Date: 9th June 2010 at 4:15pm
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moley2 answers some questions for Vital Pompey as we focus on the members over the summer months.

I know it was a miserable season, overall, and reflecting on parts of it will be the last thing you want to do but we had to take one for the team!

So, sum up the 2009/10 season in 3 words?
Absolute soap opera!

What was your season highlight?
Obviously beating the Scum is right up there but it was almost expected. I think my season highlight would have to be beating Spurs at Wembley because the odds were totally stacked against us and of course was made all the more sweeter to get one over on he who we do not mention! Another quick mention for save of the season I think was by Jamo from Drogba’s free kick in the final which he got fingertips to and hit the underside of the bar and out, and people say he’s past it!

12-months ago things were meant to be looking ‘a lot brighter’ with SAF taking over, we all know this panned out! Charlatans come and gone and we are where we are now. But what are your hopes for our future?
I think my hopes for the future will be the same as pretty much every Pompey fan out there and that is to just stabilise and only have to worry about watching the games rather than all trying to become accountants and lawyers!

Lets be honest, not much, if anything will come through the Fratton gates player wise this summer. Even so, who, realistically, would you like us to sign this summer? Taking into account we will spend little, or no money, assuming we are not under a continued transfer embargo anyway…
It’s a tough question to answer, but a realistic one could be Gary O’Neil, also hopefully through contacts we can take some young Premier League stars on loan, Wellbeck, Vela maybe, who knows.

Several will go for sure, but who would be the player that you would choose to sell if you could anyway, and why?
Any player who doesn’t want to be here to be honest. I don’t understand why players think they have a right to be in the Premier League when their performances have got a club relegated. I know our situation was different as we had 9pts deducted but I think they should be more loyalty to help get the club back up again. I suppose it’s just the way modern day football is and we’re only going to see more of it.

And the player that you would love us to keep at Fratton Towers if we could, and why?
David James hands down. He’s the type of player who will win you games with his saves and he seems to be loyal to the cause. Top bloke and without doubt should be England’s No.1 in the summer.

What are you hoping for from Pompey in the 2010/11 season?
Hopefully a packed Fratton Park for every game and a squad capable of at least challenging for the play-offs. As mentioned above it would be nice to just concentrate on football and nothing else.

How many Pompey games do you expect to attend?
As the ticket prices have come down hopefully a few more than last season. Around 10, maybe more, hopefully.

Finally, as it is a world cup summer how do you think England will do?
On paper if the players perform than we have a chance, but I’ve though that for the last few tournaments. I have to admit and think Spain are the favourites, but who knows this may well be our year!

Questions answered by moley2, thanks for your time.

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4 Replies to “Pompey talk with moley2”

  • Good point on the players moley, most of them didn’t perform and to be fair the managers often got it tactically wrong. 9 points deducted wasn’t the reason we were relegated, performances like the one Rug and I witnessed at fulham were the reason we were relegated. As you intone you could probably put the same answers for most of the other Pompey talks. But I say chin up! The fat lady has sat down again for the moment

  • Cheers tracyc and russelm. After last season I’m just fed up with talking about everything other than the 90 minutes on the pitch which is the most important thing. There may not be anywhere near as much money in the lower leagues but you don’t get the constant media attention (who are just waiting for you to fail) and you are able to watch proper competitive football. The Premier league is fast becoming a joke and I for one am glad that we won’t be there next season. A club of our size cannot sustain premier league football and this is why we have ended up in the mess we’re in (also the stupidly high bonuses didn’t help!), but I think with the right structure and decent owner (If there is such a thing!) we can slowly build and find where are rightfull place is among the leagues. Right now that is not in the Premier league, I’ve enjoyed the ride but now it’s time to run the club properly!

  • ncie one moley, quality answers.
    i do get the point about the players playing their part in us going down but with all the off-the-field stuff it did not help at all – some 4 or 5 games were seriously influenced by this, lack of payment etc would have invetiably seen effort dropped and so on. without these drama’s we would not have been world beaters but i still think we would have been better than at least 3 other clubs, but hey ho…
    many players will have to go because of the costs of them to the club, i get that but also totally agree ANYONE that does not want to be at fratton towers best pack their bags now as we cannot afford, financially and footballing wise, passengers next season.

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