Date: 1st October 2011 at 6:43pm
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Pompey crashed to their 5th defeat in 10 league matches, hardly inspiring stuff, another slow start seemed to cost us once more as Pugh headed home unchallenged, more to follow………..


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  • Same old boring excuses from Cotterill. Pompey never play 90 minutes, but only for the second period of the game. Poor!

  • thought he done well with the tools last year but must admit hes gotta go now asap, altho not sure on replacement, but the place needs a lift

  • Look it’s not working, we’re now bearing on down towards a quarter of the season being completed and already miles behind the top teams. I know it’s early days but we must change something players/tactics/manager?

  • well cant change players and the manager wont change his tactics so only one option left. Curbishley if he would take it. actually think cotts tactics for away games are not far off, even tho they haven’t produced much results, but at home the performances and results have been absolutely dire

  • Enoughs enough now. I have stayed in Cotterill’s corner for a long time, I did want to give him a chance. But he’s had that chance and we’re still playing poorly, not taking chances, and not GETTING RESULTS. We’re also steadily marching the wrong way down the table while that lot down the road are flying. He’s got to go now while we can still save the season and the international break is the best opportunity. Bring back Uncle Avram!

  • He went public with his, out of character, ‘we’re going there to attack’, but then played 4 5 1, which is as annoying as you can get. Even this ‘attacking’ formation (which is actually more defensive…) , as usual, meant we were chasing the game by half time, the only time we looked good is when Kanu came on and showed everyone his abilities, he seems to always be the difference, just through his skill and experience, only he cant last much longer surely…..Cotterill persists to leave out Rocha, who is our best centre defender and would bring on Pearce no end, instead we have Halford in his place, who, imo, would be better suited to his Rb position, as much to put him back in the position he is most familiar withandto make room for Rocha. And Lawrence shouldnt be an automatic choice for both starting and captain. Cotterill needs help or he should be shown the door, the man is out of his depth with regards to tactics and inspiring his troops and his voice in the media makes a fool of himself, he needs media training…..who do we replace him with tho, who we can afford because i dont want Dowie

  • Hes also come out with this carp about herman and his previous achillies injury, hes worried that it might do herman some damage long term if he plays him, well he didnt care last year, for half a season and even gave him another year contract…..the blokes just a ‘insert appropriate/appropriate word here’……i havent commented on any site for months, ive just been a daily scanner, but hes wound me up soo much!!!!!!!!!

  • i have been calling for a change for a while now, the warning signs were there last year we only stayed up because of 2 lucky runs most of the time we were dire. week after week he gets it wrong, but the worse thing is he never learns, he constantly plays players out of position, he’s got a good squad of player but doen’t know how to get the best out of them. csi have to act now before its to late, before we enter freefall and staring league 1 in the face. things aren’t going to change under cotterill’s inept management.

  • Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll-Sean O’Driscoll.

  • OMGanybody calling for Cotterill to go is a maniac. Generally they have only been supporting the team since the Premier Years and they expect a miracle cure. Here’s news: No miracle cure, small squad and good teams take time to build and gel. Cotts is still one of the best young managers around who stuck with the club in near impossbile conditions. OK, imagine for a minute that Sir Alex suddenly decided to start managing the team as of tomorrow. Really, is he really going to be able to do much better with the squad available? Really? This team will come good yet, don’t worry, but it will be later in the season. No miracle cure. Sacking the manager is not a cure any way it is like changing a bandage, short-term fix. Let the new owners see out their medium/long term vision. TAXI FOR GLORY FANS… YOUR TAXI’s OUTSIDE!!!

  • what an insult to furgie I would compare him to Rix! well out of his depth, you clearly haven’t watch Pompey for quite some time im sure CSI’s medium/long term vision doesn’t included being relegated to league 1 TAXI FOR COTTERILL/LIQUOR&POKER….YOUR TAXI’s OUTSIDE hurry i would’t want you to miss it…

  • Liquor…..Do me a favour with your superior attitude to fellow Pompey fans!…Trust me, some of us are older than 18…We can still see a man out of his depth though!! I see the limitations of our position; likewise i see a man whose tactical nous is on a par with Del Trotter…I just want to see this squad given a chance…Just not with Cotterill, we’re going nowhere under this guy!

  • so bileys mullet claims on twitter…Cotterill has a virtually identical #pompey record to Graham Rix and a poorer record than Terry Fenwick, Paul Hart & Avram. Enough said.

  • And…..Glory fan???? nobby1954??? work it out! I take it he isn’t 21, I imagine he’s been supporting Pompey since before you were born Liquor!!…Nobby must be soooo typical of those glory hunting Div 4 fans!!!

  • Those fans calling for a miracle cure still expect Muntari and co. in midfield. There’s no qick fix from what hapened to our club. I also said GENERALLY those expecting instant results are fans only from Prem years. I expect 1954 finds himself mostly in the company of these types. The majority of the ‘seen-it-all-befores’ know that the owners need time to build the club, and sacking a manager who is building from nothing and has generated a lot of spirit and respect from his players is not the way to do it!! Fergie would struggle. Rix would struggle. Cotts is struggling but the team will get through it. Interestingly all the peeps singing Taxi for Cotterill against Blackpool were chanting SC’s Blue an White Army as they walked out the gates at the end of the match. Lol.

  • your right penton, i have been supporting pompey for a long time, i can well remember the dark days on the way down to the bottom of div 4 and the good and bad on the way back up! i dont like being call a glory fan! just because i don’t really want to repeat the experience, and know a bad manager when i see one! and believe me i have seen a few at pompey. i have the greatest respect for managers like jim smith, alan ball, furgie, bobby robson, even harry redknapp real football men who knew how to man manage, sorry but cotterill isn’t fit to tie their boot laces. the only place he’s going to take us is down! if he stays for long enough you, mark my words, nothing would give me greater pleasure if he proves me wrong but i know deep down he wont.

  • Well nobby, do you know what?…just about how exactly how I feel about the guy too!…Nothing personal against him, just don’t think he’s enough of a manager to do what is needed; that’s all!

  • Penton and Nobby, tell me where I called you a glory fan? You won’t find it, coz I didn’t. You represent what is wrong with the average fan: They are overreactionary with their ill-formed opinions that are based on emotion not rational thought.

  • And l/p i just want a manager who sends a team out to compete for 90 minutes not 45 because he’s got it wrong yet again! i’m well aware rome wasn’t build in a day and have no great expectations, i’m a pompey fan but it doesn’t mean i want to see us completely out played week after week because the manager hasn’t a clue, you obviously weren’t there the other night when that great old peterborough team ripped through our midfield like it did’t exist, oh and most of my mates are pompey fans who like me have been watching pompey since the early sixty’s in short trousers, but then what do we know.

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