Date: 28th May 2014 at 7:29pm
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The Pompey predictions league for another season ended back along, the 2014/15 season was another ‘up and down’ one for Pompey but the signs, all being well, are that the future should be as stable on the pitch next season as it is off it!

VP’s predictions game though was a fiercely contested one…

In the end a familiar name, in multi-time former winner, uspompeyfan regained the crown on 185pts in total – if you contact me we can discuss your winners prize.

The runner-up, having been there or thereabouts for most of the season was toffee74, 170pts was not quite enough in the end though – again, contact me for your runners-up prize.

Finally, the third and final positional winner was blueexile on an ‘alphabetical order’ technicality. On 150pts the scooped 3rd place – yep, you guessed it contact me for your prize too.

Contact me on this email addy guys –

This is how the table, of over 30, ended:

Those top 3 are not the only prizes still to be decided though!

Remember there was a ‘monthly winner’ each month. The prize to this winner was £5 to claim there and then or they could – in what was a new ‘twist’ this season – opt to ‘put it in the pot’ for an end of season kitty!

This is a breakdown of monthly winners.

If you have not claimed your prize yet I will give you until the end of June to do so but will then have to put it in the ‘monthly winners kitty’ and then see whom that lucky winner is.

August – Morgan (30pts)
September – Son of Wiggy (40pts)
October – Morgan (45pts)
November – Dasha (45pts)
December – toffee74 (25pts)
January – Dasha (25pts)
February – uspompeyfan (65pts)
March – Jimsmithswig (45pts)
April – blueexile (65pts)
May – No winner for as we only played Plymouth.

So, there we have it.

If you are on this list and have not yet claimed your prize now is the time to do it or at least inform me of your decision to have it deferred into the kitty, if you do not inform me this will happen anyway…

Please note – some have already claimed, you will know if you have.

Thanks for taking part and I look forward to us playing this game again next season, come the start if July I will announce who the ‘monthly winners kitty’ winner was.

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