Date: 9th January 2008 at 11:04pm
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So, its Christmas, its cold and wet, Newcastle have sacked yet another manager, and Pompey’s African stars are away on there bi-annual holiday.

In fact, that’s not all that’s going on in the world, but a small, bite-size chunk of it anyway.

The key part of it, however, is that Allardyce – the manager that took lowly Bolton to Europe – has been sacked by Newcastle – and Harry Redknapp is the favourite. Now, I’m not really into Newcastle United – so the first I knew that our precious manager could be going was when “sweetleftfoot” came on this site, pronouncing Harry was evens to take the job.

So, what would Harry get if he joined Newcastle?

Well, there would be great expectations, great amounts of cash, and some great fans. Well, I say great – but really its great numbers of very vocal, not particularly subtle fans that have no patience at all. Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but it has to be said, that they have given one of the best manages in the premiership absolutely no time to put his mark on the side. Particularly not given his poor luck (or judgment) in binging in defenders.

Whereas, on the other hand, he could stay at Happy Pompey. Here, he would have smaller – but growing – numbers of fans, great expectations, and a squad he has built up himself over the last god knows how many years (well, excluding the Perrin days). He lives down here, and he is nearing the end of his career. Would he WANT to start again?

Well, obviously, I very much doubt it, but this is unfortunately not what the press think. And it’s the press that write the headlines (not this one) – and the bookmakers who are paid to get this sort of thing right.

Incidentally, a quick look at Newcastle Fans sites, shows that they do NOT want to have Harry as there next manager, preferring the likes of Jose (unlikely-impossible), Shearer (unlikely) or Lippi (very unlikely). Looks like we could be seeing McClown back in a job sooner than expected?

Written by pompeycarpet.

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26 Replies to “Sam Sacked, Harry’s off?”

  • good article. mike ashley (newc joint owner) said that he knows who he wants, he is in employment, he is english. doesnt look good for us. but its gotta be a stupid decision to leave pompey, surely? when he left last time we were battling relegation, not fighting for europe!

  • i had written an aritcle about this myself, but when i found one from carpet waiting in my mail box – as im a nice fella – i decided to go with his… i cannot see why ‘arry would leave pompey to go to the barcodes – but with them insisting that the next manager will be english, and shearer is ruling himself out im slightly concerned tbh fellas… if ‘arry fells that we do not match his ambition he will go to the barcodes where they will be able to offer him millions upon millions. the fact that he wont get any cash this month might make him think we dont have the ambition, but in all fairness we spent £30m in the summer – something few would have ever imagined, so its understandable he might not get much, if anything now… however on the other hand this might frighten sacha into losening those purse strings one more time in order to prevent ‘arry going…

  • Just logged on … Big Sam sacked .. bl00dy hell.. I’m off to watch Jericho … I’ll be back later… Big Sam sacked… And I was one of the sad few that wanted him as England manager not so long ago…

  • like i said in the article, i dont see him leaving. Mike Ashley may want him – but he ‘aint gonna’ get ‘im!

  • Why would anyone willingly take on the Doom that is the Toon ? …History strongly suggests that not even Brian Clough with God as his assistant could turn that bunch of underachievers in to a winner….just ask Big Sam, Glen Roeder, Graham Souness…..Besides, nobody in that part of England would have a clue what Arry was saying most of the time 🙂

  • rug – you should nhave published yours – it was bound to have been better, and not so laced with personal opinion 😉 anyway, it worries me slightly, but i just dont think anything will happen!

  • no mate, i liked yours, depending on the theme for the ‘arry for toon’ in the morning i may well publish it too – it will give a slightly different opinion on the matter, but tbh i think most thoughts on this will be covered in our comments anyway – so i’ll see, but your article is a cracker mate, enjoyed reading it and agreed with so much… did i mention that im slightly worried…

  • It has to be seen as a pat on the back to ‘arry that every time there is a job nowadays (england etc) he is linked to it. Honestly cant see him going, Pompey till he dies!

  • …’til he dies, or at least until he’s no longer hounded by allegations of financial impropriety 🙂

  • i hope so fellas – i think that i worry to easily, i might moan about ‘arry sometimes but i know he is exactly what we need… the fact that he is so good is something that keeps seeing him linked with jobs… before the england links i genuinely didnt think that he would ever leave us, probably deep down i still feel this so it’ll be ok… i do hope that these links can convince sacha to give ‘arry a few quid tho, so it could be to our benefit that he is being so heavily linked!

  • Stop worrying Rug…Arry knows which side his bread is buttered…(& there’s no “butties” on/in it either !)

  • will do, im gonna go and chill out by having a bath then turn in for the night – it’ll all be put to rest tomorrow when ‘arry rules out the job… it’ll be a mere coincidence that sacha decides to give him a few quid to spend 😉

  • I always think ‘no’ because Harry is Pompey but then he did what he did a few years ago and I can’t get rid of the niggling feeling that he just might.

  • Alright Harry may go but why can’t we take Sam…same players, different Manager (same toilet, different urinal). At least Sam might give us a result at Home…only joking.I would prefer him to stay but football is full of the unpredictable isn’t it.

  • No chance, one reason, Sandbanks, Harry even commuted to West Ham from there, I can’t see him upping sticks to Tyneside anytime soon

  • Home is where the heart is. Nothing north of the Watford gap. I was shocked they sacked big Sam. I quite enjoy the big clubs suffering especially when it is from dillusuion of grandeur. They may want our Harry but I doubt it unless Harry really wants it & I doubt that. He doesn’t need the money or the hassle. It’s a poison chalice.

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