Date: 15th December 2011 at 2:50pm
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An article from PompeyFrippy, his ‘Pompey Battle Cry’ ahead of the south coast derby this weekend – read on for more.

We’re coming for you…

Four words that have been uttered continuously by both sets of fans over the last few weeks, and now as the two sides enter their final preparations for this Sunday’s game, which is undoubtedly the biggest match of the season for both sides. As well as being a massive game, it has come at a crucial time for both sides as well, with both teams having recent turns in form which makes for an interestingly tight encounter.

But there is far more up for grabs from this match than 3 points. For the last 6 and a half years Pompey have had bragging rights over their nearby rivals, having beaten them by that famous 4-1 scoreline on the two occasions that we’ve last met. Since then, Pompey have experienced the highs of 2 FA Cup finals, European football and famous victories, whilst Southampton have found their feet after dropping to the third tier, and also managed to win a can of paint along the way.

But as the tide seems to be turning from blue to red once again, a Pompey win this weekend could be a huge factor in both team’s seasons, with Southampton starting to stumble after cruising for the most part of this season. Additionally, Pompey have been on a bit of a run themselves since Michael Appleton took the reins a month ago, and a victory against our biggest rivals would do his reputation amongst the fans the world of good.

As for the team itself, only Hayden Mullins has experienced the intensity of the South Coast Derby before (with the exception of Jamie Ashdown and Herman Hreidarsson, who aren’t expected to start), so it’s crucial that they know what’s on the line. Pride, passion and heart will need to be on show this Sunday as a hostile atmosphere will greet the players. This is not a time for the weak hearted.

We may be the slight underdogs going into this match, but try telling that to any one of the 18,000 or so Pompey fans that will turn up. Every shot will be watched with baited breath, every pass will be willed to a player in blue, every tackle will be felt and every player will know that he can make a difference. Portsmouth against Southampton is the match where heroes are made, the match where one lapse in concentration may never be forgiven, and one slight deflection could ensure you go down in Pompey folklore as one of the greats.

This is our time to put a halt to their false dawn, our chance to stop them in their tracks, our chance to once again be the team responsible for their downfall. On 1 o’clock on Sunday afternoon a wall of noise will descend on Fratton Park that hasn’t been heard for several years. The Fratton roar will return and ignite those 11 individuals wearing their blue shirts with pride. Come on boys, let’s ‘av ’em!

Play Up Pompey.

Written by PompeyFrippy and originally posted in the forum here.

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6 Replies to “Pompey’s Battle Cry”

  • Nice words Frippy but I do believe that the blue feeling will be when we bring the points away from Fratton Park.

  • Bloody right that wall of noise had better be there ! Us as Pompey fans have our role to play and make it an intimidating atmosphere for Southampton Players and Fans alike !! Legal, above board, but bloody intimidating. I;ll be playing my part, and hope every one else does too. Play up Pompey

  • I shouldn’t worry about that Barney, I’m sure the noise levels will be as high as they were when we played Milan. Been hard to remember an atmosphere as good since then.

  • OMG the game is here that means so much – esp as my boss is a scummer and she’ll be at my office (in Pompey) on Monday. Losing is not an option. We’ve taken them down 4-1 the last 2 times, why not again? The form book goes out the window (although their away form is a bit dodge at the moment, and our form is picking up) – and Pompey are always better in adversity! And OMG do we have the adversity back again or what! Pity the scummers aren’t playing the dodgy keeper and personally I’d take a red card for either TBH or Mokeona in the first 15 mins to take Lambert out! But we can do it, guys, we can do it – we just have to believe, and to sing our hearts out for the lads!

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