Date: 28th January 2008 at 9:28pm
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This is what stillthewhizz considers Pompey’s best 11.

GK – David James – Needs absolutely no explanation. Sure he’s mad as hatters and sure he has gaffs but it seems every keeper in the modern game is prone to gaffs now.

DR – Linvoy Primus – It’s hard to not go for Distin because I think Distin is probably the best defender we’ve ever had but Linvoy did it for so long for us even after getting dropped so many times.

DL – Andy Awford – I had to feature one of the Pompey legends somewhere and why not Awfs. He was rock solid and sadly his career ended early by injury.

DC – Sol Campbell – Rock solid, cool headed and experienced.

DC – Jason Cundy – Another player whose career was shortened by injury. The guy was rock solid and was another bright spark for some very poor teams.

M – Jeff Peron – A surprise selection perhaps but he was one of a few shining lights in some very dull years.

M – Robert Prosinecki – Was the first sign of real glamour in the Mandaric reign and the first time I think we really had hope of ever getting out of Division 1 (the Championship).

M – Paul Merson – There’s no room for defensiveness in my 11. Mers was so instrumental in our promotion season it seems such a shame he fell out of favour with the management.

S – Yakubu – Have we seen a better finisher at Fratton Park? Shame he was so lazy.

S – Peter Crouch – Yes he was lanky, yes he went on to play for Scum and yes I wouldn’t want him back. But teamed with Prosinecki’s balls he was ‘formidable’. (I never thought I’d say that word in the same breath as Peter Crouch)

S – Paul Walsh – Where would Whittingham’s goals have been without him? Walshy’s antics are a distant fond memory.

Excuse my ‘youth’ with my selection – I’m only 21. Again I’m finding it pretty hard not to pick most of the current squad because in terms of quality they really are the best we’ve ever had.


Selected by – stillthewhizz.

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18 Replies to “Pompey’s best 11 – stillthewhizz”

  • you arent being serious about your thoughts on jeff peron are you p4me… he was one of the very, very few becons of light – in my opinon – in the late 90s, i thought the fella was a genius and had he not signed for us already in his 30s feel sure he could have stepped up to the premiership and not looked out of place… i remember a goal of his at tranmere when i travelled up there and we won 4-2, what a game and what a goal. he went off to wigna if macca in the end didnt he – altho if memory serves neither wanted to go, but we had no option as it was our ‘everything must go’ sale…

  • Was telling chix in the pub that the memory of mine is rubbish! Off to look him up on wiki now, see if that jogs any memory, will report back!

  • your getting old mate 🙂 im not sure wiki will be that good? real name jean francios peron – i think the spelling might be alittle off on ‘francios?’

  • Found him, late 90’s, a time when i only went to a handfull of games, very young kids, and money didnt allow, afraid to say, deserts me.

  • he won player of the year for walsall the year before he signed for us i think and for me ran others very close for player of the year here… late 90s early in 2000 were the time when money was freely available to me as a ‘wealthy teen’ – i worked all week just to go to football and still have plenty of cash left over… it helped when a season ticket was only 230 quid and i could travel up with 6-10 people regularly… those days will return, but im loving the journeys im having with graham and co now.

  • T4P – at the time I selected these Sol hadn’t had his shakey patch nor his reputed falling out with the board. My opinions have changed since then. Distin is a World Class defender. Sol was.

    Prosinecki as I said above, was the first real sign of good things at Pompey and that under new management we could attract a higher personnel at the club.

  • prosinecki – and probably peron too! – will be in my side without doubt… i think its a cracki’ selection mate.

    if anyone else wants to forward a team – that hasnt already done so – please do, its simple enough to do, just follow the links in the article…

  • Interesting choices, not too sure on Cundy & Peron but that’s where we all have a personal reasons for selecting the team.

  • Matt I suppose it’s what certain players do to you from the stands. I’ve been bought up on Italian football and top defending and although you can easily debate this, Cundy was a good tackler. I just have fond memories of my dad and I cheering him from the stands.

  • Linvoy has to be there, but not at RB…he’s a centre half he can’t do the flanks! And where’s Alan Knight! 600+ games between the sticks he were a legend! As for Jeff Peron, I or even wiki didn’t find him so he can’t make the Pompey XI !!!! Toronto4Pompey, I know I don’t think anyone will be leaving out ol’ Prosi, hard to believe someone could make such a contribution in just one season

  • what a contribution it was eh! as i said to the fellas on the way up to the game on saturday when we were talking about ‘best’ and ‘worst’ – in terms of actually being in a ground watching a team i have never seen a better footballer than prosinecki – and jut to think that was towards the end of his career, just imagine him at his very prime! frightening isnt it… peron was fantastic in his year or so with us… welcome to vital pompey too brewster39, i beleive you signed up a while back but i dont recall seeing you comment before?

  • Umm … some good choices STW but only one of yours ‘Walshy’ will make my best XI, so I won’t be picking Prosi Toronto …who will I pick instead… you have to wait and see.

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