Date: 17th April 2011 at 8:55am
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Another game, another red card for Pompey, this time it was Rocha once more, sent off for an alledged headbut on the saint like Bothroyd.
Pompey were already a goal down at that point due to some inept defending once more, things were only going to go downhill from there on in.

Steve Cotterill must feel that there is a conspiracy against Pompey since our run of wins got us towards the play-off spots, since then Rocha has seen red twice, a dodgy penalty at Reading and again against Coventry compounding the issue.

Pompey dropped Danny Webber back to the bench as he still feels his way back in to the team, with Mullins missing this let Cotterill back in along with Lawrence.

Pompey pretty much paved the way for a Cardiff win after only a few minutes, a corner was only slashed at in the box and found its way to Seyi Olofinjana who slotted home at the far post far too easily.

Then in the 18th minute a steep hill became Kilimanjaro when Bothroyd and Rocha clashed going for a header, as they got to their feet they went together like a couple of rutting stags, the ref though decided that Rocha was the aggressor and sent him off, ableit with blood pouring from a facial cut, Bothroyd was told he was a very naughty boy but let off.

Seyi Olofinjana should of had another heading over when unmarked, Pompey were though up against waves of pressure as Cardiff made their numerical advantage count, half-time was approaching and you felt we might have a sniff if we could make it one down, Cardiff though added another on the stroke of the interval, another corner was not dealt with and Bothroyd like Seyi Olofinjana had the simplest of tasks to slot home at the back post.

The second half was more a case of lets go home for Pompey, most of the travelling 1500 fans stayed in the bar as their team let them down once more, Danny Webber came on with a quarter of the match to go, once again getting into threatening positions without scoring, Cardiff did bag another though, this time ex-Villa man Whittingham was the benificary of another graet Bellamy pass, bagging his 10th of the saeson to clinch it.


12 Replies to “Season end can’t come quick enough for poor Pompey”

  • Once upon at ime we thought we can make it to the promised land again… only now we are realising that we had been dreaming for nothing! Just looking forward to the end of the season, really.

  • They just wanted it more than us, had better players and are not a team full of loan players waiting for the season to end

  • Once again Ashdown showed up for what he is, a shot stopper who is scared to come for crosses, all in all can’t see us winning the rest of the season

  • I had a fear after the Reading deafeat that the last 6 games might be very painful. Now with Rocha out for them all, it seems teh end can’t come soon enough.

  • I’ve had enough of this season now, nothing to play for, maybe a takeover would lift spirits?

  • Couldn’t agree more Paultsmouth. But you were lucky! You paid to seethe game, i didn’t have that good fortune, I had to listen to Pompey live and some numpty called Goodall ( not my version of his name) announce that “Pompey have a rep for being a dirty team but it’s not true” – no itseems that Goodforfuqall thinks every ref is out to get us, the team never talks back, Brown never made an aggresive tackle nor ” Axe” nor mullins nor dickens; Nuge won’t say boo to a goose and every red card RJR got brought the ref into disrepute. Then you’ve got the other clown who’s favourite saying is ” that could’ve gone anywhere ” we assume he meant his commentary train of thought. That’s when they can stream commentary cos there is always a technical problem with the oppositions ground; not that numpty and Goodforfuqall have bothered to check it out before the game- no- how silly of me that would be remotely common sensical. What a bunch of Berkshires the Pompeylive lot are. So count yourself lucky Paul- you only had t watch the game. I’m so desperate for a takeover it’s beyond real. I swear I’ll push me hospital bed to the game to avoid listening to Dee n Dum again.

  • See now I’m feeling guilty cos the two commentators who are the recipients of my rants are undoubtedly Pompey fans – and – thereby – self evidently – worthy of respect. BUT, cos I still can’t walk or stand properly I pay £4.99 per month to listen to these two and I want good honest hard facts, NOT unsupported half wit opinion- arrgghhh. I now remember hoe Goodall says ” Steve Cotterille is not tactically naive- he just hasn’t got the players to play the way he wants”

  • This is sad, but we have to be positive, at one stage this season it looked like we could be going down, at least we are still here, there is possibly a new owner on the horizon with hopefully some strengthening before next season, in my eyes this gives us something to look forward too, we have done bloody well considering the size of our squad

  • Well at least the new owners won’t be under the impression that they don’t need to invest in the squad, as they might have been a few weeks ago when we were stringing together those few wins that have kept us up! Every cloud and all that! Its a shame though this match turned out like this, it started off a cracking atmosphere – but what with the first goal, the red card and then the ‘skirmish’ amongst the fans it was difficult to keep it going.

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