Date: 29th August 2008 at 8:05am
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Portsmouth football clubs Platinum Scheme is a bad idea, not my vote, yours – and these findings from pompeycarpet’s poll are thoughts I do ultimately share.

This is a difficult one to tackle, you try to look at it from all sides to get some sort of reasoning as to why it has been done – and whilst I can see why in ways, I just cannot seem to agree with the idea when I weigh everything up…

Clearly Pompey want to have a full house for all games – do we all not want to see this? – and unless we get this we will never be able to get a new stadium, which is again something we would all dearly love, as much as we love Fratton. If we can only sell out when ‘the big boys’ come to town, but cannot when the ‘less desirable’ do then this gives even more ammunition to the council’s in backing decisions to reject our plans – why would they approve a project for something that could very well lay half empty more often that not? In theory it should not as we have had fans clambering for tickets in the past! So in that respect it is understandable really.

Sometimes fans ‘only’ want to go to the games against the likes of Manyoo, and whilst this is the paying members choice sometimes these types are the only games some people will ever want to go to and they might not even be real Pompey doing this, and they would never entertain the thought of going to others, such as Hull. So by doing this – at least in theory – you are trying to ensure that those that want to be watching Pompey regardless of who they play are in attendance to the more desirable games. It also – again in theory – eliminates the chance of people buying tickets simply to attempt to sell them on in some cases, although with club membership more likely to get you a ticket anyway, and this ‘needing to be on the clubs database’ I do not see how you could. On the topic of club membership you pay this each season in the hope that it will get you to more games, the Platinum Scheme was announced after these went on sale – and people probably should have been pre-warned of this scheme before they were willingly invited to purchase this yearly subscription…

The thoughts that you ‘should want to see Pompey play whoever they play’ have been expressed by the club, and whilst I do agree with that and have followed that principle in the past – being a season ticket holder again now eliminates any problems I could have, so this no longer effects me, but it does not mean I do not care. My main problem with this scheme is the fact that it is almost forcing you to spend money, and whilst I would hope the majority want to go to a game regardless as to who we play people might not have the funds to afford both games or even be able to commit to the corresponding Platinum fixture, so what happens then?

There are good and bad points to the Platinum Scheme, but it appears to be taking away the right that a fan has of deciding what game they want to go to, and with football costing so much money these days sometimes you have to be more choosey over what games you go to, if it was more affordable – but this opens a whole new door, which I will not go into now – then this would not be needed. All in all it seems a money making exercise, but then again with football being a business these days this is what it is all about…

  • What the poll asked – Pompey’s Platinum Scheme

  • How you voted – Bad 66%, Understandable 27%, Good 7%

  • Current Poll – You are asked for your opinion on who the man of the match against Manyoo was – but this vote will end shortly.

    Who was our best player against Manyoo on Monday – this is what stfc ballboy wants to know with this, although this will be ending shortly – ‘Who was man of the match v Manchester United?’ Let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.

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