Date: 13th July 2009 at 3:32pm
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Storagematt on the latest jinx to strike Pompey – or is it a Pompey jinx striking someone else…

Storagematt on the latest jinx to strike Pompey – or is it a Pompey jinx striking someone else…

Sportswear firm in administration – click here.

Makes you wonder who will supply the kit for next season?

When will it be ready for the fans?

Has the club paid Canterbury upfront for next season’s kit?

This was from a thread in the Portsmouth Posts forum – click here.

Written by storagematt.

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The landlord says: ‘I know it is not funny for any that have lost their jobs, and various others, but all you can do is laugh in a way as if you did not laugh at the latest ‘jinx’ with Pompey you would certainly only cry…’

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34 Replies to “Pompey kit suppliers go into administration!!!”

  • The aprent compamy are still ok, the European arm I think was a franchise. Sacha had apparently invested in the shops but I don’t know how heavily. Maybe this is what’s causing the delay in the takeover.

  • In 1971 my football team decided to tie-dye our white shirts in a swirly pinky kind of colour. It looked lovely. So all is not lost, there are always solutions. But seriously, folks, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE WHEN WILL IT ALL END, IN A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD AND THE BANK BALANCE, I RENEWED MY SEASON TICKETS. I HONESTLY THOUGHT, FOR ONCE, WE HAD GOT IT RIGHT. Damn.

  • ah. and maybe the reason our kit hasn’t come out? I thought we had a very solid kit supplier… clearly not.

  • The Scum have got a whole roomful of their ‘European Tour Shirts’ from a few years ago . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Ah balls! another blow to us. Back to the ear mashing Jacko shirts anyone? Maybe Pompey can play in ‘skins’ this season! No clashing there, and cheaper for the fans.

  • lets not lose the faith just yet eh guys…

    totally off topic but i see someone is taking the ***** again with the poll – its was 80-odd % in favour of good earlier on monday afternoon, now its 72% in favour of bad…either this is ‘other fans’ doing the majority of the voting of someone is trying to discredit vital pompey by ensuring ‘negative’ results are always shown on polls – whatever, without a doubt i will make it clear this is what i think is the case…

  • rug i put my good vote in and good went up to 81% … there must have been a HELL OF A LOT of votes to make that much of a switch!

  • Typical, and apparently the Tea Lady has got Swine Flu. Does nothing ever go right at PFC!

    Rug, I see Storrie has been voting on the poll again.

  • + i dont get how canterbury could go into admin … jeez! seriously, whats going on!?!?!?

  • noticed a thing on newsnow about the scummers and one of their takeover polls, maybe ‘revenge’ is being sought – i guess as vital pompey is one of the best around its easy to target us 🙂

  • Maybe Dr SAF was having a bad day and went beserk on the poll? I am very surprised by the Canterbury thing. Seemed to be a company on the up. Trouble is Pompey shirts don’t get sold outside of Pompey shops, and they’d have been banking on spreading the word in the football world much quicker than they managed to do. Shame. Thought they made a nice kit too.

  • Tim that should read ‘the News is claiming that due diligence is at an end AGAIN!! They called it last week and then pulled the article.

    As to Canterbury the only good news is it is unlikely that they owe Pompey much if anything but they do make good quality kits!!

  • They did, and then took it down a few moments later! Will see what comes of it, but wouldn’t advise anyone holding their breath in this situation!

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