Date: 3rd September 2007 at 7:31pm
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Pompey unveiled their new 3rd kit today and as expected it was nothing more than a slight variation on what some deemed to be an unlucky strip for us last season.

The most recent time we wore ‘black’ was in the 0-3 defeat at Goodison in May! – let’s hope things do not continue in that vain.

Whilst Pompey’s home kit has remained relatively straightforward for the past twenty or so years (with the exception of the odd manufacturers, sponsors or designers signature) our 2nd and especially 3rd kits have been victim to more colour changes, than a chameleon wandering through a rainbow.

And it was the thought of how revolting that chameleon would look that got me thinking?

Leaving aside our Home Strip; from the Salmon pink during our humble beginnings all the way up to our traditional Blue, White, Red of the modern era, what has been our best, worse, luckiest or quite simply most embarrassing ‘alternative’ strip?

I cannot profess to remember them all, let alone the order they came in, but I’ve attempted to serve up a few to start the debate, although I have to admit in most cases I can only recall the shirt colour(s)
Lets start with a personal favourite of mine. The red, white, red (or sometimes blue), combination of the away kit of the early/mid seventies. The shirt, similar to the home kit had two left sided vertical stripes running through it. The difference in the away kit being that they were white stripes on red as opposed to blue on white for the kit worn at Fratton. I can still remember my boyhood hero Peter Ma-rin- el-lo flying down the wing wearing this kit although I can’t quite remember where it was, but it must’ve been local (ish) as I wasn’t allowed past London for away game then – Must’ve been Orient or somewhere?.

What happened after that kit was no longer used I cannot remember (unless we went back to all red) but the next shirt that sticks in my memory is the white round neck ‘T-Shirt’ with thin blue & red horizontal stripes sported by the likes of Vince Hilaire when Pompey were on the road between 83 & 85. I remember this shirt distinctly as it sported Pompey’s new crest (the football with the anchor through it) which annoyed me a little as I had just spent £10 down the Hard, having the star and crescent tattooed on my left arm!

The classic white with dazzling blue shoulder flash I think was the next to come, and if my memory serves me correctly that was worn on away days during our journey to Division One under Alan Ball’s leadership – Oh what heady days, no sooner had I blinked and we’d let in 6 at Highbury, 5 at Forest and 4 at Anfield all within about ten days as I recall. The kit as well as our status soon departed.

Pompey then entered the world of the delusional and turned into Brazil. Sponsored by Goodmans our away kit from 89-91 as worn by Beresford, Stevens, Hogg & co was, quite simply (right down to the green and yellow-trimmed white socks) an attempt to fool the opposition that they were up against the Samba boys. If only our away form had been anywhere near as good at the kit! – Brazil we were not and the kit I think went much the same way as Beresford, Stevens & Hogg.

For some reason black and red halves then became the order of the day Whittingham and Walsh (still have dreams about that partnership) strutted their stuff and bagged a hatful between them during 94 & 95. Then along came new sponsors and we started impersonating other teams again. That said, we did demonstrate that we had learned our lesson from the Brazil experience?. This time we were only trying to be the Man City team of the 1970’s. Some bright spark put a couple of black stripes down the red half of the away shirt and a couple of red stripes down the black half, stuck on ‘The News’ across the middle and charged every Pompey fan the £25 for the privilege.

Coming more up to date we’ve had the hideously oversized star & crescent (much like my tattoo) on the sleeve of the yellow & blue ‘KJC’ kit, The ‘Ty’ all gold that helped us win the division-one title and the all red ‘OKI’ used for the 2005/2006 season

What difference a colour makes I don’t know, I only hope that we stick with what we’ve got for a couple of years, otherwise I’m worried that the only colour left that we haven’t used is Orange?. Come to think of it didn’t we have a garish ‘Bishop Printers’ Orange shirt with a vertical black band across it?

Written by Chix.

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20 Replies to “Pompey Kits: Suits you Sir”

  • just for you chix here is that ‘garish ‘Bishop Printers’ Orange shirt with a vertical black band across it’ as modelled by the legendary croat robert prosinecki – one of the few things that made that kit good 🙂

  • the new black kit is alright, tbh i like the one last season but prob wont buy this seasons one. i still really like our home kit from our relegation esacpe in 2005/06 – liked that seasons white shirt too… one of my favourites before that, which i wore all the time was the white centinary one from 1998, i loved that shirt… another fine article by the way chix!

  • Nice one Chix – just to fill in one small bit of info the kit Marinello wore with two stripes was designed in a public competition probably run by the news. The game you remember was probably the FA Cup 4th Round replay at Brisbane Road where we drew 1-1 aet. Mickey Mellows scored the Pompey goal. We won the second replay at Selhurst Park 2-0 goals from Ron Davies and Bobby Kellard. There is a section on that game in Peter Marinellos book which by chance I was reading in Waterstones on Saturday.

  • ‘Influence’ kit that took us to the verge of Wembley, oh Andy Awford what a challenge, but great kit, good in red too.

  • I have both blue & black of last season and have no reason to swap them for this seasons versions. I still have the salmon pink away shirt from the late 80s though it has shrunk over the last 20 years. The worst kit to ‘wear’ was our ‘Perrin’ kit of 2005-06. At the end of the day it’s all about cash & as long as they stick clear of anything red, I don’t mind.

  • Interesting, three totally different designs for each kit without any of them being particularly interesting. Muggings here has already forked out for this years home kit for away days and come the end of the season it’ll be out of date. So I won’t be forking out for a kit we’ll rarely ever play in nor be recognised in.

  • canterbury lack imagination. All 3 are different designs, but if you look at all the iferent rugby kits made by canterbury, you will find some startling similarities. Infact, if you like at the irland rugby top and our goalkeeper top, ive only noticed one diference: the badge.

  • Le coq sportif, 1983-84 kit, always my favourite, reminds me of Mark Hateley and Alan Biley terrorising defences while we leaked goals at the other end, to be honest I haven’t owned a shirt for over 10 years, I never considered myself a “scarfer” but my kids love them, its the cost of the whole outfit that drives me nuts £82 for a 10 year old kit!

  • Every year a new kit is costing me a fortune, but it’s the cheek they have to charge you to have a number and name on it. My lad of coarse like the strikers who all seem to have double figures which costs me twice as much. Still buy them though!

  • Have to say, I hated the salmon shirts. Wouldn’t buy a third jersey either. Keeping it simple – blue & white all the way.

  • Salmon pink!! remember when we wore that at Goodison, i wanted to leave the game before we kicked off.

  • Robert Prosinecki – a true Croatian legend. BTW I am half Croatian, and I had the pleasure to meet and watch the man play. On his day, he was one of the best, but also he could be a real tit. Nice pic!

  • L L Blue, this year at the shop, it’s all one price for the name, no matter how many letters or numbers. Banned my kids from names this year, cole and lualua on the back of last years….you know kids, they wont wear them now. Ill have to teach them what retro means!!!

  • Some great comments fellas and a wonderful reminder from Rug of Rocket Rob, orange quite suited him! – Rarely buy a replica shirt myself these days, gets silly with the cost and, as a lot of you have mentioned outdated names on the back. For those old enough to remember (before iron on lettering) as a kid I used to have to go and buy a number from ‘Central Sports’ and beg me mum to ‘stich’ it on (she hated number 9’s or 6’s !!) at least then the kit latest two or three years and it did matter about the number – I could be whoever was wearing it at the time.. I wonder what Canterbury will have in store for us nexyt year …

  • Thanks pompey4me, haven’t had time to check the new shirts this year but that means my lad will be in with a shout… He thanks you!

  • eastney dave, i was at that game against orient with my dad and brother and for some reason we kept singing i dont wantto set the world on fire-it was on an advert at he time and i just dont know why we did it..i know i asked bobby kellard for his autograph and he just said hello and walked away..

  • There was a bloke, some kind of artist who did characatures of Pompey players around at the time , I remember seeing one of Bobby Kellard for some reason ….. Where was it ?

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