Date: 3rd March 2012 at 11:16am
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Pompey welcome ‘Boro down to Fratton park which, if reports are to be believed, could be the last time we watch Pompey at Fratton as we know them.

Vital Quotes:

It’s a strange one today, I go to Fratton park not really caring if we win or lose, I want us to win of course, but I want us to survive even more, much talk of Plan b and Plan a has been spread across the message boards, a mega-rich benefactor is everyone’s first choice, chances of that are negligible though, the next best is someone to come in and buy the club and drag it back to stability, this will mean stringent cost cutting and probably a slide down the divisions. Next up would be liquidation, this means no more Pompey as we know it, at the moment this looks like the front runner, the Pompey carcass is riddled with tumours and hemorrhaging all over the place, fires will need to be put out and debtors paid off for us to survive, it easy to see why prospective buyers are put off.

So, my question is, do we limp along and slide to league 2, still paying off ‘creditors’, or do we liquidate, a new owner with a fans place on the board come in, we start afresh in the higher non-league places, even league 2 (hear/read me out) and try to re-build relatively debt free and with a strict financial and business plan in place. I say League 2 as if Pompey can some way find a way of keeping Fratton park (council buys it and rents/sells over a period back) our fan base would still be about 8,000 to start with, this I calculate to be the hardcore, a little success and it would grow rapidly, this would put pressure on non-league facilities any lower than the Conference, therein lies the football league’s problem, how to accomodate an AFC Pompey if they were to arise from this dead in the water club.

If we survive as we are, the fall to league 2 could take 4 years of struggle, on the field and off it, still paying back millions as we go, if we were to surface in the Conference for instance, home crowds of 8,000 at resonably priced tickets bringing in say 100k every game, a squad of 20 hungry players/pros at the end on no more than 2k a week, 40k a week top end, then we would have a competitive team on the pitch, playing to win and nor survive every week and potentially being higher placed than our current outfit could hope to be in 5 years time!

Just my take on it all, probably full of holes that can be pulled open, but that is home a fan of over 30 years, 20 as season ticket holder feels.

Anyway, the match.

Pompey Team News:

Pompey have no Lawrence now, he has been sacrificed for the ‘greater good’ on the plus side Norris is ready to start and Varney is waiting to re-enter the fray.

On the plus/negative side depending on your view, Kitson is available again after his ban.

Player to watch: Allan

Had a great debut, if he can build on it, all the better.

Middlesborough Team News:

Adam Hamill has joined on loan from Wolves for the remainder of the season and Kevin Thompson has served his ban and will be available.

Player to watch: That scummer with the big name

That scummer with the big Polish sounding name has had a decent start after arriving from Coventry, Emnes is top scorer, but That scummer with the big Polish sounding name will no doubt grab the attention.

Match Facts & Stats

2-2 on the first day of the season, Norris getting a last gasp equaliser.

Ref Watch:

Someone fit and with good eye sight I hope!

Match Prediction:

Who cares? If you do, put your best effort here.

Next Fixtures:

Be a bit prudent to imagine there might be one!