Date: 19th August 2009 at 10:02pm
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Pompey shot themselves in the foot once more, Saturday went down to bad luck, but this time we gave a penalty away in injury time to commit hari-kari.

David James sporting hair and ‘tache to do Shaft proud, charged out and flattened Larsson to concede a penalty which McFadden duly dispatched.

Vanden Borre made his debut and after all the hype was a real let down, we will have to hope it was nerves, if not we should get his passport straight back out now.

Lee Probert was the referee on the night and could be said to of been a bit of a ‘homer’ both teams were awful, but Pompey got 5 booked on the night of few bad tackles while Brum got of scot free, the penalty itself has been described by Mark Mudie as one you get at home, but never as the away side, but enough about that prat, and Pompey can once again look at missed chances.

The game itself had few highlights, Pompey had a couple of chances in the second period, notably Mullins who just seemed shocked that the ball reached him and duly did nothing with it, Kranjcar wasted a couple of free-kicks again and also missed a good chance after the penalty when shooting weakly at Hart.

Pompey have it all to do this season, we have been cast as relegation certanties and are now doing our level best to live up to the billing.

Mr.Storrie you have seen first hand what needs to be done, 2 games against average sides, no points, rampant Arsenal are next, time for talks has passed, someone needs to sort the mess out NOW.


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  • If any Pompey players even glance upon this site, look at the accompanying photo, that is what we as Pompey fans expect

  • yep people like de zeeuw are needed – no time for prima donnas at this stage…storrie and co, whoever you are we must bring in some players in the next couple of weeks or we are *****ed!

  • Surly Kanu should have come on to play up front with Freddy not instead of, Brum were there for the taking

  • Although last year we were in a worse position after 2 games havnig conceded 5 goals in first 2 games….just trying to look on the bright side…

  • im glad we have played so poor and started so bad because transfer windows still open and the owners now know pompey need quality to stay up.. they need to SHOW US THE MONEY !! if we spend 20million on players and go down we sell them players for about 20million .. if we buy no players and go down we are in the same position.. WHY HAVE AN OWNER WHO DOES INVEST .,

  • Gutted after tonight’s performance, we need to perform against Man City in 11 days, and hopefully by then our team will look a little bit more reassuring.

  • isnt football about scoring goals!! people want to see goals why pay money to see your team have no shots on goal boring.. £38 a game we want to be entertained not put asleep. 4-5-1 your having a laugh..

  • Dindane, Benjani, Thomert, O’Neil, Dos Santos, Odonkor? in fact anyone that is attacking and is going cheap is required for battle. If we sign McCann & *Shittu it’ll be a case of damage limitation rather than survival. Even Championship players are too expensive for us so we won’t get any fiery English blood in.

  • *Shittu and McCann are’nt even champoinship players of any usefull degree..would they get into WBA or Magpies…not a chance…we do not have any decent players left…James is old, distan is on his own, and kranch ..well is he bothered. there is No one with one. not one player is good enough…whats worse…no one will sign for us..once we has HR who could pull birds out of nests, what do we have to offer a player…nowt

  • just watched the highlights on MoTD. Utaka came across as our ONLY creative, attacking player. surely this must be a mistake?

  • also, RE the penalty… both players were looking at the ball, they both had a right to go for it. However, anywhere else on the pitch, and it would have been a foul… so it had to be a penalty. it’s a shame…

  • Half the problem is the manager, negative football , nihilistic attitude, completely uninspiring this man does not represent Portsmouth style football. I don’t think it was a pen and nor does anybody nut the simpleton Probert but we shouldn’t have been in that position. We went to St A for only one thing – not to lose and Hart got what we deserved. 6 more games like this and maybe I will start a chant

  • although the birmingham player (not sure who it was), did look round, and knew jamo was going for the ball, and may have slightly changed his run to obstruct jamo. Jamo however only had eyes on the ball. still, even with that, it only counts as obstruction of the player has no intention of playing the ball, which he probably did… so it’s still a penalty.

  • Agree with Hammersmithblue. Let’s not get too despondent. When you’re in a funk in your family life, bad ***** tends to happen at work too. Didn’t see today’s game, but I thought we weren’t too bad against Fulham. If we must play a 4-5-1 then we do need proper wingers and (broken record) one or two more creative attacking midfielders. That Dindane kid looks alright. Let’s get him for starts.

  • …wow, just saw the poll on today’s man of the match. Was Wilson really that good or did his mum log in 53 times ?

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