Date: 30th August 2009 at 8:10pm
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All new Pompey took to the field today to try and halt a dismal start to the season.
Michael Brown and Tommy Smith went straight into the side, Smith on the right in place of Utaka, and Brown took Mokoena’s spot who in turn moved to centre-back in place of the now departed Distin.

Pompey started the game by driving forward, if we were expecting our team to get steam rollered, they were going all out to prove they could compete with the big earning Galacticos.
Piquionne had the first effort of note on 10 minutes, a long ball found the Frenchman, he controlled and smashed a shot past Given but into the side netting.
Next up and Ireland stole possesion from Brown and Hughes hacked him down to earn a card and a free-kick on the edge of the area for City. Tevez stepped up and his shot flew narrowly wide into the grateful Fratton end.
On 20 minutes Kranjcar got the chance to show off his free-kick prowress, but like against Fulham 2 weeks ago he didn’t trouble the ‘keeper and smashed a shot straight into the wall.
Pompey were working the channels with some success, but everytime they sent a ball into the box it was comfortably dealt with and cleared, City were doing much the same, but Belhadj was looking solid and Vanden Borre had really upped his game.
On the half hour though the inevitable happened, Barry sent over another corner, Adebayor leapt like a demented salmon and powered home a header, Pompey needed to be the first team to score against City’s expensively assembled defence to get anything out this game.
Pompey huffed and puffed, but Given was not really troubled again first half, Begovic could claim likewise, although Richards had one disallowed for offside after Bellamy sent in a fine cross.

Second half and Pompey came out of the hutch the quickest, Brown first had a long ranger blocked by ireland, and then he won a tackle in midfield, got to his feet and blocked the next clearance and had a run at goal, he netted, but Howard webb was having none of it and ruled it out for handball, you can bet if it was Rooney it would have been legit.
City had a strong 20 minutes now, pushing hard for a second, but Pompey held firm and Begovic gathered well when required.
Time was ticking and Utaka who was on for Smith, cut in from the right and unleashed a fierce drive with his left boot, it looked like it was going to nestle in the top corner, but whistled narrowly past the post.
Adebayor was resorting to stumbling every time he had the slightest contact, Webb was buying it though and infuriated the home crowd by repeatedly blowing everytime he went down, really weak refereeing.
With 10 left the ball broke to Hughes on the edge of the area, but he used he goal ratio up on Tuesday and hit high and wide.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man, on came Nugent and he showed his value once again(considerably less than we paid for him), he did the first part well, turned his man and from 8 yards just had to put it either side of Given, but with all the aplomb of a concrete elephant scuffed his shot into the ground and straight at Given, a Golden chance gone and with it you fear Nugent’s Pompey career.
The whistle went and Pompey were 4 games down and pointless, 1 goal in 4 games tells the story.

Player Ratings

Performed well again, and if rumours are true may be about to get an extended run.

Vanden Borre
I initially thought he was khazi, but he really upped his game today and may well have a big part to play.

Didn’t look uncomfortable alongside Kaboul.

Up for the fight and was a busy boy.

Defended well today and got forward when possible.

You can see why Hart bought him, he gives his all, and while many may call him a thug for previous crimes, he will be important in Pompey’s side.

Put in a lot of energy, but didn’t get a sniff of a shot, but but certainly looks up for the chance to prove himself.

Better display

Not a great game, was caught in possession more often than Pete Doherty.

Put it about a bit more and but didn’t create too much, needs some time on the practice pitch with his free-kicks.

Another energetic performance, but could really do with a league goal soon.

Never really got in a shot.

Flashed one shot wide and had a late header blocked, if he could only stretch his 10 minute cameos into 90 minutes.
Fratton patience has nearly gone, should of scored.

Blackadder refence 1
Pompey are like a broken pencil… pointless!


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  • Great review, Paul. This is how I saw the game too. Officials were completely star-struck by Citeh primadonnas and allowed them to decide on offsides for them. for example.

  • We will only score if we Attack in the right direction. On many occasions today in the Fratton End, most of us were shouting “Other way”, “Other Way”. From where i was sitting, i thought that Utaka strike was in! Was a bit peeved that Hart took Piquionne off!! Bellamy got enough stick today. Referee was a total fool, clearly had no idea at all. Good day out though!

  • Arthur, all the time the offside rule is as vague as it is, it will be discounted 9 out of 10, and if it wasn’t fro Andy Gray analysing everything after the match no-one would have gone on about it!
    What about Browns “goal” then? I f the ball hits you at 90mph does self defence not come into it?

  • generally, it was a good performance. Brown did look very energetic, which was good to see from a pompey player! Tommy smith just didn’t look quite up to pace, and utaka created more in 10 minutes than smith did in the whole time he was on. Kaboul was outstanding.

  • Arthur…Barry WENT for the ball therefore was OFFSIDE..
    I thought we did well, could’nt Grumble…Nuge-Taxi..please…annoyed as i was about BROWN coming in.. i can see why… I thought VB had bellamy tucked up and Belhadj did well but Kaboul was great…Hughes whom i have an affection for, just is not good enougj and will not get any better… i hope he gets a good move somewhere in the championship where he would be a very good player..

  • Gray, from a Whitchurchian to an Overtonian…Spot on, saved my fingers from writing lots and lots and lots and…you get the picture…

  • As we’ve said before, the season starts against Bolton. We need about 4 or 5 new faces and then we can spend the break getting to know the new team. In the 4 or 5 faces we need another striker but I’m confident Piquionne and Dindane will find us the goals we need to survive. I took a lot of ‘Hart’ from the game. Brown & Smith were like a poor man’s Sean Davis & Matt Taylor but they’re just the sort of players we need for a scrap. I thought City were industrious, strong and well-dressed but there for the taking if we could get a shot on target. Brighter things to come from Pompey.

  • Let me put this on record. For as much as I decried the acquisition of Brown…He gives us…begrudgingly what we need; never say die and guile. Also he’s not so short on just a touch or two or a telling pass, now enough or i’ll look like someone who is in praise of the thug…

  • Pompey were least at least a point!! Good performances all round and especially from Paul in his report – got it spot on!

  • Good effort from Pompey today, lets hope Dindane knows where the net is, otherwise it will be as long a season as many of us are fearing. Well played Brown, Belhadj, Begovic, Pick-your-own also showed willing but Kaboul was man mountain today. When 180m v 10m finishes at only 1-0 then there is hope. PUP

  • I’m with you Stillthewizz, thought Brown would be an absolute liability but actually had a good game. If he can avoid getting booked or sent off then he unsettles the opposition and puts himself about very well, even has the eye for a pass/through ball. I wonder though how much of a game he will get when O’Hara gets in the team?
    Bolton game a must win, will Davis play or is he suspended after being sent off against the bin dippers? I’d love to see Brown take him out, lol!

  • An excellent performance once agian, albeit the loss. Mullins and Brown had a great game, I was very disappointed with Hughes. Mokoena was ok at the back, but we need a better centre back to cover the back with the great Kaboul. Vanden Borre surprised everyone, it seems as if he watched Glen Johnson’s videos before this game. Belhadj is playing very well, and this is going to be tough for Hermann to break into the first 11. Smith played a good game with Piqiuonne. I thought that Utaka should have started since he is playing some wonderful football (compared to last season). Nugent, and oh Nugent. I hope he will never make the bench anymore and fades like a Lauren or Traore if not get sold (please sell him and get some money). Not good enough – simple. Great performance and against a very good side. We showed determination and commitment. This form should see us save our premiership status in a comfortable way.

  • moley2 I suspect that Brown will take either Mullins or Hughes place, only if Mokoena plays in midfield. I am not a fan of him when he plays at the back although this is his position when he plays at International level. O’Hara will be a very useful starter for me. If Nuno Assis comes along, then things are different. One thing for sure, today’s team was unrecognisable from the Arsenal match, and so it will be against Bolton. Davis should not be playing, that is why he was very-angry when he got sent off…and I was shouting “fu**er”.

  • Don’t understand the Vanden borre fan club; I personally thought he was pants. Christ! he must have been abysmal before!

  • Happy with the performance – Brown (thug or no thug) adds a bit of much needed bite to the team ..anubody who complains about his style would do well to remember Mick Tait, Mick Kennedy & Barry Horne .. players who were loved by the fans for their aggression.. We sound really PC and wimpish prattling on about a players being a disgrace for being hard and not wantng them.. are we Pompey or what ??? FFS people.. anyway on that performance I anit worried the points will come but please STOP building DINDANE up to be a 20 goal a season striker .. HE IS NOT ! and we still need to fill that position.. and others of course

  • Just watched the highlights on MOTD2. I have to admit, considering we’re meant to be ‘nailed on for relegation’, we didn’t play all that badly. Lots of chances, although that Nugent sitter even made me put my hands on my head! I tell you now, if Dindane wins the Bolton game for us, he’ll be considered a messiah, and O’hara and Boateng will be the tonic we need. It’ll also mean that, if we win, we WON’T be bottom of the table. As Sasha apparently said – Bring it on!

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