Date: 2nd May 2013 at 1:12pm
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The long awaited season tickets prices for 2013/14 have been released by the club. The calculations are done on a different basis with the headline being the number of free games which I believe is a very good move.

I attach below the full article on the official website but in a nutshell if you fully qualify the cost of an adult will be £280 and for a senior citizen (me!) just £210!

The official story

After extensive consultation with supporters, Portsmouth Football Club have released their first season ticket prices as a community club.

And fans can look forward to watching up to nine free games at Fratton Park next season – that`s just over £12 per game.
Every fan who buys a season ticket will get a £100 discount on the cost of watching a full season of 23 games for the eagerly-anticipated League Two campaign – that’s five free matches at the £20 matchday ticket price – but there are further discounts available:
– Pay by cash and receive a further free game
– Pay by July 13 and receive a further free game
– If you have held a season ticket in ANY of the last THREE years you will be entitled to another free game
– Trust shareholders receive a further free game
That is up to NINE free games, bringing the lowest cost of an adult season ticket anywhere in the stadium to £280 – or around £12 per match.
Best of all, any adult, senior (60+) or young person (17-22) buying a season ticket in the Family Section can bring a child aged 10 years or under ABSOLUTELY FREE.
And the benefits don’t end there. Fans will be able to buy a season ticket for the matchday programme and a Pompey meal (pie, pint/soft drink and a packet of crisps) and get the same discount.
So, fans can get all 23 programmes from as little as £42 – that’s less than £2 a copy – and a meal at every game from £75 – or just over £3 per game.
We have included an info graphic (above) to demonstrate the savings achievable for supporters.
In order to help fans spread the cost of their season ticket, they will be able to pay by direct debit over 11 months, with an initial deposit of £100 for adults, £50 seniors and young persons and £25 for juniors (16 and under). So following their deposit payment, fans could watch Pompey for as little as £20 per month.
Pompey CEO Mark Catlin said: “Micah and the team have been working hard with supporters in delivering a season ticket pricing strategy that rewards fans for their loyalty, while at the same time protects vital club revenue.
“The decision to let kids aged 10 and under into the Family Section free with a paying adult, senior or young person was the right one for a community-owned club, and we hope to see the Family Section full next season with Pompey fans of the future.”

Engagement manager Micah Hall said: “We take great pride in once again reinforcing our commitment to community and supporters by enshrining the principle of trust as central to our strategy.
“We believe our pricing model will change the game completely and give fans an unprecedented level of control over the price they pay and the way they pay.
“In the recent past many fans have been reluctant to pay cash or even buy a season ticket because they had no trust in the ultimate destination of their money. We want to reward people for trusting us.

“We hope that fans will take advantage of the big extra savings on programmes and Pompey meals which add very substantial discounts to the overall package.

“We now believe we have the cheapest replica shirts, matchday programmes and meals in English football, as well as a competitive season ticket price at League Two level.

“That is outstanding value and we hope fans will love these discounts.’

Season tickets are expected to go on sale from May 13.


Q: How do children qualify for the shareholder discount?
A: Adult shareholders buying shares receive the free game discount on all the shares they buy.

Q: I’m in a syndicate, can I claim the discount?
A: Unfortunately, this would open up the discount so widely that it would dilute season ticket revenue too far to be affordable, as there are thousands of syndicate members.

Q: Can a child under 10 now own a new replica shirt and have a family section season ticket for as little as £19.99?
A: Yes, as long as an adult, senior or young person accompanies them.

Q: How do the direct debits work?
A: Your deposit will be collected by direct debit followed by 10 monthly instalments.

Q: How does the programme season ticket work?
A: You will receive a ticket/voucher for each programme. Simply hand it to any programme seller to claim your programme.

Q: Will the meals be better value next season?
A: A lot of work is going on to create much higher value in the Pompey meals. Keep an eye on for further details.

Q: Will I need to pass a credit check to pay by direct debit?
A: No. Anyone with a bank account is eligible.

Q: Will there be any interest payments due on my direct debit payments?
A: No.

Q: Won’t it be a lot of administration for the club?
A: No. We have an agency service who will process the payments for us.

Q: Can we still pay by credit card?
A: Yes, but the costs are high and your money is only released to us on a match-by-match basis.

Q: How long do I have to renew my season ticket before the seat goes on general sale?
A: Your seat will be reserved until July 13 and, if you are signed up to our database, you will receive an email notification at least three days before this happens.

Q: I want to buy a new season ticket – when do these go on sale?
A: We expect all season tickets to go on sale from May 13.

Phew!! Let us know what you think about this totally new approach to pricing either here of through the forum.