Date: 21st October 2009 at 8:03am
Written by: Battenberg

Like much of the first team, Portsmouth’s reserves took to the field full of players with a point to prove. Angelos Basinas went public with his first team aspirations this week, Papa Bouba Diop was playing his first competitive match back from injury in the long road to match fitness, and a whole host of players on the fringe of Pompey’s starting eleven will be looking to next week’s Carling Cup tie with Stoke as a chance of some first team action. With Paul Hart in the stands looking on, all had a platform to impress.

Two players already in Paul Hart’s first team plans connected on five minutes with an early chance – Jamie O’Hara’s cross finding Piquionne unmarked in the box – but the French striker showed the sort of finishing that had let Pompey down against Spurs three days earlier, and scuffed his header well wide.

Pompey’s youth team keeper Liam O’Brien had barely seen the ball when Fulham whipped in a corner on 11 minutes, but when the back four gave Toni Kallio far too much space to get a header in, the 17 year old found himself picking the ball out of the net – Portsmouth 0 Fulham 1.

Having gone public with his reserve-team frustration with The News this week, Basinas really needed to show tonight quite how above this level he is, rather than just talk about it. Unfortunately, the evidence was nowhere to be found on the pitch. While at times he showed great vision in picking out passes, his slow reactions and seemingly poor fitness left him rather off the pace.

20 minutes in and Portsmouth were pushing well for an equaliser – Diop was found well by O’Hara on the edge of the box, but the resulting header was deflected unluckily into the path of their goalkeeper. Fulham broke quickly though, and Eddie Johnson found himself one on one with Liam O’Brien, who saved brilliantly to deny them a second. His good work was undone however when the Portsmouth defence was once again caught out at the resulting corner – this time Michael Uwezu the man in enough space to poke in a simple header. Portsmouth 0 Fulham 2.

It’s testament to Jamie O’Hara’s professionalism that, amongst what now looked a poor reserve team, the Premier League regular still chased down every ball and ran himself into the ground as he would a match of much more importance. At no point did the young midfielder tire or compromise his performance, which is truly to be admired when playing at a level well below your ability. A lesson, perhaps, he could teach to Piquionne, who again was anonymous for much of the game. It’s clear this man simply doesn’t take reserve games seriously – dispossessed all too easily and immediately gives up chasing the ball when he is. For a player trying to force his way into the first team, he again did himself no favours.

The players came out after half time looking keen to overturn a two-goal deficit, with O’Hara and Cherno Samba (On for Danny Webber) skinning their full backs and pelting crosses into the Fulham box. It was O’Hara again – truly a shining light in the team – who laid the ball off well on 52 minutes to Piquionne, who was unlucky to shoot over having turned his man to get sight of goal.

As the game petered out though Pompey looked increasingly limp, and any chance of a comeback looked long gone. In fact if not for Mike Williamson (who had an excellent game at the back, giving another good account of himself) making two perfectly timed challenges just before Eddie Johnson had the chance to pull the trigger on Pompey’s goal, the scoreline could have got even more embarrassing for the blues against what were the bottom placed Reserve team in the league.

Most disappointingly of all though, when Papa Bouba Diop was subbed off on 75 minutes, it ended what was a hugely anticlimactic return. Pompey fans could perhaps be accused of looking back with rose tinted glasses on Diop, one of the remaining few relics of the FA Cup winning squad, and putting undue hopes on the shoulders of the Senegalese midfielder, but at this stage of his comeback this is not the player many remembered. Diop looked sluggish on the ball, frail in the pass, and weak on his feet, going to ground far too often. Portsmouth fans may well need to realign their expectations of Diop for now – this is not a player that looks like dislodging Mokoena from the first team in the near future.


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16 Replies to “Reserves – Pompey 0-2 Fulham”

  • thanks for the report Battenberg.

    the way you discribe papa bouba diop sadly does sound quite familiar to how i have often remembered him, but hoped i would not often see again tbh… altho it is his first game back, and he was also only coming back from a long-term injury before this setback earlier in the season. all in all you are right tho, expectations of what he can/will offer need to ball reigned in a tad.

  • Well written Battenburg, a good piece. It doesn’t sound too promising does it? Piccy sounds like a man who’s not up for the fight. No wonder we got him easily from Froggy land. Has no one told the idiot we need goals and quick!

  • Rug, sadly I have very rarely seen Papa play a decent game, there is normally something missing in his game…

  • I didn’t want to be too harsh with Diop as clearly it was his first game back in a long old while, but it seems like alot of people are looking to him a little too expectantly simply because he’s one of the last few remaining from ‘the good old days’ – truth is, I fear, he’s no better than any of the players we have now, and it was time for expectations to realign with reality.

    Positives to come from the game – finding out quite what a trooper we have in O’Hara (Genuinely didn’t give up at any point, even 2-0 in a team of reserves, which surely bodes well for a relegation scrap), and that Williamson really is starting to look like a £3m defender. Definitely earned a starting place for the Stoke game, hopefully he can make the step up and perform there to really put some pressure on Wilson and Ben-Haim. Two tackles in particular were straight out of the top draw, and I think probably both saved goals.

  • Glad to see Williamson had a good game, I was beginning to wonder why we’d bought him…As for O’Hara, it doesn’t surprise me; he strikes me as that type of player, same sort of attitude as a Rooney type, I reckon he’d take out his own nipper in a game of balloon football in his front room!!

  • No mention of the fact that we had four trialists on show .. Still Bopp but also Samba, Apicerni & Zuric.. Good to see that the club are still looking to strengthen even though the window is closed …

  • keeper looked good, basinas doesnt look the player he was (altho out of position) hughes looked even slower than i thought he was, freddy p just hasnt got it (i thought he looked reasonably interested in the game as well) o’hara was excellant, trialists didnt stand out (but then they are failed lower division players according to internet searches!) williamson showed some good things but i did see him hanging on to the opposing forwards shirt a few times when he was done for pace (maybe just match fitness) and webber looked like the reject he was

  • Nice report Battenberg. Williamson has a good attitude to his career with Pompey. Not moaning that he doesn’t make the first team and prepared to work hard and get there. Is he cup tied for the Stoke game?

  • Succinct summary Super Bock. Battenburg, shame about Diop. Let’s hope his form improves with his fitness.

  • According to various fulham here in London, apart from OHara we very looked weak everywhere. This report makes it clear there is not a lot of quality depth to our squad. I hope Farj has put out those fires by January

  • Thanks for the report Battenburg , i too was there with my twin 9yr old boys enduring a lack lustre game in the pouring rain . I can def agree that Williamson and Jamie where the only bright lights shining. Papa spent alot of time on his bottom trying to cross long balls .Samba, Apicerni & Zuric all looked out of sorts and Richard Hughes was heavily being tapped up by some Bournemouth boys so expect him out on loan /transfer in Jan. overall a disapointing football game compared to the reserve game against West Ham .

  • Race – Good point about Williamson being cup tied for Stoke, you’re quite right. It’s a shame as he really does deserve a first team outing and I can’t imagine Paul Hart throwing him in at the deep end while we’re scrapping around for points in the league.

  • Good report. Oh dear of Diop. Time to review this contract we gave him, move him on in January if we can!!!

  • Samba, Apicerni & Zuric dear oh dear Pompey…i remember cherno samba down here, and could not hack it in a championship team…Mr Holloway soon let him i believe, but when he was younger he was i for a great future so he definitely had something. the other two are not exactly the pedigree you see in the premiership… are we that desperate or is it numbers game for the reserves?
    Diop… I’ve never rated him..ever

  • I can’t remember a lot of people liking Diop but I think he’s got a lot of potential. Could be a confidence thing or maybe he’s got Freddie P’s attitude. I can’t believe Fred is so work shy. I thought he had so much to prove and Pompey would be the perfect club for him.

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