over £5,000 raised by the generosity of Pompey fans.

We SOULD, if we were not before, be prouder than ever to be Pompey fans – it is just a crying shame that these ‘lowest of the low’ individuals with these shameless actions will feel little, if any, regret, remorse or sympathy for their wrongdoings. Scum; in fact subhuman scum is how I would describe these people…


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