Date: 22nd November 2009 at 10:05pm
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Writing these match reports is more like writing epitaph’s these days, once again Pompey showed promise, had one slip and came away with nothing, but how many times can it happen?

Pompey’s preperations got off to the worst start when David James felt his calf before the game, in from the cold came Ashdown, with Niemi on the bench.
Kanu made a surprise start, being preferred to Piquionne, Smith and Webber, while neither of our Algerians even made the bench.
Hreidarsson made a welcome return, while Mullins also got a rare start.

The match got off to a familiar pattern, Pompey were doing all the probing, while Stoke looked a bit off the pace.
On 7 minutes came a rarity, Pompey won a penalty rather than conceded one, Delap tried to kick Dindane’s face off and the lino’s flag went across his chest. Up stepped Boateng and I felt sure he would break the back of the net, but no, like so many Pompey penalty takers of the last couple of seasons, he tried to place it, Sorensen flopped on the ball and a golden chance was gone.
The game was end-toend, but the final ball was lacking from both sides, Pompey won a few free-kicks in well placed areas, but all we seem to do is let O’Hara boot it over the bar, or let Kaboul smash it into the wall, absolutely no variety whatsoever.
Second half and Stoke were showing a little more endeavour without really troubling a solid looking Pompey defence, O’Hara tried one from 30 yards again, but Sorensen turned it wide.

On 74 minutes and Stoke produced their only real quality of the match, Fuller went on a run, interchanging with a couple of mates in one-touch football, and he placed a great shot inside Ashdown’s left post, he got a hand to it, but not a strong enough one.

Sidibe could of doubled the advantage, but clean through he sliced well wide.

Pompey were gone now, although on top for great periods of the game, lack of cutting edge was evident, Stoke were looking comfortable and Wilkinson went on a pitch long run and fizzed one over Ashdown’s bar, contender for goal of the month if it had gone in.

The whistle went and Pompey had blown another chance for points, we had the chances again, but once more ended pointless.

Player Ratings

Had one shot to save, unfortunately it beat him.

Ben haim
Did little wrong

Dealt well with ariel bombardment.

Loving it in the middle

Made a couple of clumsy challenges and had a running battle with Stoke players, nothing new then!

Helped dominate first half

One of our better performers, but needs to do better when shooting from free-kicks.

Our golden boy missed his big chance, tried to make up for it but to no avail.

I know the fans hate him, but really did little wrong on the right.

Held the ball and won free-kicks, but surely 90 minutes is asking too much?

won the pen and had one effort sail wide, otherwise quite quiet.

Little impact

Only had 10 minutes

Manager Rating
The sands of time must almost be run dry, a man of integrity that most fans have warmed to, Grant may well never be his mentor, more likely a replacement.

no finish
Lack of goals is going to cost us dear, it was made worse by spurs smashing in 9, 7 goals of which were from players who were ours just 12 months ago


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  • I was dismayed to see Mullins…admittedly I can’t find that much to fault on the day but I just feel that if you could have Tommy Smith on the pitch instead of him, it’s got to be an improvement. Moment of the match for me was Herman demanding to be able to use the towels which Stoke thoughtfully provide for Scummer Delap to dry the ball before his demon throw ins. Herminator definitely taking the mick there. I suppose Algerians not available after midweek match or something…but we were at our most scary with a team full of geezers running at the oppo. That doesn’t mean Kanu, Mullins that means Smith, Belhadj, give Webber a go.

  • for me Paultsmouth it was too much dithering by the manager, odd decisions and too little too late. Pompey will sink with him at the helm

  • i must have left the ground early, when i left there was 4 minutes to go and we were 1 down, yet i read the headline and we lost 11-0 – what a collapse !!!

  • I’m gutted, obviously, and suprised by the team selection but I can’t see what went wrong. I like Smith and think he should be almost guaranteed minutes on the pitch each week but we went with a game plan and it worked, to an extent. At a windy Britania stadium we stood up to a very physical side and should have taken a point. Maybe with the exception of Dindane I thought everyone played a part. I guess we didn’t get it down the flanks and offer much in the way of crosses and Hart’s subs came on a little late to make much difference but until Liam Lawrence came on we owned the midfield, which is good enough for me away from home. By the way, the difference in coaching team didn’t seem to make much difference. Stoke had Pulis, Francis, Rudge, and Reid in control of team affairs and they couldn’t even keep the ball on the pitch at times. Oh, and someone has got to stop Delap from drying the balls for throw ins, dull, dull, dull.

  • i too am gutted, not long home – how did we lose? obviously we did not score and they did…
    tbh it is hard to fault anyone, they could not really have given anymore could they? i think that hart ‘maybe’ left it too late and the players coming off were the wrong ones? well dindane perhaps anyway…
    good point on the coaching side of things, we need more coaching help for hart – who, from seeing the post game interview in the bar at stoke, looked a ‘broken man’ for the first time in a long time!
    we have GOT to get more width into our side, we are crying out for this…

  • oh, and as for smith – exactly what the hell has happened with the guy? that is now 3 games in a row that he has not feature now isnt it… what is the betting that their is some clause in his contract meaning a payment is activated if he plays another game by a certain date! i know this sounds pretty paranoid and is ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff, but it seems typical of pompey…
    smithy has gone from being one of our best players, and one of the first names on the team sheet to an outsider – it does not make sense.

  • HART SPENT 3MILLION ON WILLIAMSON AND 2m ON SMITH AND NONE PLAY! why didnt hart spend that money on a decent striker !

    curbishley in HART out

  • Been trying so hard to be positive about our performances and trying to give Hart the benefit of the doubt, but just had enough now. I cannot believe how he can give Kanu 90 minutes and play an unfit Dindane when he has got Webber and Smith avalailable. I understand Belhadj and Yebda didn’t get back into the country until Saturday so hence there no show, but surely with their width which we so dearly need, will be used in the next matches. Hart I feel is tactically inept. Two wins in 13 games is now not acceptable and surely Grant must now take over the running of the team. At this rate with 7 points per 13 games we will have 21 points at the end of the season. If we are going to go down lets do so with some fight and let us fans enjoy good attacking football.

  • I do not want to spark off what I did last time with seabiscuit, but surely you guys can now see PH has to go now. He has no plan B as usual. I even got Mark Moody to committ on the Quay last night that Hart has to go. Hart was more concerned with Boateng tracking Etherington than getting Stoke players to worry about our guys. Too defensive, got to go now because with every game they delay sacking him, the more difficult it gets for Grant or new manager.

  • I can’t remember who said it but Spurs winning 9-1 with three of our ex players scoring 7 between them is bloody depressing. Simple fact is, we just don’t look like scoring.

  • Same old, same old, Harty. Now is the time to implement the change of management, at least then we can have a go at teams, and get relegated in style. It would give a new manager the chance to put a stamp on things and build a blue print for promotion next season. To carry on as we are is foolish for all concerned.

  • I agree Mike, whoever is going to take the job needs to be given time to look at the way we play and the players themselves, who is going and who is going to be approached about joining us.
    Tactically we are awful, no width and no penetration for long periods of the game.
    Younis was immense today, and he will be the next to go, then we will be in real trouble, however why do we have a 3 million pound centre half who has not had the chance yet, we ship goals for fun and we never change.

  • It’s just not good enough is it. So many times the performances have been quite good, but we’ve come away with nothing. This is not going to get us out of the relegation zone. We need to appoint Grant as manager ASAP! And what is the deal with his work permit taking as long as due diligence did in the summer? Something fishy about that.

  • Sad day guys, Its ruined by windsurfing in egypt today! following on the mobile it seemed we were in charge! I find it hard to slag Hart if the team are playing well, but it is a results game…..! All over by Christmas – eek.

  • Tracy…..I bet the work permit is timed to come into force after the Man U game. You can’t blame the guy for not wanting that as his first match can you. Could be a risky strategy though, cos IF we win Harty will be a hero and in for the rest of the season.

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