Date: 3rd September 2007 at 7:23pm
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Harry told us all to expect a big signing in the closing stages of the transfer market – which we all assumed to be someone exciting, and a good, Premiership proven forward.

As we know, the only players to arrive were Papa Diop and Glen Johnson – neither could really be described as exciting (although Harry has done his best to build Johnson up as a big player).

So, the question lies, what was he expecting?

Could he have been going for the yak – and attempted a swap deal for Gary, only to miss out at the last minute, and have to go through with Gary leaving? Seems unlikely.

His comments about Defoe however – as reported in the daily mirror – are more enticing. It suggests that Defoe could have been the target, and that we were priced out of a move. Although this too seems unlikely, it is possible. Even more so, with the departure of Gary, who could have been an attempt to get the funds – but due to its lateness, miss out at the last minute.

I would not be surprised if this was what Harry was aiming for, but unfortunately for us, he clearly missed.

Still, come January, and with Defoe not making to many appearances so far for Tottenham, we could still get a much-needed non-African forward – in the shape of Defoe.

Almost certainly me trying to put 5465 and 2156 together and making 7622, but I like to think I’m still only 1 out 😉

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21 Replies to “Redknapp expected Defoe?”

  • tbh mate i think that o’neil was sacrificed to fund this striker but the move came to late in the day to get crouchy, defoe or gudjohnson – who was asking far too much i reckon anyway – or anyone esle… the rumours about a late move for defoe were true i reckon, but it just came too late and spurs were asking too much £5m plus matt taylor is taking the *****, i really reckon they would be demanding that. i dont think that it is so much defoe wouldnt come, it was that we would not pay what they wanted – so he will be happy to wait at spurs for jol to be sacked and then see who comes in. if jol stays and defoe doesnt sign a contract by january he will be sold, with a much cheaper price too…

  • I think Defoe didnt leave spurs because he as are they are expecting Berbatov to leave in for man u january. pompey made the offer of a player plus cash but defoe has been quite clear that he wanted top 4 or at least Euro football. so i suspect that had he left spurs it would have been for Blackburn and i thinkl harry is trying to talk away another transfer cock up, as i said befoe the club is becomming publicity concious and they are surely aware people are angry.

  • I think it was a lot more than 5mil and Taylor. Add a one before 5 and you have something a little closer.

  • I agree this is the one Harry thought he would get but to let GON go and not get the target is ridiculous and someone needs to be shot for that!!!

  • i thought £5m and matty taylor was taking the *****, taylor and more than £5m is, i dont know something really bad, worse than taking the *****…

  • ‘arry wasnt expecting o’neil to fail his medical at first was he, so he was expecting to have more time to do a deal for some else. by the time he had failed the initial medical – making a magic recovery to sign, at a knock down price too i bet – there was no turning back, ‘arry could not have looked the fella in the face if he had told a fella that was pompey through and through, loved the place, the fans and the area that he could go, only to bring him back hours later… o’neil didnt want to go, ‘arry sold him to raise money for a striker this failed and we landed flat on our arse a major player down and no striker to please the fans…

  • ^ Absolutely 100% spot on there rug. There will definitely be a new striker in January whether it’s Defoe, a Prem reserve reject or an eastern European un-heard of – I don’t know.

    A tense and very difficult few months ahead but I’m sure once we’ve played Liverpool we can start to get together some sort of rhythm.

  • The theory about a last minute deal might be right but i still aint convinced spurs fourth choice striker is what we need – but his goals per game ratio (1:3) for spurs (its better for his entire career) is pretty impressive. I just think I guy feels he is better than Pompey … Can’t see him being the darling of the Fratton End somehow..

  • Wouldn’t you have just loved to have had a tap on Harry’s phone on Friday!! I agree Chix, he does feel he is better than Pompey but then so did GJ!!! January his value will have dropped if he’s not playing regularly! Mind you we will only get him if we are looking good and none of the top four want him.

  • I’m sick of hearing how we Let GON go. Didnt any of you listen to GON on Sky. His mouth, his words, not hearsay… He chose to leave 2 weeks ago… He loves Pompey, the Fans, and Harry as Harry played him every game he was fit. But he felt he had hit a wall, a wall he has not been able to cross for 2 years, and one he feels he can only cross by pastures new. He didnt want to just go anywhere, he wanted to go to Boro, as boro were the club chasing him for 18 months. He told the Fans he was not sold on, but chose to move on as he is only 24 and needs to do this for himself, he needs to know if he can prgress and he felt he couldnt do that without making the move. As for defoe, i think we should be happy we didnt make the move and sell taylor, as i would have been more upset losing taylor, than i would at seeing Gary move on or Defoe coming in. My opinion only i know.

  • to ome extent, i agree – the loss of taylor would have been worse than gaining defoe and loosing gary – take note harry – but i feel that Whilst Gary may have asked to leave (which i still doubt), Harry would only have let him go if the extra cash could be put to our benefit. Also, just my opinion.

  • I do not believe Arry was expecting Defoe, i think it is his usual end of window cover speach, I am somewhat surprised that nobody has picked up the fact that Nugent will take a while to get up to speed and that we have not really strengthened our forward line up at all, and as we saw last weekend the thing that let us down last season is in the process of doing it this one. It seems to me that HR lost his way in the transfer window, we were told he was scouring for a striker, and we signed herrman, then he was after a striker and we signed a couple for bournemouth but didnt want useless Italians like Bianchi. Defoe will only come to pompey if he thinks he can get Euro football next season and unless we turn in something special we aint gonna be able to do that. Blackburn were able to do it, through by the way the intertoto cup, hopefully some may now understand why others thought it was more important to do the Intertoto than sod off to HK for an absolutely meaningless cup.

  • You are quite right Russ, we all slagged the InterToto route, so maybe we should have given it a go.
    Nugent is the brunt of peoples questions at the moment and i hope he scores in the premiership soon, that will change everybodys opinion.
    It is going to be a long hard season and we have to believe that we will enjoy it.

  • Nice thought but then we would entering into the unknown… Massive purchase but it has to happen soon…

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