Date: 12th July 2008 at 10:28am
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There can be a fine line between ‘targets’ that are set, which is something everyone should do and what some might ‘expect’ to happen with Pompey this season… Some clubs, the Arsenal’s, Chelski’s, Manyoo’s, Liverpool’s, Real Madrid’s, Barcelona’s etc. have expectations, not targets but I hope we never become a club that out and out ‘expects’ anything, merely targets and hopes for.

Whilst I am not expecting Pompey to do anything, well, I say not expecting anything, I am expecting them to at least match last seasons league achievements and why shouldn’t we? – Winning a cup is not something that I expect in the slightest, but I would love it to happen! We are good enough to finish at least 8th again, and even that 8th place from last season I feel could, and maybe should have been better to be honest…

To all intent and purpose once we beat Manyoo in the FA cup quarter final our season was about the FA cup. We did not give up on the league entirely, well not until we had made the final itself, but as near as had on the whole – so taking this into account had we given it 100% in all of our final half a dozen games or so we could have been really knocking on the door for 4th, I would suspect 5th would have been easily achieved.

By the time the 2008/09 season comes around we will be another year stronger, wiser, have a bigger squad and all being well be a few top quality players better of, Peter Crouch is a very, very good start and makes a real signal of intent!

Liverpool are a fantastic club, I have nothing against the scousers at all but they are there for the taking – as they were last season. Every season is going to be ‘the season’, but it is not and the chasing pack are closing the gap on the top 4, well maybe not all of them but Liverpool in particular for me.

So, if we have that bit of luck, rotate our squad around to use it to it’s fullest, have the complete belief that we can do it should we not be capable of being the side to breach the top 4? Everton, Villa and Spurs all fully believe that they can do this. On paper – and I know nothing is won in this way – we have a squad currently easily as good, some might say better than each of these sides with other possible arrivals too…

It is crazy to think – and I genuinely never thought I would see the day when I thought this – but I really do think that we are capable of obtaining a top 4 finish this season! Although once again I must stress I am not expecting this, I merely think that it is not beyond reason to target this.

Someone I once worked with told me – and I am sure this is a well known saying – ‘if you reach for the moon and fall at least you will land among the stars’, this is something I have tried to use as inspiration over the years and adapt it to suit us this season in as much as if we aim for 4th but fall short we will at least fall among the chasing pack and hopefully at least match last seasons achievements, which will make me more than happy, but why should Pompey not be aiming high…


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