Date: 11th February 2008 at 5:54pm
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This is what Gleams considers Pompey’s best 11.

Ruggage, my favourite Pompey XI!!

Goalkeeper: Jamo How many points have been won from Jamo, brilliant keeper, and not only goes down as my favourite pompey keeper, but also the best I’ve seen. Shaka came in a close second, but Jamo is a different class.


RB: Glen and Brian I loved Priske, he wasn’t the best, but was a good defender, and when Harry came back, did his job, and was an integral part of the Great Escape in my opinion. But it has to go to another present Pompey Player, Johnson. I was a doubter, when he came back, but he is showing the potential he once showed as a youth player, with his mini mofo afro 🙂

CB: Sol (c) My captain of my team, and probably the best talent I’ve seen in a pompey shirt, The mighty Sol. Love him, he’s a legend, nuff said.

CB: Primus Its got to be Linvoy. Not only a club legend, but he gives it his all, and is a great team player. Shame about his injury, but he’s been a great servant, and will always be remembered as a Pompey hero in my book. close second, Arjan.

LB: Andy Awford Didn’t see much of him, always injured! But when he did play, he got a real buzz from the crowd, and as a small kid, I really liked him.


RW: Gary O’Neil My favourite player for many a year, always gave 100 percent, and as a youth player coming through, gave him extra credentials. Shame he had to go, heavily missed.

CM: Merson Fantastic guy, did wonders when he came, and won us promotion. He’s out of position in my team, but regardless, he was another great player, and I’m glad I got a chance to see him.

CM: Mendes Although, not been at his best this season, he’s in here purely because of his two goals against City, whether we would of survived or not without them, I’m not sure, but I doubt it. Not only that, his reaction to Ben Thatcher’s incident was superb, and a real gentleman.

LW: D’Alessandro Who else?? Andres!! D’Alessandro, was and still is, my favourite ever pompey player. Don’t know why I took to him so much, maybe because of his debut, a freezing cold night against Bolton, where he ran the show, or his brilliant effort against Charlton. He was a different class in the average pompey team that stayed up.


ST: Todorov Goals after goals he scored for us in the championship, shame he didn’t hack it in the prem, through injuries, but a great guy, and was prolific when he was fully fit.

ST: Yakubu Kept us up in the first season through his goals. not the most committed player granted, but never the less, a real talent and is in my team because of it.

There you have it, my pompey all-time XI.

I’m sure that with that team, we would be a team still challenging for Europe, with many present players in the squad, but this is from a youth perspective.

Selected by – Gleams in January 2008.

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17 Replies to “Pompey’s best 11 – Gleams”

  • You can really tell how old people are with their 11’s can’t you? No Biley or Webb or any of that for Gleams!

  • and you would have seen Jimmy Dickinson either!! You stuff Gleams and I am very surprised your mate D’Alessandro is there lol.

  • no benj? sure the two you have (especially todorov) were great (although yakubu techniqly the better player, i will have toddy in my team ahead of him) surely benji…surely! and what about matty taylor?

  • robert prosinecki men who played for Red star(win Euro.Champion league 1991), Barcelona, Oviedo…3th with Croatia in WCup France ’98, best European fottball player for 1991….great player, great career…now he is assistant manager in Croatia national team… big star

  • Peter Harris would easily have made the 11 if you were old enough to have seen him and the great Jimmy Dickinson in his prime would have been well up there to. After that there was a bit of a lean spell.
    Are you basing your selections on just the form they showed at Pompey or their form during their whole career?. If just on Pompey form I’m afraid Sol wouldn’t be in my team but would walk in if his overall career was taken into account. I am a Mendes fan but wouldn’t rate him at the top. Taylor is missing which,although he wouldn’t be my choice,I am suprised at considering how popular he is. I never really saw Peter Crouch play but he must have been ok.

  • yep, this is exactly what it is designed to do isnt it tony – and gleams has done that… in all fairness to sol he was fantastic last season – for my money still not as good as optimus primus but there you go – so for that reason alone he could have done enough to get in tbh… frattonaussie, come on mate put your money where your mouth is and get a team selected and send it through to me – you know you want to 🙂

  • im sure I would have different players if I was older, bt sol, when he arrived, was the biggest name ever to play in a pompey shirt, in my era, that is why hes in.

  • Rug, unfortunately I have a rather large gap from about the late sixties until a few years ago in my following of Pompey. During that time I was not in areas where football was of prime importance and i only got results weeks after the match. I know in that time Pompey has some rough times and a friend of mine Max Bygraves (yes he is a friend and lives just down the road from me) helped raise money to save the club. So I am not qualified to give the top 11 players. In my first stint as a supporter however Derek Duggan, Jimmy Dickinson, Peter Harris and a winger called “Nobby Newman” stand out. There was also a left back whose name I forget who was good. We also had some shockers as well. The last few years we have Gary O’Neil, Diarra, D’allesandro, Crouch, Primus, Benji, Toddy, James, Johnston. My exclusions are Campbell and Yukubu. Campbell because we have him past his best and Yakubu because I don’t like him. I know that doesn’t make a team but its the best I can do these days. For the future I hope Cranie and Nugent make good and I’d like to see Utaka let loose in the centre as I think u will see him fire then. Unfortunately I don’t think he will get the chance and will be on his way out in the summer.

  • Frattonaussie – I’m sure nobody would mind if you had gaps where you didn’t see Pompey play or don’t know about players… in some respects it’ll make it more interesting.. Go on have a go… That said I’ve yet to do mine yet !!

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