Date: 19th July 2009 at 3:25pm
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Football_Casual casts his eye over various Pompey transfer rumours, who is being linked, what they could offer and what they think. Asking what we think.

Well with our takeover nearly complete and only one new signing coming in, Portsmouth still have to bring in more players to be able to compete in the Prem. I’ve looked at the papers today and seen who we are linked with and to be honest I would be happy to buy some of these.

Habib Beye – Newcastle United : A right back which would fill Glen Johnson’s boots but he is another African so would be off to African cup of nations in January. He was one of the best points of Newcastle’s miserable season and I wouldn’t mind him coming. He would be better than Chimbonda and has more experience than Cranie and Marc Wilson and only for £2 million we surely cant go wrong. But if Everton miss out on Kyle Naughton then we could face competition.

Benjani – Manchester City : A fans favourite and a place he would love to come back to. He could fill Peter Crouch’s boots and would put in more of a shift than Crouchy. But he has been hit with injuries the last 18 months. But once again only £2 mill you cant go wrong. We face competition form Hull City who want Benjani on a seasons long loan with a view to a permanent move. But he would pick us over Hull any day surely?

Sam Ricketts – Hull City : A welsh international that can play anywhere across the back four has been linked with us again over the last few weeks. He is available for £2 mill but we face competition from Bolton. I wouldn’t mind him coming in as left back cover for Hermann, he wouldn’t want much in wages and puts a good shift in.

Jerome Rothen – PSG : A French international who can play on either wing. He is a free agent but Rothen has been fined by PSG for criticising the club and now Portsmouth have contacted him to make the Pompey move happen. I certainly wouldn’t say no he has a good delivery and has experience. Face competition from Blackburn.

Modeste M’Bami – Marseille : A centre defensive type midfielder. Has been on trail with us over past couple of weeks and Paul Hart has been impressed by him and offered him a contract but he is mulling over it. Cameroon international and once again off in January.

Gianni Zuvierloon – West Brom : A young Dutch international who I would like see come to Fratton Park. He is quick, good strength good tackler and completely marked Ronaldo out of the game at Old Trafford.

Onismor Bhasera – Kaiser chiefs : A Zimbabwe international and a mate of Benjani. He’s been on trail for 2 weeks and has apparently impressed. He is an attacking wing back who plays on the left.

What do you guys think?? Will these players improve us?? Would you like these in?? Write your comments below please!!

Written by Football_Casual.

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15 Replies to “Pompey Transfer Talk”

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more mediocre list of players. An absolute absence of class. Depressing doesn’t do the list justice. Its quite obvious our Sheikh is slightly fake. Hart has been told you can have the job so long as you build a new side from the dregs of the Premier League. I don’t think I can stand by and watch this any longer. I’m going on the pitch during the Rangers game to protest. Come join me.

  • maybe it is just my blind optimism but what we have to remember is these names are only what the papers throw up – history shows that not the papers are hit and miss at the best of times…
    do i think most, or all of these names will be good enough? i do not know, what i do know is all we have to do is look back at last season to see that ‘superstar’ names isnt always what you need, these were major, household names on massive amounts of money, would ‘lesser’, in quality and name, players have done any worse?

    i say lets wait and see what happens when Dr SAF comes in before we throw the towel in eh?

    do i want to see quality players in the pompey shirt?
    hell yes..
    do i want to see quality players in a pompey shirt that do not give a toss and give up when the going gets tough?
    hell no..

    i know it is dragging on beyond belief and is testing our patience, loyalty and so on to the limit but i am, maybe stupidly, continuing to keep the faith and want to wait and see what Dr SAF is doing before i cast judgement, and he will be coming in…

  • as for the poll, i say the way it is going is nothing more than typical pompey – it sums us up perfectly, does it not?

  • I’m afraid it’s the shape of things to come, if you have bought your season ticket to watch England Internationals then I think they should go back to Mr Fahim as we have sold all of those off. (well nearly, Jamo is still around, for now!)

  • What are going to need is enough quality and power to keep us in the division. It will be quite a task with half the transfer window and pre-season gone. Some of those names seem to be heading in the right direction. I’m more worried that we will end up with some weird transfer policy like the one that saw all the Greek players come here or Yoshi the keeper. I don’t think there are any short cuts to staying in the league

  • I love your choice of phrase, Rug, very Freudian that. What the papers “throw up” is exactly what went through my mind. I don’t really see any players there who epitomize our greatest needs. We already have half a dozen average defensive midfielders. Instead of getting six average ones, how about one or two really good ones instead? No one to replace Crouch. Sorry, I love Benji as much as anyone, but with his recent injuries and the whole “never go back” superstition, I don’t see him being the one. It has to be said that the names the papers were throwing up a few weeks ago were better than they are now, so we’re obviously deeply unimpressing the media.

  • Got to be honest I don’t think Benji is the answer, as if you want a good hard working forward who gives it his all, then we already have Nugget. I have put in a previous thread, but I have heard on from a reliable source that we are considering Micah Richards and Elano. Both would do me fine, especially Richards who I think although not reaching his full potential at Citeh, as seen a couple of years ago could work in our favour and let us get him at a half decent price.

  • You are right Rug. I would love to see Beye, Benjani, Ricketts and Rothen. If we are going to spend cheap, at leats we get the best out of the lot. These players can give us something. I am sure Benjani will be a hit if he had to come back…. Besides, he can play the lone striker perfectly well, HR used to play him upfront by himself, and against Charlton he scored 3!

  • Re fake sheik your being a bit harsh aren’t you Rabbi? We need defensive cover and there isn’t much about and won’t be until the top three start toward the back end of the window; at the moment it’s Harts choice(he wouldn’t be my choice and not convinced he will be the manager in September) but the prospective new owner should be given the same chance we have given the previous incumbents. Lets give the new guy a fair sheikh ; can’t belive I did that

  • PR, is this the future of Pompey? How do I attach the hose to the exhaust pipe again? For heaven’s sake!

  • Malta .. The Benjani I saw play at Fratton couldn’t play the lone striker role any better than Crouchy could and certainly didn’t score 3 against Charlton.. Is there another Benjani out there that I don’t know about ? .. I’m not sure what to think anylonger I don’t even know what day of the week it is anymore !

  • Thanks Chix I thought I was going senile when i read that, thought it did nt sound right.
    Look everyone the writing is on the wall loud and clear….
    1. We aint gonna be buying anyone of those players above- none.
    2. What we will getting is a clutch of Pini Zaharvi’s nippers from around the world either on loan because they are owned by businesses(Re Tevez etc), or very cheap buys. The plan is to? showcase” the youngsters and move them on.
    I suspect the academy will however grow, local (British) talent will see Pompey as a real chance of exposure and chose us over Chelsea etc.
    3. The NEW ground WILL NOT GET BUILT- a pointless expenditure, however the FP will be turned a quarter turn etc and extended.
    4. We will remain a prem club for years to come-we will have to or the money moves out to Hull or Palace, Burnley etc… but why???????
    because FOOTBALL is DEAD IN THE WATER in this country. I predict in possibly 3- 5 years – certainly 10- all the arm chair morons who are not from the Manchester Liverpool London areas but who are happy buy their replica shirts on line to wear to the pub at the weekend for the ?live game? will be more than happy to watch their team play Barcelona or PSG or whoever it is in the European super league-incidentally strongly suspect that this will be a closed shop as there will be no relegation/promotion etc. The rest of us will be.
    Now I can see flaws in these parallel ideas, but please mark my words and if you want to critisise me ?just wait a season and ..or January and do it then I will be happy to remind you of what I said.

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