Date: 30th January 2009 at 8:36am
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Pompey till I die – Something all Pompey fans should be saying. Reminding themselves whenever they complain about our beloved club.

It is an interesting point though. You support your club, and want the best for your club. The club loses its talismanic manager, and results falter: What do you do? What about when your best players are sold? What about when your teams gets knocked out of the cup you won the previous year – by a club in a lower division? Hopefully, the answer is always the same – Pompey till I die! Still, what does that actually mean? Does it mean that you should be making decisions as to what is best for the club? Should you be telling the chairman whether or not our manager is up to the job? Are you entitled to tell the club how you feel? Or, on the other hand, should you support them through thick and thin? Should you be there, backing the manager, the club, the chairman and the owner no matter what the result?

Supporters with season tickets have an even bigger conundrum. They have forked out massive amounts of money for an afternoon’s entertainment. And when our players don’t perform, is that money wasted? Here is where you have a choice to make: when your paying for the season ticket, have you paid for the right to “boo” the players, and express your opinion (don’t you think they, and the manager, already know they haven’t performed up to the standards? Do you really think it helps?) or, are you paying for the privilege to watch our club, and therefore view it as your responsibility to support the team? The moral boast this gives the players spurs them on to put in that extra bit of effort, and make that last-ditch tackle or block.

It certainly is an interesting question. Hopefully however, one with an easy answer.

As a football fan, we are often treated with little respect. By our clubs, that charge us extortionate amounts for tickets, by the players we support, who all to often can’t care less about us, even though we are paying there wages, and by the police, who view us all as hooligans, who should not be allowed to express our opinions, and sing and chant and
shout. However, despite all that, it is not our place to demand the manager be sacked (that is a job for the chairman, directors and owner). It is not our place to “boo” our team (like they don’t know they’re playing badly!). It is not our place to needlessly demoralise our team. We should support the team 100%, if we are destined for the championship, or the champions league. It should make no difference. We are Pompey fans, and we should support our club.

Written by pompeycarpet.

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16 Replies to “Pompey till I Die!”

  • Pompey til I die certainly, but I surely have the right to express my feelings and opinions during and after a game. Booing players/the team is part of that

  • Carpet – What a great article – Although I’m not sure I agree with your answer but then again I’m not sure I’d agree with any answer – Some will say what UKTony says is wrong, others (including me) will agree with him – Only last week I defended my right to boo.. I didn’t actually do it but I defended the right to be able to.. if you follow. Supporting Pompey means so many things to so many people. A lot of people (again like me) are highly opinionated and will stand up for what they BELIEVE is right.. others might not agree .. but do I care? .. My belief is my belief isn’t it ? Others will be more passive and not say anything and just put total faith in the club mgmt.. It’s difficult to quantify – At this point in time however we have to trust and support Tony and Peter, we have to realise we are not mega rich, but most of all we have to all join together and get behind the lads to help Tony steer OUR ship away from relegation waters – Pompey til I die.. I know I will be .. No matter what

  • Following our team is a passionate life time affair. I say what I think & I feel. If I pay good money to attend, including travel costs, I will say what I want or not. I refused to sing TA blue & white army because I don’t think he is the right man for the job. There were plenty who didn’t sing about HR. Everyone is entitled but some may argue they are entitled more.

  • i support pompey how i want to support them, if everyone could do it the same way i would be happy, but i am one of those with the ‘each to his own’ mentality… if people want to boo, so be it, my own thinking is i cannot understand what this achieves, how it is meant to help the bigger picture? i see it as counter productive, but if it makes the individual feel better then so be it – i honestly could not understand the boos on tuesday, i thought they were totally uncalled for and out of order, thankfully they were soon drowned out by positive supports.
    i wwould say that each game costs me at least £80, that is the ticket and travel, by the time i add beer money and food, plus other costs from a weekend visit to pompey im easily looking at £100 each game – do i think that gives me more right than others? hell no, do i moan it costs me that much? again, hell no – for me the arguement that it costs me ‘X amount’ so i have more right is no right, if you look at it this way then my thoughts are ‘do not go if thats how you feel’.
    basically there is no right or wrong is there, you support the team as you want – we will not all agree will we, but so long as pompey is in the heart, and ’til we die’, not just until we stop being good we are all on the same song sheet…

  • I support Pompey and don’t have a season ticket (but I’m saving up the pennies people!!) I love my club almost as much as I love my girlfriend, and I’d stick by her and support her through bad times, so why not Portsmouth FC aswell?

  • All fair points, from my own point of view I have no problem with people booing (reasonably) after Swansea was acceptable but after the fight v Aston Villa, those who booed were obviously clueless! I choose not to Boo, but I am susceptible to the odd rant! What I definitely do not do is leave the ground early a’la Newcastle Fans en masse last year (s*******). It’s always made me wonder if those left in the ground at the end of the game are those of us that were “Supporters” well before HE turned up??

  • HA HA, Can’t believe that got censored. I’ll try another word….(Chuckle)……… un-pc of me!

  • BarneyArmy – I know what you mean – it’s JCL’s like that who prevent me from getting tickets to the big games!!

  • I was very pleased that no one booed last week, mind you, there was nothing to boo about. (Cept that bloody referee). I also thought it was a lovely touch when the Fratton End sang PUP at the end of the match – really tugged at the old strings. I think we should do that every week – sort of a signature if you like.

  • Gandor – If they show that level of fight each week I’m sure the whole ground will join in – even if we lose every single game between now and the end of the season – Which we won’t of course.

  • we should stay behind the team for the whole time, but sometimes, liike now, the manager doesnt do well, and is booed, i know i said he should go, but now i think that he should be given a chance, at least to see how he does in the last few days of the transfer window. also he has just been unlucky, really, do you boo yourself for not winning the lottery every week?? we shouldnt boo, and although it is just expressing views, its a bad way of doing it.

  • If you say you are a Pompey Supporter then you have answered the question yourself. Supporters Support!! Pompey til I die? You bet.

  • Pompey til I die and beyond – I’ll be at the Pearly Gates in a Pompey shirt/scarf/shorts combination!

  • I hope I gave both sides of the argument… although I also tried to give across my own opinion. Anyway, as I said – it’s my view that if you claim to be a Portsmouth supporter, then you should support the club – and booing – or even “not singing” can hardly come under that category can it? (thankyou dave for putting it more concisely than me though!)

  • Watching a football team is a love affair, you don’t come home and abuse your wife when she’s had a bad day and not achieved what she set out to do, so why do it to your football team?

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