Date: 15th June 2010 at 8:29pm
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Can the club really afford not to extend the ‘early bird deadline and discount’ still further? This is the question that Dave_S139 asks.

The club have recently extended the deadline for Season Ticket renewals until the end of June. After this, the expectation is that all seats will be available for general sale. However, given the fact that the most likely attendees at Fratton Park for matches during this coming season will be drawn from within the 2009/10 season ticket community, can the club really afford not to extend the ‘early bird deadline and discount’ still further.

The impact of the recent extension was always going to be minimal, being a matter of an extra nine days smack bang in the middle of the World Cup. In my opinion, most fans won’t start thinking ‘Pompey’ until the very latter stages or certainly until after England are knocked out. And Portsmouth Football Club run a real danger of switching more fans off if suddenly the prices to previous season ticket holders are suddenly hiked as and when the deadline passes.

It would be easy to argue that “a deadline is a deadline” and “you’ve had plenty of time to get yourself organised” but these are extraordinary times at our club. The ownership issue is far from resolved and, at the time of writing, no absolutely final decision has been made on the CVA or indeed the prospect of a further point’s deduction. It is therefore not surprising that the fans are holding off before parting with their money and it would be unfair to penalise them for doing so. The suggestion that any monies paid in respect of Season Tickets will be ‘ring fenced’ is all well and good but at the moment the trust just isn’t there and that in itself will take some considerable time to rebuild. And the club need to understand that.

I for one have my money ready to pay as and when the time feels right. At the moment it doesn’t and June 30th isn’t too far away. Without having a Season Ticket tucked safely away in my wallet and without the availability of a cash only turnstile I feel it highly unlikely that I would be bothered to obtain a ticket either in advance or by having to queue up at the office on the day. And I say this after 45 years of attendance.

In conclusion, my message to the club is, think carefully on June 30th about what you do. The fans are here and waiting to return but the circumstances need to be right. £300 is still a lot of money to most of us and if that £300 suddenly became £350 at the end of the month then I feel it could understandably tip the balance with many supporters. After all, what exactly would we be paying extra for?

Written by Dave_S139.

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10 Replies to “Season Tickets – A dilemma for club and its fans?”

  • I find myself in the uncomfatable position of agreeing with Dave_S again. I don’t think there is the slghtest risk of season ticket money vanishing or being used for something else but I agree with Dave now just doesn’t feel right. Get a CVA through, new manager in and embargo lift requirements and date agreed and maybe. That of course may change closer to season start abd I am lucky I can afford the additional £50 when lots can’t; but the question I ask is do I want to and the answer is at the moment no. Also I live in north Surrey and I think – only half jokingly; do I want to brave hindhead twice or 4 times a week to watch some of the tripe I was served the season gone. I tend to go to as many away games as home matches and that cost money, a lot of money but I need to see some progress before I sign up for the 10/11 season.

  • I must admit to finding this whole debate about season tickets on a forum which purports to be for Pompey ?fans? strange in the extreme.

    I have been a Pompey fan since the age of 9 (sadly 48 years ago) and knew from that very first moment that Pompey was my team. I know this will never change and that I will follow them ?until I die?, therefore I have held a season ticket ever since I was able to afford one. If I couldn?t afford a season ticket then I?d buy tickets on a match by match basis but I will always attend matches if I can afford to and am physically able to do so.

    It therefore doesn?t make any sense to me when a Pompey ?fan? writes:

    ?In my opinion, most fans won’t start thinking ‘Pompey’ until the very latter stages or certainly until after England are knocked out?.

    If you are a fan you never stop thinking ?Pompey? and the only thing that will prevent you from supporting them is their ceasing to exist. As the club are currently in dire financial straits, every penny counts and if large numbers of ?fans? withhold their season ticket money this will hardly convince any potential buyers that Pompey are a good investment.

    Similarly the following words are not those of a true fan:

    ?Without having a Season Ticket tucked safely away in my wallet and without the availability of a cash only turnstile I feel it highly unlikely that I would be bothered to obtain a ticket either in advance or by having to queue up at the office on the day?.

    If you can?t be bothered you?re not a fan, it?s that simple.

    ?The fans are here and waiting to come back?.

    Waiting to come back from where? The moon?

    So the message is ?get your season tickets as soon as possible?. The money is ring fenced so you can?t lose it, you support a team not a regime and the misdeeds of previous custodians of the club are irrelevant.

  • I am not really one to talk too much, as I live in New Zealand and thus dont ever buy a season ticket, but I find myself agreeing with Exgaffer, If I was living back in Blighty, it wouldnt concern me as too what might happen or not, I am a Pompey fan, I personally would just go and buy the season ticket and be done with it, weve already been told that the money will be ringfenced, so its not exactly a risk now is it. Maybe this is the point where the Premier league only Pompey fans travel back into obscurity???

  • FFS – (if you can afford it) Buy your season ticket and get behind the club – How many more assurances do we want – Pompey fans are turning into a bunch of whinging winnes and doom and gloom merchants and yes you’ll argue that there has been reason to.. but please don’t wallow in self pity and doubt forever more – Oh and yes I have renewed my season ticket already . and never questioned it

  • got to say that as gaffer says – welcome by the way, just a shame you did not make your first comment under happier circumstances – i find it ‘strange’ that you would not queue up, or better still get tickets online, if you did not renew your season ticket?
    i cannot say that i have not had doubts, i said i would not renew if chainrai took over, and was concerned about losing my money but all in all i know i WILL renew whatever happens, even if the CVA offer is rejected and we start on minus points. and even if i did not i would get tickets on a game by game basis, but as i would do this for each game anyway why not take advantage of the early bird offer…
    the only reason i have not renewed yet is because times are hard, but i know by the end of the month i will have more money in the old account so will pay it all off in one go.
    it is an each to their own issue, you either renew or you do not as i see it, it is that simple – but its getting to the stage now where this has to be done or not, reflecting on the merits, benefits or drawbacks is not the answer. i know the head and heart have to agree at times but all in all, whatever happens, i know my head and heart will say i have to renew, so i will..

  • Got to agree with exgaffer and Chix here. The only reason I have not renewed is that with the deadline at the end of the month then why pay earlier? The club will not get the benefit of the money until later.

  • I’m going to stand up for Dave S here. while the world cup doesn’t stop me ‘thinking Pompey’, the fact that no CVA is agreed yet, and the future of the club is very precarious, makes me quite cautious in making the commitment of £400 for a season ticket, especially as the deadline isn’t up yet and there’s still time. It’s also a way to express our dissatisfaction at what has happened at the club. Chances are I will be renewing, but I may not, although if I don’t I’ll still be going to matches – well most of them anyway. And people have different views and different ways of reacting to what has been a very extreme situation at the club, and it doesn’t make them any less Pompey fans than anybody else.

  • ExGaffer : As I said, the money is there, as it has been for the past 45 years, and I didn’t say that I personally wouldn’t be renewing. I haven’t yet for the same reasons as Tracyc. And when I say most Pompey fans wouldn’t be thinking Pompey during the World Cup then maybe I should have said ‘many’. Either way, it doesn’t include me as you will see if you read my ‘Club v Country’ article. Pompey are all that matters and if Pompey folded then I would probably take little interest in football generally. One of the main points that I was trying to make is that perhaps the club need to think hard about their June 30th deadline so as not to lose any of the existing season ticket holders who have a genuine intention to renew as and when the time is right between now and maybe a week or two after the end of the World Cup when, in my opinion, SOME fans may be more inclined to be bothered to think about sorting the season ticket out. If June 30th is fixed and the prices go up after that then there is a risk that those that get wrapped up in the world cup and forget about renewing or just don’t get around to it may then be turned off by the increase in prices, especially in light of recent events.
    Chix : No whinging, no self pity involved, what for?? I’m simply waiting to get this week out of the way …. but others may not be and the deadline may not be quite enough. What I don’t want to happen is for the club to lose what are regular fans for the sake of a fairly worthless extension (9 extra days in the middle of a world cup). make it just that bit longer, mid July, and it could make all the difference. I want to see as many season tickets sold as possible. pompeyrug : thanks for the welcome. Not quite my first comment/article but thanks anyway. Queuing for tickets on a regular basis would be a pain. That’s one of the benefits to me of haing the season ticket – and also the fact that you don’t have to find the cash every week. Having said that, a cash turnstile would be a preferable option to me rather than having to buy tickets IF I didn’t have a season ticket. I’ve queued for tickets in the past for the occasional big game and no doubt will do so (hopefully) in the future but not every week. When push comes to shove I will almost certainly be there but I’m a bit concerned that the club may drop a bit of a clanger if they stick to the June 30th deadline and then raise prices. But we’ll see.

  • Hi Dave_S and Traceyc (and everyone else of course). Sorry if my note seemed like personal criticism it really wasn’t meant to be. Obviously we are all Pompey fans and it would be a boring world if we all had exactly the same views wouldn’t it? That’s what makes these boards so interesting, the diverse viewpoints on offer. I was just trying to get people to be a bit more positive about things and not harm our cause by holding back money that the club needs. I agree that the club has been horrendously let down by a succession of owners but holding back on season ticket money isn’t going to hurt them is it? We need to do all we can to safeguard our club so that future generations can watch 40+ years of Pompey games just as Dave_S and I have. I’m definitely with you on the club v country thing Dave_S, I’m Pompey first and England second. I also think that terracing should be allowed again, along with cash turnstiles for those who want to pay on the day. Anyway folks, lets all pray that the CVA is agreed tomorrow and we can all look forward to a stable and enjoyable future.

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