Date: 27th August 2008 at 6:58pm
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It was great to meet with some of the chaps before the game with Manure.

Though I was engrossed with my ex-school mate who I hadn’t seen for some 25 years, there was some time to say hello to Rug, Chix, eastneydave, UKTony & others who I sadly can’t remember!

Part of the meet was to collect the fabulous new Pompey in Europe T Shirts. The item in question is modelled by Chix, but as not to scare the sensitive Vital readers, the camera just focused on the main part of the shirt.

European T-Shirt

Due to a technical distribution balls up, Chix forgetting to bring the rest with him, we hope to have them for the next home game with ‘Boro on Saturday 13th September.

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14 Replies to “Pompey in Europe T-Shirt”

  • Nice one Matt .. although I don’t understand why you’ve widened the image to make me look bigger ! …..Maybe we could run a ‘draw the head on Chix’ competition …..

  • Anyway folks as Matt said they are fabulous & new and we only have a few left … So if you want one there are only £8 … Just register your interest below and I’ll be in touch…

  • Chix, youv’e already got my order, so I’ll pick my 4 up in the Milton Arms before the Man U game…………………..doh!

  • Poor old Penton, and Ms Penton, all the way from Andover, and Chix forgot the shirts! Do you feel guilty about that chix?

  • I hope he does!!!! I had to drink copious amounts of beer to get over it! and Ms Penton had to put up with my slurred ramblings all the way home!

  • And she said she almost lets you off Chix for recommending Passanda. Boro game it is then. Si We owe you a beer or two!!

  • I know you were Si…It was all Chix’ fault, my Solicitor has said we could press charges for Mental torture, Neglect and abandonment. The shame of it all!!!

  • Sneakay; are you referring to Chix’ man-boobs or moobs as I’m told they’re called? Must’ve been cold.

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