Date: 19th September 2017 at 1:42pm
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In fairness when Gary Roberts says Kenny Jackett showed ‘a lack of respect’ towards him in the final weeks of his Pompey career it’s hard to disagree.

Yes, in all honesty, Roberts’ departure from Pompey wasn’t surprising – if anything the fact it took his cancelation of his deal ahead of last month’s transfer deadline for him to move on, obviously to Wigan in the end – but the way in which this came about was.

Roberts, working with Paul Cook yet again, wasn’t looking to leave Fratton Park and still doesn’t know why he was asked to train away from the first team along with Michael Smith.

He told the Football League paper, via News: ‘I couldn’t even give you a reason why, but he had me and Michael Smith training separately and made it clear that he didn’t want me there. The kids were in school and I loved my time there, so I wasn’t looking to move, but it just came out of the blue that Kenny Jackett didn’t want me.

Despite being asked to train on his own, well, with Smith, Roberts hoped he could ride it out and then get a chance – the fact he didn’t along with the treatment from Jackett was ‘massively disrespectful.’

Roberts added: ‘I was training away from the first team, which I stuck to for a little bit. I thought I’d get through it and hopefully get a chance, but he made it clear I wouldn’t get a chance. I just thought it was massively disrespectful. I did it for three or four weeks and, in the end, I was losing patience and my head was going.’

Not that he holds this against the club he served for two years.

‘I think Kenny Jackett has done it with a few players over the years, so it didn’t really surprise me that he did it to me. I couldn’t take it personally against Portsmouth. It was just the manager’s decision to treat players like he did – and that’s just the type of man he is.’

As said I do think Roberts, 33, could have been treated better but his departure wasn’t, in my opinion, the wrong thing – having now put across his side of things we can now drawn a line under this and all move on.


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