Date: 25th October 2009 at 9:17am
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Well a point is a point, and when you are Pompey a point is gold-dust this season, but the game was as dire as could be, and really a match Pompey should of claimed all 3 from.

Pompey made the one enforced change as predicted, O’Hara stepped back in for the absent Brown, but most baffling was his position, he was sat in front of the back 4 with Mokoena in a more advanced position.

In the very first minute, Smith almost got us off to a flyer, he got in behind Zayatte but dragged his shot wide, no-one knew, but this was as good as it was to get in the first half.

Writing this report, I feel like a news reporter who has to fill in when a video clip goes down, nothing happened of note!
There were a couple of squirted efforts at goal, Mokoena making Papa Diop look positively acurate with one shot miles over, for Hull, Geovanni clipped a free-kick over the bar and Hunt found only James with another effort, it was really as good as that.

Phil Thompson summed it up perfectly on SkySports, he claimed ‘The referee should pull all 22 players together in the centre circle and tell them ‘this is not good enough, this is the Premiership, start playing football”, wise words indeed.

For the second half Pompey marginally improved, Dindane fired in a shot which Myhill did really well to block out, and his follow up cannoned off of Kaboul, Yebda then showed his threat by connecting with Boateng’s cross, but Myhill again blocked out well, another goalie was earning the MOM stakes against us once more.

So that was it, Pompey were up to 4 points from a possible 30, I said in my preview that not to get anything would be fatal, but all 3 points really were there for a side who were really below par up against a side even more so.

Player Ratings

Had harder days.

Looking solid

Ben Haim
No Lennon to face this time.

Might not have the armband, but looks like the captain out there.

Not stretched.

Not a fans favourite, and easy to see why, gives his all, but he is a very blunt Axe.

Sat in front of the back 4 when we needed him further forward.

Not up to his usual high standards, but easily better than most out there.

Seems to be Hart’s 70 minute man, had our best chance early on.

Needs a goal, but then so do all the strikers.

Looks like a goalscoring midfielder, quite handy when the strikers can’t!

Catch up
Pompey are still on the coat-tails of the other strugglers, but draws won’t be enough against the likes of Hull, if it were cricket, Pompey would need to start scoring in boundaries soon.


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  • A real shame we couldn’t win it. For a spell in the second half we looked nailed on to score but just couldn’t put it in the net. Hull we’re bad but we looked solid at the back, I think O’Hara deserves credit for that. The game was set up for a bit of Belhadj action in the second half (was he on the bench?). Grant was at the match, hopefully he can keep everyone cool and provide a bit more belief.

  • Thought we were the better side but it was a dull match to watch on TV. There seemed to be no atmostphere from the Hull supporters,you could hear the Pompey faithful singing though.

  • Just knew what we were in for when Hart said in the News that the beautiful game was only played amongst the top four. He said it was going to be ugly and it was. Perhaps he thinks tht as we have no one who can score, we will go for nil nil draws til January when we can get Striker in? Lord help us!

  • was listening to 5live last night — apparently there is a board meeting today to discuss the future of hart?! im not speculating or agreeing, just wanting clarification… anyone else heard about this?!

  • Against Hull this is 2 points lost, and it’s just not good enough. It’s getting embarrassing! Surely the writing is on the wall for Hart now, he’s a good guy and he’s worked hard for us and he kept us up, but we can’t go on like this!

  • we need 4 points from the next 2 games. that will put us on 8 from 12. Whilst historically, this has not been good enough form for a team to stay up, with the likes of city, tottenham and villa, as well as the top 4, i do not think you will need 40 points to stay up, 35 may well be enough, and this is certainly not beyond us. Once each striker scores 1, the goals will start to flow. We need to pick up some points soon however, and i will go as far as to say that 17 points by christmas and we will stay up

  • I was hoping for us to get better after half time. We did that just a bit, but there was no transformation in tactics. Yebda wasn’t good yesterday and probably Smith should have replaced him on the side and Piqiuonne coming up front. I also thought that Kanu was needed yesterday; he is a magican. Yesterday we needed one since Boateng was not good as usual. Mokoena is useless, my God!

  • Joe, please don’t take this the wrong way, it is certainly not a dig at you. 17pts by xmas?!…We’ll be lucky to get 17 by May…And i’m not joking!!

  • This was the most inept performance from Pompey that I have witnessed since Hull away last season ! We got what Hart set us up for,exactly the same as last season, a point. Given that hull are one of the 3 that give me hope in our staying up this season,the others being Wolves and Burnley, i’m afraid it was a golden opportunity for 3 priceless points lost. We were marginally the better of two very poor sides,and dress it up as you like with 100% effort,or we just need a bit of luck,or their keeper was MoM again,the fact is we have a severe lack of quality,particularly up front, and sadly, until that is addressed we are going to really struggle. 5 goals in 10 games,and not 1 from a forward just about says it all for me. My only hope is that we are not too far adrift come January that some much needed investment, can make the difference to our survival chances. I hate being doom and gloom, but sometimes you have to face facts.

  • yep, it was a poor game – i have really warmed to hart the past couple of months and could not fault him for much in recent times, altho in the last couple of games before hull his tactics were alittle questionable at times, the tactics are hull were totally negative and i am still totally amazed at his pretty apparent willingness to go there for just a point, and a point only!
    had we been in hull’s position, fair enough go for the point, try and sneak a win, and keep the gap… the game was ours for the taking if we wanted it – sadly we did not!
    on this evidence if either side gets out of the bottom 3 i would be surprised tbh.

  • Very sad,but very true Rug,unless of course some serious investment comes our way in January. I agree with you completely re Hart, who is undoubtedly one of the good guys. With hindsight, which of course is crystal clear, I wish we had been in a position to thank him wholeheartedly for his contribution in keeping us up, and then sent him back to what he does best, at the academy where he has proved his worth at both Forest and Leeds, and no doubt in years to come would have done with us. However, for whatever reason that wasn’t considered as an option,and no doubt in the next few weeks,he’ll be on his bike, and another golden oportunity for the future of our great club will have gone begging. I wish I could see even a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, but at the moment I cant,and no doubt i’ll have even more to reflect on, whilst on my 200 mile journey home from the Stoke game. Play Up Pompey !

  • Evening pessimist; you still around Kingston way? The board meeting was to get Grants point if view and ratify a new assistant manager. Grant hadn’t been around long enough to comment although surely he would lament Harts tactical naivity; not to mention his incompetence. Also Jimmy Floyd won’t be coming now as just like Macca he met with Hart and they couldn’t agree anything. So in short I don’t know if the meeting took place. I do know Hart wasted 45 precious minutes on a negative formation which was changed after internal half time team discussions.

  • Well a point was what we least expected but had hoped for 3. we will go to many tougher places than this & if we don’t improve, we’ll get smacked.

  • Agreed, we didn’t play well but once again the chances were there and we didn’t take them. We desperately need a striker, or two, who know how to put the ball in the net. If we had those PH would be seen in a completely different light.

  • I know its pessimistic but its what i believe. we have basically got 4 pts from 20 games as you take out the 7 games left against the ‘big four’ and away matches against yids, man c and everton which every pompey fan must know that realistically we wont get anything from, it leaves us 18 games of which if we won half of these which would be a monumental return, would still not keep us in this division. doomed im afraid, so it does ask the question, is there any point getting rid of hart

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