Date: 8th November 2011 at 8:57pm
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Whilst I appreciate that football is not cheap by any means these days, and with times hard for many of us the ‘luxury items’ – of which football very much can be classed as – have to be cut back I am almost amazed that such an amount of tickets for Scum’s visit to Fratton next month are still available.

I can also appreciate that this game does not get played for over a month but I would have thought these tickets would have gone instantly once they went on general sale?

And they went on general sale last week…

With a little over 20,000 able to fit into Fratton and around – at a guess – something like 7,000 season ticket holders these days and 3,000 or so travelling from down the road about 50% of the Fratton seating would have been left for Pompey fans in the general sale period?

Perhaps I am way out of line but I am surprised that such a number of tickets, around 2,000, are still left after going on general sale last week…

Also, when they did go on general sale the announcement on The Pompey Site on Wednesday 2nd November read ‘please note there are no seats remaining in the Fratton End.’

Yet today, almost a week on, the official announcement was ‘Fratton End Sold Out’ – this ‘seems’ to imply that ticket sales have not exactly been great this past week if it is being announced that the Fratton End was sold out when it was said, on the general sale release article, that tickets were not available in our main end anyway…

This said with members limited to just a single ticket each it makes it tougher to get them and some will ‘probably’ be fearful of trouble so that may put them off, as does the fact the game is on the box – although, for me, you can never beat being at the game and I would choose that over watching on the box every time!

All the same I cannot help but think the lot up the road will be having a little chuckle at our expense that tickets for a south coast derby, the first in the league for over 5-years, are still available in a fairly high volume after going on general sale almost a week ago…

A new stadium, or a redevelopment of Fratton ‘potentially’ will make so much difference to our future (god knows it would have already) although all the while we struggle to sell-out a 20,000-seater stadium – and cannot, in spite of all the things I mention above, sell-out almost instantly for a visit of our fiercest rivals what justification can there be to do this really?

Oh how I wish Gaydarlek had done things the other way round and ploughed his millions into getting the stadium, and training facilities, sorted first instead of ploughing so much into peoples pockets – but that is another debate and so much of our past would probably have been different with the chances being we would not have had that FA cup win and European tour etc., but again that is also another debate…

Whatever my ramblings are, and right or wrong they may be, when Sunday 18th December 2011 comes I have little doubt it will be a sell-out mind, I sure as hell would hope so as I would be bitterly disappointed if it was not!


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