Date: 18th January 2010 at 2:42pm
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Midge shares some thoughts on the current goings on and how the premier league needs to start taking more blames for some of their own shortcomings.

For Months now, everyone has known that Portsmouth have massive debts and defaulted on Payments, which everyone knows is wrong, and will result in problems. After all, you can’t NOT pay your mortgage and expect to live in your house for long, before someone comes knocking at the door, and if not resolved, return with a lorry to remove/sell items or even evict you from your home. Therefore, although it IS wrong for Pompey, and other teams to default on agreements, it is a bit Harsh for the Premier League to constantly point the finger at the club.

The Premier League have got to take some of the blame. It’s no good the Premier League, bemoaning the debts these clubs now have, and making headlines on how disappointed they are that clubs do not operate within their means. Do the Premier League, NOT have a Fit and Proper Persons test, that they have just admitted does NOT include any questions or require any proof, that any prospective owners have any money? – Surely this is Common Sense, can I get a mortgage without a job? NO, because I HAVE to provide proof of funds/earnings.

Does the Premier League, NOT oversee all the transfers in and out of clubs, within the Transfer Windows, which ALL have to be run past the Premier League at the time of signing players? Detailing amounts paid, and wages agreed? – Surely therefore the Premier League should be asking for proof that ALL Clubs can meet these agreed wages, and fees before signing off the deals? Not waiting till a club is in dire straights before slapping the clubs wrists?

I find it hard to believe that Pompey along with others that have not been plastered all over the Papers, have had embargos, failed to pay wages, failed to pay scheduled payments, YET the Premier League now stands High and Mighty wielding a big stick. I think its time the Government got involved, and ask the Premier League some tough questions. They should also have an independent Body to oversee, and monitor the Premier League, and/or FA just as they have with Ofcom, and Ofwat etc.

This is not “Just a Game”, this is our national sport, and the Premier League are making a mockery of it. Don’t blame the Clubs! That is no better than a poor tradesman, blaming his tools.

There should be more to running a Premier League, than just driving up funds through sponsorship, TV revenues and waving a big stick and appearing to be in control, blaming everyone bar yourselves, ONLY when the Media come knocking on the door. I really think Prime Ministers question time should be asked to look into the running of the Premier League, before Platini and his Merry Men step in and make us look more of a joke than we already do…And I don’t mean Portsmouth, I mean English Football and the way it’s managed!

P.S Do the right thing, and remove the embargo on Portsmouth FC, and give them a fighting chance. All this embargo is doing now, is keeping both Pompey and the Premier League in the Headlines for the wrong reasons, and giving more ammunition as to why the Premier League can not manage itself.

Written by Midge.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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12 Replies to “Premier League Using Portsmouth As A Scape Goat?”

  • Further to the Article which i wrote this morning, i have just Seen Scudamore is now acting like a child bitching about “Pompey Sueing us… surely that is like Sueing themselves”… This is exactly the sort of immature comments i think we need to avoid. This man is meant to be the Top Guy in the Premier League for heavens sake. Remove him and replace him with someone more sensible and fair.

  • Good article Midge. Why is it all these problems seem to happen in the Premier League, is it just the media? If thats the case I’d rather see Pompey in the Championship playing more games at a cheaper rate with less hassle from the press. This league has become an absolute joke and with people like Scudamore in charge it’s no wonder!

  • Unfortunately Mike most owners are only there to make money and we all know what happens when you put a fan incharge, Mike Ashley, eh hem!

  • I’ve been saying for it ages. we are that naughty schoolboy who will have his ar5e smacked in front of the whole class. (well we had punishment like that in my day).

  • You raise some interesting points Midge, but I just cannot agree! Unfortunately our beloved football club has been at the whim of some dodgy owners over the past few years, who have failed to apply good business sense. The credit crunch caught out more than one of these owners and just like several massive banks, businesses and fortunes, PFC are now crippled financially. Yes the FA and Prem League do not have watertight or efficient systems in place, but please, lets not look for other people to blame here. For at least the last 5 years we have had at least £30M coming in from TV Money. We have done well on Transfers Out, We have had a virtually full stadium until recently, we have had cup runs, european runs, we must have sold well in the shop. We have had decent sponsorship. If any other business goes to the wire they don’t blame SEEDA or the CBI, if an individual goes bankrupt or can’t pay the mortgage then they default and it gets messy, but the responsibility cannot just be passed on to someone else. In this day of living on Credit, low moral/social values, and “whatever” attitude WE HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ACTIONS !!! Our owners bought something for a certain price and did “some” due diligence – If I have a mortgage I have a survey done and my credit rating is checked. The deal to buy PFC was between the current owner and the prospective owner, knowing that they had to operate within the rules of the FA/Prem Lge ! Yes the FA/Prem Lge aren’t without blame (but that blame lies with the system and rules that have been in place for some time and affect everyone the same, we were not complaining at Wembley and whilst in Europe!), but let’s not be hypocrites just because it affects US this time. PUP

  • Agree with all that you say Barney, as i said in the article, we can not get away with it, but my arguement is not What we have done wrong, it is that the Premier League have also been left with big Question Marks as to why they allow things to Happen and then moan about it happening later. They are using us a Scape Goat by treating us as the naughty school boy now, but if they have that power to punish, surely they should use it at the fore and stop clubs getting the way they are. Yes you quote our full grounds, and lack of disciplin, but again that is singling out Pompey. This goes deeper, we are talking Man utd, Liverpool, thats 2 of the supposed big 4, spending beyond their means, then there is West Ham… and i dont doubt many others that are losing money by the day. Someone, Somewhere needs to alter the rules to stop it happening, because if they dont, Fifa and Platini will!

  • Understood midge, and yes, you’re right many many clubs are operating at a loss, with huge debt…..the bottom line is however, we are the only Prem Lge club to have problems paying our domestic bills and our Players’ wages on time, several times over. As I’ve said before tho, I look forward to seeing the fallout at Liverpool if/when they don’t make the Champions League this year… that will be interesting !!

  • Barney i think we are actually feeling and saying the same, although it may not actually appear to be that way. I totally agree we did all love the wemberley and european experience, but in hindsite, how many would swwap that now, knowing more than we did then? I know i for 1 would. It was great, its now in our History and we cant change it, and i also dont doubt Daddy Gaydamac bank rolled us, and if he had not been made a criminal, then we may still be on a role, but the lesson to Eceryone now, has got to be that some rules need changing, to ensure it does not happen again, to anyone, not just Pompey… PUP

  • It does seem that the PL are asking for more from us than they are of other clubs, we are an easy target for their desire to beseen to be responsible, as said before me thinks thayer high light the issue with the PL and so embarrass them, no matter what Pompey do they want us out of the PL or bankrupt. That veing said we have since being promoted had one contraversial issue after another be it agents fees, tax evasion or issues of ownership, and so it is not surprising the PL feels the way it does.

  • I fear that this may be case of arguing with the ref-or a cpooer who stops you for some driving offence,,and the school bully boy/ teacher with self esteem issues,,or the often usedm siirring of that Hornets nest…..
    We might be right, but is it worth the aggro we are going to get for it……???

  • Bring back the Birch for the Pompey Board and hang Scudamore… There you go, rough justice meted out and everyone’s happy.

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