Date: 2nd July 2009 at 12:08pm
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Right, we have had our summer clearout and more ‘could’ follow. For me, most of what has been allowed to go does not surprise me at all, and I welcome the vast majority of this.

That said, despite most not likely to be missed, when you now look at the squad as it is you do ‘gulp’ a little at the thought of being faced with this for a premier league season!

It is ‘thread bare’, to say the least…

This now either means that we are going to bring through a massive influx of ‘kids’ or Portsmouth Football Club are pretty confident that a deal is almost done and new arrivals are expected!

To be honest I do not think the kids could do much worse than most of those released, they would certainly be paid a hell of a lot less and be up for the challenge much more! But you cannot buy the kind of experience that most had, throwing a bunch of untried and untested kids is some hell of a risk, and they would have to be pretty special – most serve apprenticeship on loan with clubs, but few of our have done that…

So, for me, and this is not just to put a ‘positive spin’ on things, I seriously think that it is the latter – PFC are pretty sure that this takeover is virtually done and new players will arrive, if not then a few of those allowed to leave would have been kept, they would have needed to have been kept.

We have cut adrift the deadwood, which is good, but some ‘could’ have been retained, despite needing to cut the wage bill, had we been at all worried this deal would not go through for me.

In an ideal world we can bring in a few players this summer, and we will and with a degree of quality about them, but we will also promote some of these kids into the 1st team squad and if they are good enough start introducing them to the 1st team picture.

In my thinking it is a confident move that suggests we are almost done, and former players that still have connections to PFC have started saying ‘the new regime’ more and more, again this suggest that they too have been made aware that we are almost home and dry.

Peter Storrie is away on holiday this week, there probably is not a lot he can do with the deal at the moment but when he returns to the club next week, and the players return for pre-season training, I think we will be done, or just about done – afterall, not this weekend, but the next will see that 11th July target arrive…


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