Date: 1st March 2011 at 10:40pm
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Pompey came through a scrappy old game with another 3 point in the bag, 15 from 15 now with none conceeded, an upturn in form to put it mildly!

The game was sealed by a cracker from Kitson and a rare strike from Mokoena, Scunthorpe were to be fair, awful, if they stay up it will be a miracle, although Pompey were little better for long periods until the goal, amazing what a lead does for confidence though!

Joel Ward was the only absentee from saturday, his knock was serious enought to force him out, Kanu was deemed ready for another start in his place.
On the bench was Liam Lawrence, this news was then blunted by the fact he re-done his calf muscle in the warm up.

The match went off and followed a similar pattern to so many home ones recently, scrappy interplay and misplaced passes, it was nearly 10 minutes before the first worthwhile action, Kitson charged down a clearance and the ball went to Kanu, his flying header played our captain back in and he in turn fed Nugent, the ball was slightly behind him though to slow the impetus, Nugent though went for a flighted effort which the visiting ‘keeper did well to turn over.

A corner shortly after ricocheted around until finally hacked clear, then Pompey’s rearguard was breached for the first time in nearly 8 hours, Miller rising to nod home, only for a linesmans flag to wave for an infringement, harsh.

Pompey should of taken the lead before half time, Kanu played in Nugent and he lifted the ball over the bar when he should really of tested Lillis.

Hoigg almost got on the end of a Nuge cross and then Scunthorpe threatened once more, Collins flicking an effort narrowly wide of the post with Ashdown beaten.

The first half was disjointed and strewn with errors, Pompey decided to try and put some zip in the pitch by watering it at half-time, it couldn’t make the passing any worse!

Scunthorpe tried their l;uck first though, Collins smashed in a shot which Ashdown parried away, the ball had power, but lacked finesse.

Just as the game was getting bogged down, Kitson burst between two static defenders and then smashed home low into a corner, 1-0 and Pompey were on the march once more.

The goal forced Scunthorpe to press a bit more and in turn opened up the match, it also relaxed Pompey and their ws only going to one team scoring again.

The second came curtesy of Hogg winning another tackle and feeding Kanu, he in his unhurried way held the ball up and laid off to Mokoena who struck a shot at goal, the ball deflected to go furter towards the corner of the net and Pompey had doubled their lead and were home and dry.

There was enough time for Hriedarsson to hava a couple of forays forward and Halford to head wide from a corner, job done though and the form table has Pompey sittting pretty at the top.


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  • OMG Cot has mentioned the P.L.A.Y. O.F.F’s we’re doomed, doomed itell ya!!! There are still circa 33 points to be win or lost but I reckon Job No1-Avoiding relegation should be considered done. Mixed feelings about the goals, dead pleased Kitson got a good goal in open play, pleased Mok the Weak scored but at the same time worried cos Cot may well want to start with him, and I think the team performances have improved because of his absence. Almost as notable and surprising is the effect of Lawrence being absent ie – not a lot.

  • Must admit, I thought tonight that we had not missed Lawrence as much as I thought we would. Could that be cos we have Cotterill and De laet belting up and down the side?

  • Now Let’s hit the 50 points on Saturday, its nice being in the top half now let’s stay there!

  • You wait all year for a win & then you get 5 all at once & hoping Saturday will be 6 of the best. Good points on the board, let’s be realistic & accept safety & not get too carried away. SC will have some welcome headaches as players come into form, a great problem to have.

  • I want safety in the Championship as much as anyone but heh! we’re having fun….winning….it’s exciting. After all the dross it’s just great to dream again. I’m certainly not going to go overboard about our form for the wins though, I think we’ve had the most incredible streek of luck. Our first half performances are still dire and we should have gone behind again last night if that perfectly good goal hadn’t been dissallowed. But heh!!! us winning, climing the table….gimme….gimme….more 🙂

  • It’s just nice to pick up a paper and see L W W W W W, let’s hope to get rid of that W this Saturday. Also, when was the last time we had a positive goal difference?

  • Games against teams at the bottom of the league and fighting for their lives is not going to be pretty. Well done Pompey. Incidentally, when Lawrence is playing, the opposition know if they stop him playing, then we struggle. Without him, there is more variation in our play and we are less predictable. We need to find another way of using him!

  • This is such fun, winning all these games and getting points in the bag, we’re pretty much safe from relegation now. I have considered that it might be better to start turning up at half-time, because we seem to have a poor first half and sort it out in the second. I’m sure Cots knows he has finally got his back 4 sorted and won’t change it unless he has to. It does strike me though that lately we’ve been lucky because the opposition has been weak and unable to capitalise on the chances they’ve had. Sooner or later we’ll come up against better opposition and start crashing again. But that’s OK, we’ve had all these wins and got the points and we’re going to be OK. Another win against SheffU on Saturday will do nicely!

  • poor 1st half, much better 2nd half – i do wish we could start the 1st half as we do the 2nd, then again we might be weaker in the 2nd as a result? at least when we do start playing now in the 2nd we are not 1-0 or 2-0 down!

    hogg was fantastic again, he is tied down to a long-term contract with villa – not convinced he will make it with them, not next season anyway so i think we should start having words about another season loan next season. ‘if’ we can pull that off then he does get nearer to the end of a contract and that gives us more chance of signing him for good, assuming he wants to come?
    i would be looking for us to start doing the same with de laet too.

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