Date: 28th March 2010 at 12:04pm
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Anyone remember Harry Redknapp’s of cry of ‘Bare bones’ just around every transfer window? He doesn’t know the meaning of the words if he were to look inside Pompey’s dressing room right now, Wilson got crocked in training to join Rocha and Smith from Wednesday, they were soon joined by Hermann Hreidarsson, Danny Webber and David James.

The hacks will have called this a semi-final dress rehersal, but Pompey were fielding the only bodies we had available, 3 youth players were on the bench and they may well have a part to play by the end of the season.

It has been noted in the forums that Pompey’s starting 11 added up to a total transfer outlay of £1M, surely the cheapest squad in Premiership history!!
Spurs however could afford to leave the red-hot form of Pavyluchenko, all £14M of him on the bench, he sat alongside Younes Kaboul who was the first name on Pompey’s team sheet in January.

Well Pompey’s rag and bone men went about their task against the Bentley and Rolls Royce set rather well in the first half hour, Spurs were not settling and Vanden Borre playing in an advanced role nearly broke the deadlock, he combined with Piquionne and had only Gomes to beat, but the Brazilian beat his shot away when he should of really of scored.

Within 10 minutes and Pompey undid all their good work though, Bale was allowed to progress down the wing unchecked and centred over Mokoena right onto the head of Peter Crouch who opened the scoring and celebrated in front of the Spurs fans.
This lifted Spurs who had been struggling to find their feet, Huddlestone almost doubling the lead, he smashed in a shot which crashed against the bar and came to Crouch, his shot was more directed, but he too found only woodwork.
Spurs were not to be denied however, and it had to be Kranjcar who scored, Modric’s deflected shot coming to the Croatian who flicked home, his celebration was muted however in respect to his former club.

Pompey should of had a lifeline before half-time, Kanu’s flick found Brown who chested the ball up unmarked and Gomes smothered his effort.
Again on chances alone it should of been 2-2, but Pompey lack quality where it matters most.

The second half was a stalemate, Spurs had done enough, and Pompey had the stuffing completely knocked out of them when Hreidarsson went down unchallenged clutching his achilles, his season is over and his career must be in the balance.

Danny Webber replaced him and Vanden Borre slotted into the back four, Pompey now had Finnan and Mokoena as centre backs, the situation was more desperate than ever.

Webber left the same way as the man he replaced, on a stretcher receiving oxygen, in one week Pompey have four players carried off with serious looking injuries, James joined then, hopefully as nothing more than a precautio

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Poor old Avram, nothing will go right, he surely must of done something seriously wrong in a previous life.


16 Replies to “Pompey’s woes go on”

  • cannot say i can fault, to be fair – on the whole – as always, the effort or commitment shown. we have carried on battling regardless.
    if a club has 4 players carried off in the whole of one season with serious injuries that is unlucky, but to have 4 in as many days is incredible – in a bad way!
    we are so far beyond ‘bare bones’ it is unreal…

  • have to say I have real sympathy for the club for the position they are in, and if you werent facing us at wembley, I would be rooting for you guys to win the final. I have genuine fears that Hermann Hreidarsson’s injury is not only season ending, but career threatening. At 36 in july, can he recover from a possible 9 mths + out of the game.

  • We were down to the bare bones in normal terms 10+ injurys. I think what you are currently needs to be given a new term.

  • You really couldn’t make this up could you . . . ? What’s next? Still at least they/circumstances can’t break our spirit!

  • I was banking on Herman being the inspiration of our next seasons team, he is quite emotional and I’m begining to think he will retire and start coaching.

  • The big loss was Herman. In fairness we were always going to lose this match & grateful it wasn’t 5 or 6. Gutted HH will not just miss the semi but it could end his career. Bring a pair of boots lads, you just might get a game.

  • Not much I can say which will help. Keep Grant next season and turn the corner will be the order of the day.
    Depending on how much your eventual buyer pays and has, will be your chances of a quick return. Maybe a season to consolidate but at least you still have a club for us to be rivals of.

  • I think HH will be another Linvoy – desperate to play but ultimately he will realise he cannot. I hope I’m wrong

  • yeah them too would be good linvoy the good guy hermantor the bad… linvoys too nice a guy on his own..

  • A few of you have mentioned fairness, well since when have we been treated fairly at any stage this season. Us as supporters, Avram, the players, the backroom staff. The only one’s who are laughing are Peter Storrie, Sasha, Redknapp and SAF (who admittedly is insane) I hope that with every bone in my body that we beat Spurs at Wembley, that would wipe the smile off a few peoples faces, and that we all have a glorious day out at the final. As for the future, well there isn’t much left of a Club now, so I think we should ground zero whats left, find an honourable new owner (if there is one) I think there are some people on the playing staff who love the Club, Hermann, Linvoy, and if he has the commitment to play in the Championship Jamo. They could make a fist of managing us next season backed up by a wise old head as Director of Football. It seems to me that unless we find a very rich new owner, which is very doubtful, we will have to build ourselves up from a very weak base. History has proved that we haven’t had owners who have been able to do that, hence our current status. A sustainable base and a long term plan is required, not another lot of knee jerk, short term reactionaries.

  • Everything – absolutely everything, depends on us not just getting a new owner, but a new owner who both cares about the club and has the resources to take us forward. Where are we going to get them from? Who knows, we haven’t exactly had a good track record in that department, and now we’re £100 million in debt! This is why our day at Wembley is so important, its all we’ve got.

  • i seem to recall Defoe, Diarra,Kaboul,Distan and others having Hamstrings just prior to being sold….now Belhadj, Wilson also have hamstrings and James has a calf prob….I wonder

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