Date: 22nd February 2010 at 10:46am
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SAF had said he was thinking over a decision but looks as though he has decided to stand down from his ‘non-executive chairman’ position at Pompey, and in doing so will give his 10% stake in the club to The Supporters’ Trust.

All in all, despite having his ‘moments’ the guy has been likable enough and ‘had’ he had the funds to back him from the off – or had those backing him not pulled out, which is more likely I suspect, they saw the chaos and buckled but as ‘most’ Arabians are the honourable type I suspect that he could not really pull out, as perhaps he could/should have – I reckon he would have made a decent owner though to be fair.

The 10% stake going to The Trust is a major plus though without a doubt.

Other ‘news’ today is continuing to see talk about a possible ‘takeover’ from the South Africans, most of which we ALL saw on Sunday – we just play the waiting game, that is all we are left with! Oh, and of course do this with fingers, toes and whatever crossed it is the real deal if it comes off…

There is more on the ‘AWOL’ Kevin-Prince Boateng, the club are ‘aware’ of what is going on and where he is but need to talk to him. and I suspect he will be suitably punished for his unprofessional, and basically unneeded at this time, conduct and actions.

Then we hear more from Peter Storrie with him saying that so much of the money we have brought in from players sales, and where debt has come from, has been down to the massive wage bill so it has not been ‘siphoned off’ anywhere…

I think we already knew this on the whole that so much of this was going on wages and bonuses that were outrageous, but he says this has been £131m in total for the past 3-years!

That is crazy, absolutely crazy.

Continuing to ‘point the finger’ gets us nowhere but come on you cannot expect me to let this pass without saying you cannot say he cannot be blamed for this! I am fed up, as said, with ‘blaming’ people, it gets us nowhere but when all is said and done he is the guy that was negotiating these deals – ok, people might have been telling him ‘it is ok we can afford this’ but he must have had doubts, at times he said he had not but at other since he said he had, so then you ask WHY was he not pushing the point more? If you felt that strongly about something you would keep pushing the point, if it still gets you nowhere you go ‘public’ with this as ‘a source’ or maybe even resign out of principle? Well I would anyway.

I think that we are all very, very tired of everything now, but – and even though there will no doubt be further ‘twists and turns’ over the next week – we are in the home straight and if nothing else this time next week we will at least know what is what, and knowing one way or the other what is going to happen is ALL that I know I want now…

Oh, ‘should’ we pull through, and should this be without taking the admin route, even though it is very, very, very unlikely that we can do this now and our survival as a club has become the priority for a long time, but the bookies could well take a hammering should ‘the greatest escape in all time’ be pulled off, as some are already paying out on bets placed on Pompey to go down. I seem to recall someone paying out on Manyoo a few years ago – was it to win the league? – and being burnt!

I think Quincy sums it up best though saying it will take ‘a miracle’, although he still believes. First things first, lets see the club is safe – in its future – then work on that miracle…


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