Date: 25th November 2008 at 6:19pm
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Pompey have this evening revealed further plans, or the ‘evolution of the masterplan’ as it was put, to deliver the new stadium that we are so in need of and so desperately need in order to carry on our growth.

This new stadium, which has been a ‘dream’ for so many years – and after years and years of this belief that it will actually happen becomes harder – but as said we really need this, as without it would seem almost impossible for our growth to continue, as we need to generate funds – and a new stadium, and the perks and spin offs that go with would do this.

Rather than true ramble on to try and explain to you what it is all about this is what the Pompey Site said – below – and then we can discuss what we make of it after…




Portsmouth Football Club (PFC) and Sellar Property Group today announce further evolution of the Masterplan to deliver a stunning Waterfront Stadium and Arena on Horsea Island.

Following a series of discussions with the principal politicians and leading members of the City Council’s Executive, PFC and Sellar have identified a two-stage approach as the appropriate way forward to deliver the stadium in the current economic climate.

A former refuse tip will be transformed into a real destination and new home for Portsmouth Football Club.

The landmark stadium will be accompanied by a fashionable mixed-use development. The Masterplan enhances the environmental qualities of this part of Portsmouth while regenerating the area with new life and utilities.

PFC and Sellar Property Group identified this remarkable location on Horsea Island’s waterfront as the most suitable site for a new stadium for the club that will act as a catalyst to a wider transformation of the gateway to the city of Portsmouth.

Given the prominent location of the site, which is adjacent to both local and national motorway junctions off the M27 and M275, and the multi-purpose nature of the project, PFC and Sellar Property Group decided upon a two-stage approach to this urban regeneration project.

This followed a series of discussions with the principal politicians and leading members of the City Council’s Executive and will ensure on-time completion in the current economic climate.

The first stage of this process will involve the submission of separate planning applications for the Retail and Housing components at Fratton.

The funds generated by this initial stage will then finance the Horsea Island Masterplan, which will contain the new stadium and all-purpose arena.

The dramatic form of the stadium will create a world-class architectural landscape at the gateway to the city of Portsmouth and create a new identity for both the city of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Football Club.

The new stadium sits on the waterfront and acts as the focus for a new destination where people can meet, shop, eat and be entertained, all while enjoying dramatic views of the city.

This exciting intervention will also develop a dramatic new access to an area of the city which has historically been isolated and, in accordance with the naval tradition of Portsmouth, will provide the Royal Navy with a new Diving Centre.

A sustainable approach to energy consumption for the whole Horsea Island scheme will ensure that the scheme generates the lowest possible carbon emissions.

Portsmouth Football Club has already engaged consultancy services from ecologists to ensure the project is delivered following the necessary environmental targets.

Since the new stadium site at Horsea Island was first unveiled in the summer of 2008, there has been much speculation on the scope of the final development. Given the importance of the project, Portsmouth FC and Sellar Property Group want to restate their commitment to deliver not just a new stadium to the Pompey fans, but a new landmark that will enhance Portsmouth’s growing reputation as an outstanding tourist destination.

Although still evolving, the Masterplan proposal includes the following identifiable components:

? Herzog and de Meuron-designed stadium with 35,000-plus all-seater capacity including a 3,000-spectator family enclosure, hospitality suites, catering, club offices and shop etc.
? Multi-purpose Arena: 100,000 sq ft (c. 9,300 sq m)
? Four-star hotel: 40,000 sq ft (c. 3,700 sq m)
? Replacement Royal Navy Diving Centre
? Medical centre
? Dental surgery
? Sports rehabilitation clinic
? Casino: 25,000 sq ft (c. 2,320 sq m)
? Budget Hotel: 30,000 sq ft (c. 2,800 sq m)
? Offices: 30,000 sq ft (c. 2,800 sq m)
? Restaurant and catering: 25,000 sq ft (c. 2,320 sq m)
? Residential: approximately 1,000 units
? Retail: 320,000 sq ft (c. 30,000 sq m) plus car parking
? New access to M275 and improved public transport infrastructure and pedestrian access with the potential for a new bridge link to Tipner
? Approximately 3,000 car parking spaces for the stadium and retail and the potential for park & ride with 1800 spaces and approximately 100 coach parking spaces

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