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We can now see what Gandor1 had to say when asked a few questions about Pompey, the season just gone and the one ahead along with the ‘possible’ future ahead.

Vital Pompey has previously brought you the ‘knowing me knowing you series’ – which is still running, so others will be added and if you want to do one just email – and we had the ‘talking Pompey with’ series last summer, this now returns under a new name and some fresh questions as ‘Pompey talk with’…

Gandor1 was asked 6 questions about the 2008/09 season and what the hopes are for the 2009/10, one and indeed our future, is.

This is what they said…

  • So, sum up the 2008/09 season in 3 words?
    2008/2009 season was “a levelling experience”. I think we all came out the other end of the season with a more measured view of who we are and where we are in the scheme of things and certainly a lot wiser. That said, I couldn’t think of any other team I would rather follow than Pompey.

  • Suddenly things seem ‘a lot brighter’ for Pompey with Dr SAF taking over – what are your hopes/aspirations under the new ownership? Assuming everything goes through!
    Assuming all goes through, I HOPE that Dr Saf will manage the club along the same lines as Sacha, maybe with just a little more input. I HOPE that Dr Saf will enjoy being our Chairman and will bring his family to some of the matches. I HOPE that he will keep his promise and listen to the fans, although I do think that some of the stuff I have heard on the Quay is unrealistic. I HOPE that we get our 30,000 seater FP stadium and that we are able to fill it with proper fans and not Prawnies who don’t add anything to the atmosphere – except to abuse the ref (they are very good at that). I HOPE we maintain our unique atmosphere at FP when we are bigger and move to Horsea Island, although that seems unrealistic.

  • Which players – that we could realistically sign – would you like to see arrive this summer?
    Not really into players who play for other teams, but I just hope that the kind of players we attract with our new found wealth won’t all be mercenaries and that they will have some respect for the shirt. And us. Oh and quite like Sean Wright Phillips, Kenwyne Jones, Modric, and some of those little scrappers who played for Swansea when they came to visit. Now they showed spirit!

  • If you had to select 1 player to ‘sell’ or ‘release’ this summer who would it be and why?
    I would have to release Utaka because he really is the most frustrating player we have.

  • What are you hoping for from Pompey in the 2009/10 season?
    I HOPE for a top eight finish next season, and I really don’t see why not. We would have almost done it this season if PA didn’t keep settling for draws when we should and could have won. However, we will have such a “new” team next year that perhaps that is too ambitious – top ten anyway. I HOPE that we get Mancini for our Manager as opposed to Bilic – mainly because Bilic does not have experience of managing at club level. I HOPE we keep hold of all our best players and just buy another young talented defender, two midfielders and one striker. I HOPE we don’t get any more Africans in cos they will all disappear in January for the African games. I HOPE Belhadj gets it on and starts becoming more consistent.

  • How many Pompey games do you expect to make during that season?
    I shall do all the home games barring holidays (and I hate holidays so I won’t be missing many matches). I would like to start going to the odd away game. Did Boro last year and enjoyed it.

    Thanks to Gandor1 for answering these.



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    12 Replies to “Pompey talk with Gandor1”

    • Spot on Gandor… Some pretty realistic thinking there. I go along with your thoughts except getting shot of Utaka. He has been bloody frustrating I know, but his last couple of slots up front have made me think again about him. As an out and out striker he offers more threat than Nugent in my opinion. So out of the two, Nuge would have to go…

    • Yup, I agree with cornypomp. when you have a tem short of talent, the last thing you want to do is get rid of one of your most talented players. even if he is the lazyist player I have possibly ever seen…

    • Don’t agree boys. A talented player is no use to beast nor man if he ain’t using that talent. Give me one Nuge for ten Utakas. Although, maybe Utaka will come into his own this year – I grudgingly admit he did get his finger out (sort of) for the last two games. He never backtracks tho – I think that is word I am looking for. Its when he loses the ball in a tackle and doesn’t go back to try and get it back – he never does that, and sometimes the ball is just sitting there waiting. Sooooo frustrating!

    • i think utaka is a 3-5 game a season man – i mean, he plays like carp for most of the season then at the end plays 3-5 absolutely amazing games that make you think next season he will come good … he wont.

    • totally agree with you Gandor re utaka – give me a nugent over an utaka any day of the week, its all very well having the talent, but if you will not apply it you are useless…

    • Rug Quote ” its all very well having the talent, but if you will not apply it you are useless… Sfunny… that’s exactly what my ex said about me before we parted. Not true of coarse

    • A very good summary Gandor. I think we all had slightly ridiculous expectations – I know I did. My expectations for 2009/10 prior to the SAF story was to be 4th from bottom and keep trading. I don’t think we’ll do massively more than that. The guts of our team have been ripped out over the last 12 months to keep us going and we’ll need to start again really, especially in midfield. I just hope we don’t take too long to gel and get some points on the board. Either way we’ll be too good for Hull, Burnley, Wigan, Wolves and Birmingham.

    • Pompeytim, if you want to answer these questions yourself feel free – just drop me an email by clicking the envelope and in the top right hand corner and i will get back to you.

    • Hi Gandor, lots of hopes there – I HOPE they happen. I’d rather have one Nuge than a team of Utaka’s – although Utaka did do enough at the end of last season just to make me wonder how he’d be played for a few games in his proper position, striker.

    • Utaka is lost playing wide so makes him look worse than he is, put him in the middle with his strenth & speed & good defenders have Problems, as for nuge I like him for his endless running & effort, but just has not got the class to at the level he should be at now, do or die season for him now.

    • so or die season for both really isnt it… altho utaka should have the ability to play wide, its not nugents position either is it – less so infact as he does not have the blinding pace or skill that utaka does, and to be fair utaka has played out wide in france a fair amount as he has for nigeria, so it isnt an unfamiliar role to him…

    • Agreed Rug both players are not wingers it does not matter how many times they play there, but Nuge got in the team wide because we played 4-5-1, not his fault but I feel he was just happy to play, so give them both a roll in a 4-4-2 in pre season To see them partner Crouch. (Yes he will still be here)

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