Date: 7th March 2010 at 10:34am
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Well Pompey have done it again, just when we looked like falling as low as possible, the team rallies and lifts us again, all the way to Wembley once more, a 4th appearance in 2 years with the prospect of a 5th to follow.
How ironic that the cup competition we were accused of ‘cheating’ in winning it, the same win that caused our spectacular downfall, just maybe has been our salvation, this time it is more of a cobbled together outfit that will step out at Wembley, no multi-million superstars this time, just honest grafters with uncrushable spirit.

I ended up watching the match in a pub called ‘the Roundhouse’ in Covent Garden, it was because of a prior commitment to the missus, booked in as long ago as November, still we made it to the pub after trying about 5 others with no tellies, the landlord of this one however turned his on for us, and we sat amongst the diners with music form the 90’s playing over the proper entertainment.

The first half was bloody awful, both teams were content to try and force their way through than try and play their way in, Bowyer and Brown in particular enjoying a scrap.
Utaka had an early sighter at goal but never really threatened Hart, while Jerome had Birmingham’s best effort, his shot low to James’ right was tipped round the post.
Utaka had the last chance of the half, he was played in down the right and as he jinked towards goal he let fire from distance and found only the Milton end.

The second half kicked off and it could only get better, Hart stretching to deny Piquionne early on, gathering at the second attempt as our striker lurked with intent.
Belhadj was firing in crosses from the left, and Pompey looked much more of a threat now, the fluency was there at last and a flurry of corners was evidence of our growing confidence.
Utaka almost broke the deadlock on the hour, O’Hara found Piquionne’s head, and he nodded toward Utaka, but Barry Ferguson got in a saving header to deny us the lead.

Piquionne fired in a goal bound effort after some good feet, but Johnson got in the way this time and blocked with his back, but the goal was coming and come it did.
It was the messiest goal since Kanu scored in the final 2 years back, Utaka stabbed in a shot admist a scramble, Hart blocked and as Webber tried to force it home, Dann got involved and it squirted up into the air off of Hart and Piquionne was on hand to tap home from a yard, Fratton erupted and so did two blokes in the heart of London amongst old ladies enjoying their lunch.
The crowd had hardly settled when piquionne repeated the dose, this time O’Hara slotted in the Frenchman, he was all snake-hips and sent Johnson chasing his tail, his finish was low and Hart was helpless, Pompey had one foot back at Wembley.

Birmingham made a flurry of substitutes, but it was Pompey who came closest again, Brown firing in a volley, it was deflected and looped up over Hart, and up over the bar.
With 10 minutes to go Birmingham thought they were back in it, James saved Dann’s header and Ridgewell followed up, James again clawed his effort away, but the ball had crossed the line, trouble is the linesman and Referee didn’t think so, nice one the men in orange/purple.
Pompey should of had 3, Piquionne playing in Diop, but instead of shooting for his first Pompey goal, he tried to square for O’Hara and the chance had gone, still so did the final whistle and Pompey marched on once more.


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  • I thought Herman was immense! Even Finnan (who I have struggled to like) had his best Pompey game. James was solid, but it would be hard to piq out an individual. Well played Pompey. Wemberley, Wemberley…………………….:-)

  • The boys did good. This isn’t a great Pompey team, maybe we were spoiled in recent years but they have spirit & that counts for a lot. A wonderful day & plenty to look forward to. It makes having a season ticket worth it weight in gold now.

  • Noce report Paul from the centre of London. Barney I am glad someone mentioned Finnan as his performances have been improving recently and shows the amount of experience he has. The back four yesterday had 226 international caps between them so they should be able to give us some stability.

  • Qite surreal really, there we were in the pub, the match was on mute, the music was Dubstar or something, and we even had subtitles! Poor old dears nearly choked on their pate when Pompey scored! Got to admit the match did pick up a fair bit of interest after our prescence became known though

  • Bloody good article paul. I got some way to go yet. Enjoy the moment and looks as though you could have a few more yet.

  • Just when we were all feeling low about our horrible season – this happens! Its incredible. And the atmosphere yesterday was amazing!

  • i have never been so proud of our team, all season we have been grilled by every man and his dog, but now there is some beleif out of nowere?!?!?! i havent seen a pompey side genuinly wanting to win a game that much for so long, no matter what happens if we can still be a club next year and keep grant we will be ok.

  • a great tie for the romantics in football and should you face Spurs, and leave ourselves chelsea and Villa, you will be the peoples favourites, even the non football fans will be rooting for you in the hope that a cup final win will get more cash for the taxman.

  • you played reallly well , i must say ohara is the heart of your midfield and a great lad i think

  • 4 in could be 5… it could then be 6 in August which could be a repeat of the final….

  • Don’t write Fulham off just yet. It is a Cup QF and nobody would have thought we could have beaten Man Utd up there 2 years ago. They are still there with a chance.

  • Somehow I think it is already written…first we play Stains, then Hurry up harry, ..So far so good, and this would be an Icing on the cake Victory if it were to come off…either way way I am proud of the achievement made.

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