Date: 23rd August 2011 at 3:53pm
Written by:

If I am honest, and I think I was honest and open with my thoughts, I was not entirely ‘overawed’ by the initial ‘rumours’ that Luke Varney was going to sign…

Nor, again being honest, was I that ‘thrilled’ when he did sign!

Although to be fair I think I soon stepped back, took stock and appreciated that we could have done ‘a lot worse’ and we had actually signed a pretty good player.

For me a ‘like-for-like’ replacement for Dave Nugent without a doubt…

I soon thought that he would do the job that Nugent did, and he has, but would do this on less money than we used to play Nugent and would offer us as much energy – without wasting it, which Nugent often would – and offer as much of a goal threat to boot!

Granted, I do not think that Varney will score the ‘blockbusters’ that Nugent sometimes did although he will chip in with goals and his contribution to the team will be worth as much, arguable more, than Nugent’s was.

I would say it is a sure bet that the ‘goals to chances’ ratio will be better for Varney, he might not get as many chances as Nugent used to although I would put money on Varney having a better success ratio…

Oh, and what a leaper he is!

I had no idea just how good in the air Varney was, watch him closely next time we play and check out what a leap he has for a guy that is not exactly that tallest around.

He won virtually every ball in the air against Reading the other week, he just needs to get his radar a little closer when it comes to headers in the box.

Dave Nugent who? Who needs him when you have Luke Varney…


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