Date: 21st April 2008 at 9:03am
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Well we’ve already been linked quite heavily with the beanpole ‘goal machine’ that is Peter Crouch (again), and I for one would be pretty chuffed if we did sign him in the summer.

I feel he’d compliment Defoe’s game perfectly. Obviously he’s already been discussed to death so I’m more interested in talking about these next two to be honest.

What are the chances of making a move for the likes of Riise or Pennant though, and if they were available would we want to see them come here? Last time I checked (which admittedly was a while ago), I had thought those two had been among those rumoured to be leaving Liverpool in the summer, and their both players that I feel could add further quality to our squad.

Riise is solid in defence and has some great qualities going forward – the occasional rocket shot being testament to that.

With rumblings about big Sol leaving in the summer (possibly for Spain?), I feel we need to reinforce further to ensure our backline is as impressive as it has been this season.

Pennant doesn’t seem to have played that often this season, and is a player that is more than capable of putting in a good cross or four during a game…..something that for my money we have lacked this season.

Taylor used to be great at putting in the crosses, and perhaps GON to a lesser degree, and Kranjcar is capable of whipping them in but seems to cut inside more often than not these days. Utaka’s crossing ability? Don’t get me started….

So would we want to see any/all of these three if they were definitely up for grabs?

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10 Replies to “Scouse Transfer Targets for the summer??”

  • Yes we should sign all 3.Pennant is a must he has everything,rise is good and he will link up with kranjcar nicely and crouch would be ideal him and defoe would be one of the strongest strike partnership in the premiership.

  • crouchy, well most of you know i would like to have back no questions asked… risse is a classy player who i think would slot in nicely at left back, as for pennant – thanks but no thanks! i think his delivery is awful – he can do the buildup but where it counts at the end he is poor if ypu ask me.

  • If we can get Crouch, fantastic. Just need to tweak the midfield as the service at times is awful.

  • Pennant’s final ball is awful?! Wasn’t he the player with the highest number of succesful crosses the season before last and 2nd or 3rd last year?

    He’s renowned for his crossing ability.

  • So if this is true Tantona Liverpool will replace Arsenal as our ‘feeder club’. Good read.

  • While I agree (in theory) that Crouch would be a great addition to the squad, you have to wonder if it make much of a difference in practice. We’ve got a big centre forward who would make a great strike partner for Defoe right now, and HR insists on playing Defoe up there alone.

    I’ve always rated Riise as quality, and we need someone to replace Sol at the heart of defense, whether Sol’s leaving or not.

  • i didnt think rise looked so good this season, pennant on the other hand has looked very good, and i would be very surprised if they sold him. crouch…well, i am 90% sure he will leave, and 80% sure he will come to us…

  • sorry fellas but i must be seeing a different pennant as i think he’s been poor the past couple of years… one of my best friends is a liverpool fan so i see liverpool regularly with him – only on the box – and pennant rarely impresses me tbh.

  • I think we need players to fill/cover the position theses giys play but I’m not convinceed any of them are the answer.. If pushed I’d say Riise was the one we could benefit from most, I’m not a Crouch lover nad think Pennent is an uncommitted journeyman in the making…. Question is though what would Liverpool want for them.. If iy’s be bucks then no thanks, but if Riise (especially) is available on the cheap he could be worth a punt

  • Of course it won’t take long for all of the usual suspects (Tottenham,Villa,Hammers) to be linked with these players if they are off anyway, so could be the usual interesting summer.
    I’m liking Eastneydave’s comment about Liverpool taking over from Arsenal as our new feeder club though – quality!

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