Date: 17th February 2009 at 7:02pm
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In light of the speculation surrounding the candidates for the Pompey Hotseat. PFCGino offers his view on who he believes would and should take Pompey forward

Not wanting to detract from Saturday’s fantastic result against Manchester City, there is still one issue regarding Portsmouth FC that needs to be resolved. We are still manager-less, so I decided that I would offer up my own verdict on who I think should get the Pompey hotseat!

PFCGino’s Pick: Slaven Bilic

A name that has not been banded around all too much, and one that I know some of you disagree with. I honestly think that Slaven Bilic is the best man for the job.

Bilic is a fantastic manager, and for evidence of this you only have to look at his record for Croatia.

Croatia, in my opinion are the Aston Villa of the European football world.

A team that, on paper at least, are nowhere near as good as the heavyweights, but are disciplined enough that they have the ability to beat absolutely anybody.

Bilic took over Croatia from Zlatko Kranjcar (yes, Niko’s dad!) in 2006, and immediately went to winning ways, beating Italy 2-0 away from home in a friendly.

Bilic’s footballing credentials extended throughout the Euro 2008 qualifying campaign, beating England twice and finishing top of the qualifying group. Croatia also enjoyed a mildly successful Euro 2008, unluckily losing to Turkey in a penalty shoot-out, but having the records for fastest goal (4 minutes), fewest conceded (2) and fewest games lost (0).

Bilic’s character is also a strong one. In his first competitive match for Croatia, a 0-0 draw against Russia, Bilic famously left out three key members of the first team squad, as punishment for skipping training and general galavanting!

I think that someone of his ability and persona is what we need at Fratton Park. He has a strong relationship with all his players, which in turn creates performances on the pitch. We need someone who is going to rattle the cage, and make the players stand up and actually acknowledge the fact that we are possibly going get relegated – someone needs to inject some passion into the squad!

When Croatia beat England 3-2 at Wembley, Bilic famously said that “you did not score two goals because you had two strikers on the pitch – we were the better team! Wake up!”. It is exactly this kind of cocky confidence we need at the club.

I also think that Bilic would have no pressure on him if he came to Portsmouth. We have already been written off by most people in football anyway, so if we go down then nobody will really bat an eyelid. Keep us up however, then he’ll be a miracle worker and revered by all.

Curbishley and Eriksson are, to be blunt, boring. Whilst Curbishley did very well at Charlton, what did they ever really win? We have a squad full of internationals, so therefore we need a manager that has experience of managing world-class players.

Which brings me on to Eriksson – I think he`d be the wrong man for the job, because he’s passionless. He wouldn’t give two hoots about us staying up or winning. The players are ultimately the ones on the pitch, so we need someone to give ALL of them a swift kick up the jacksy, and Sven will not be the one to do this.

I therefore think that Bilic is the best man for the job. He wants to manage in the Premiership and prove himself – so why not Portsmouth?
We are more than capable of staying up, and I think that Bilic is the best man to inject us with enthusiasm again, so that we can get back to being one of the Premiership`s better teams.

What do YOU think ?

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26 Replies to “Pompey’s Next Manager ? PFC Gino has his say.”

  • A very good argument for Bilic Gino although wouldn’t we be getting into the same tricky waters that we are encountering with Sven.. i.e. Would Bilic leave Croatia for Pompey ??

  • It’s a fair argument but like Chix, with the world cup next year, how really is going to walk away from leading their country to come to us. I still belioeve the names are smoke & mirrors by the club to up our status & hope Hart/Kidd pull us out of trouble.

  • Bilic has absolutely NO experience of club management. Yes, he has been a successful national coach but, in no small part, to the spirit and sense of national identity imbued in the Croatian team. It’s too much of a risk to asume he could replicate this with Pompey. Surely, after the Adams saga, the club should appoint a manager with a PROVEN RECORD of CLUB football. Furthermore, in my humble opinion, although this is nothing to do with his eligability as a coach, I still view Bilic as a cheat – this is how I regard his character, by the way; remember how he got Blanc sent off in the World Cup semi-final, causing Blanc to miss the final? This, for me, says the man lacks or lacked professional integrity and was prepared to cheat to win. It may have been 11 years ago but, for me, it was one of most shameful episodes of cheating in the history of the modern game. Anyway, Sven will be here before the end of February.

  • national coach and club manager are two VERY different things. Bilic would probably make a good coach at pompey – however we are looking for a manager – and, after dabbling with inexperiance, we really need someone experianced. Add to that bilic clearly does not care too much for money (compared to other coaches… he is payed almopst nothing!) – and is someone who enjoys football, and has some pride. Let him take croatia to glory at the world cup I say!

  • Sorry Gino, no way, not for me, not in a million yeras. We simply must appoint an experienced Premier League manager. Letting someone else cut their teeth with us would be foolhardy. Cant see that happening again, once bitten, twice shy!! As for the passionless Curbs and Ericsson, I saw enough iin a certain no.2 on Saturday to know that the main man just has to know his tactics, Kiddo can do the passion!

  • Just hope someone makes a decision sooner rather than later. All this checking for news every day is getting tedious. Saturday is a make or break day isn’t it?

  • Patience fellas.. I’ve told you from the start (well before the start actually) SVEN IS ON HIS WAY… I think Bilic has done a god job with Croatia mind.. but I have to agree with Carpet and Tim.. and P4me.. and … That limb you went out on Gino is looking wobbly 😉

  • hammersmith – I think that rather than rushing into something, we shouldn’t feel too under pressure to bring someone in. At the moment, we have an experianced man in charge, who guided notingham forest to the play off finals, and we have a very experianced coach, who took man u to the top of the world. OK, hart is best with the youngsters, but he does a good job managing too – so we can afford to wait, and make the right decision.

  • Yep – that limb is starting to crack! Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, it’s just annoying when I’m the only person who’s right!! Only kidding, but seriously I firmly believe that Bilic is the best choice. Club management and National team management debate will roll on – at the end of the day though, if you get the best out of a bunch of average players (which Bilic has done at Croatia) then it doesn’t matter who you manage – you get the best out of what you have! Interesting article pompeycarpet, although I don’t take the media’s word for anything these days. I would LOVE to see Bilic at Pompey, he would do an absolutely cracking job for us. Surely someont out there agrees with me!!

  • hasnt Sven now turned us down ? i.e. said he wont leave Mexico, not sure im keen on the part time idea. nobody on this thread has mentioned Grant yet ? i ‘d throw his name into the hat, i also like Jewell. but i think tbh it will be Hart and Kidd until the end of the season, and if we get another result on saturday then why not ?

  • Why not Southport is cos at the end of the season comes the transfer window, and to keep our best players and attract other top players, we need a top Manager. Mind you, we need the money as well to buy the players. Hang on a minute…. Actually, what the hell are we all on? If we don’t sell, all the Managers in the world aren’t going to help us, cos we’ve GOT NO DOSH!

  • Southport.. Sven has said he has a job.. and the Mexican FA have said he has a job too.. but everybody has their dreams and deep down Sven knows his destiny lies in PO4 .. He’ll come.. you mark my words..

    As for Grant it’s a no thanks from me I really don’t see what he offers at all .. I think I’d rather have Bilic !
    Jewell I could see as a man to motivate the side and get us out of the relegation battle but I personally don’t see him as a long term option.. and it appears that Hart & Kidd have organised and motivated the team anyway so for me .. he’s out of the running now.. I think it’ll be H&K until Sven comes in on 3rd April .. if not before ..

  • Gandor, sorry im not trying to cause an arguement here but if we’ve got no cash then Sven wont come anyway! He is bound to demand a huge salary even if he does ever become available to speak to and then he will want assurances that players wont be sold and that he will have a transfer budget … which brings us on to what everyone thinks about the Ramon Vega story …..

  • Why do you guys want Sven when he clearly views the job as second to what he is doing now. I would rather take a crap manager that wanted the job than a crap one that didn’t. As for the cash without it he won’t come as working with what he has would surely be viewed as too much hard work.

  • Even Slaven Bilic as a short-term measure as Guus Hiddink is for Chelsea would be good. Bilic is a fantastic man-manager, and our mission for this season is to stay up and stay up only. We therefore need to get the best out of our existing players – Bilic is a character we desperately need in the dressing room. And Russell, the Croatian FA can say what they like, if the price was right I’m sure they’d let him go. Plus Croatia have four or so assistant managers (including a certain Robert Prosinecki) so they will be more than capable to cope without him.

  • you know what Gino, i would not say no to bilic, i like the fellas passion for the game and the job he has done with croatia has been fantastic – makr hughes started his managerial reign with wales and this did not do him any harm did it. i reckon he would make a very good club manager – if he ever did come to fratton im sure he would bring a pompey legend back with him, prosinecki would come as his assistant i reckon!
    for me tho, the option of a ‘short-term’ manager is already well covered, we have hart and kidd as this management team and at the moment i see no point in changing it, just to bring someone else in on a short-term basis… the next appointment should be for the long-term, but we should not rush into it.

  • I’m with you Gino! I’ve already stated on this site that I’d love Bilic at Portsmouth. He has passion and and heart and would certainly get the best out of our players! I think if we don’t get a new owner in we’ll sign Bilic, he’s not the type of guy who will complain about having little to no money to spend. And will get the best out of the players we have. I think I’d prefer Bilic to Ericsson tbh, even if sven is backed up by Kidd. I much prefer to see the manager shouting instructions from the sideline and giving a crap rather than the assisstant manager!

  • Oh and I do actually think we will stick with Hart and Kidd until april or maybe even til the end of the season. Pompey will leave the position open for a new investor to employ whoever they want.

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