Date: 28th November 2009 at 8:51pm
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Pompey lost once more at home, this time to a Utd side who seemed to up their game once the wet conditions arrived.

The game was not without controversy, Mike Dean was in the centre of it all, giving 3 penalties in total, and in my opinion you would be hard pushed to find one clear one out of the lot.

Avram Grant sent out a familiar looking side, Yebda replaced Mullins who disappeared from the squad completely, while Piquionne came in for Kanu, the only other change was Begovic for Ashdown.
Utd were first on the attack, Rooney getting goalside a couple of times without getting anything off, but Pompey had the first goal chance, Dindane getting between Brown and Vidic, but stand-in ‘keeper Kuszczak blocked with his legs and he was denied.
Pompey came closest again, Dindane firing wide, the O’Hara hit a left footer which Kuszczak did brilliantly to tip over the bar, Pompey were on top, but the Utd keeper was winning the battle.

On 23 minutes though Pompey were undone, Rooney went down easier than a brothel madame and then followed up by hitting home the penalty. Watch match of the day tonight, and Lawrenson will no doubt say he went down ‘cleverly’ for me football is a contact sport, if you get a foul every time makes contact without winning the ball, we may as well start bouncing it and chucking it through hoops, for ‘clever’ read ‘dive’.

Pompey should of been level straight away though, O’Hara floated in a great free-kick and Kaboul swung and missed before Piquionne scuffed wide, another gilt-edged chance gone.

Pompey were gifted just as soft a penalty ourselves though, the lino flagged for the dearest little shirt pull and up stepped Boateng. Got to admit that Buster showed balls bigger than King Kong’s by taking another one, this time he found a bit more power and beat the ‘keepr’s dive, 1-1 and all to play for.
Dindane had another couple of good chances to get us in front, but like before he had no killer touch and Utd were being let off.

On the stroke of half-time and I could see just what Wenger had a whinge about recently, a Utd player who shall not be named, but is Scottish and hollow cheeked, fouled Boateng about 3 times in a second, either challenge would of been yellow normally, but after a little cuddle he was let off, good spot Arsene.

During half-time the incesant rain returned, and as the conditions became more tricky, one side found them easier to cope with, unfortunatelty is wasn’t Pompey.
Utd were straight out of the blocks, and after slipping a behind play lino flag, Rooney was almost straight in, his touch was heavy though and the ball ran away. Pompey not one to learn a lesson though lost him again, Giggs slipped him in and from 10 yards he slotted home the first decent goal of the game.
Mike Dean was obviously enjoying the spotlight though, and after Piquionne first won, then lost possesion to Giggs, he gave another soft pen, Rooney smashed home and had the easiest of hat-tricks.

Utd were dominating play now, and Begovic was keeping them at bay, but Kuszczak was having a blinder also, keeping out Boateng twice in quick succession.

Dean decide to book anyone that moved now, even booking O’Hara for making no contact and giving a free-kick against him when he clearly won the ball, a bigger turd you will not see officiating a Premiership match this season.

The killer 4th came 3 minutes from full-time Utaka gave away a silly free-kick on the D, and Giggs curled home his 100th Premiership goal.

Utaka decided to try and make amends, but hit a volley into the deck that Kuszczak then reacted brilliantly to turn onto the bar, we may have lost 4-1, but the Utd ‘keeper had a blinder.

Player Ratings

Had little chance with any of the goals

Ben Haim
Couple of big tackles, found Giggs in fine form

Top Man

Solid in the air and made one great lunging tackle to deny another goal.

Won’t miss seeing Valencia

Captain was unlucky with penalty, and amazingly didn’t get booked when everyone else did!

Buster scored this time and fired in a few others.

Puts in a lovely delivery, need someone to make them count.

Quiet game, biggest moment came in the wrong box.

Had more chances than Defoe did against Wigan, spot the difference.

Solid enough

Went close, got booked and gave away goal conceding kick, all in 12 minutes!

Little time, nice to see him back though
Little action

Mike Dean
Gave away 3 of the softest penalties you will see, booked about 9 players without a bad foul in the match, and let of the biggest fouler of the lot! Absolutely dire!


19 Replies to “Pompey get deeper in the brown”

  • Not blaming the ref for result, thought he was bad enough for both teams, Pompey had a great first half again, but lack of cutting edge is costing us deeply, we need a far post man in the window, the amount of crosses that sailed over without anyone to nod them in was clear. We also need variety from free-kicks, if Kaboul hits it, it will be low and hard, if its O’Hara he will go for the corners. Also we need to learn as the game goes on, Kuszczak never had to hoof one goal kick, he was allowed to pass it out every time, while Scholes picked up two corners on the edge of the box, basic stuff.

  • CHIN UP POMPEY, This may be a bit rich coming from a Chelsea fan, but you lot have Grant and he did a fantastic job for us so I wish you all the best. Please don’t get relegated unless Hull are below you

  • The gap is only seven points and it sounds like you are playing well, a decent striker may well turn things around. Surely you will be able to get one of these in January.

  • We are playing very well Teddy BUT we can’t take the chances! We must score goals and quickly – eight in a week last month and now they have dried up again.

  • just why, why the hell do keepers have to have such good games against US! Kuszczak made some amazing savings against us in the 1st half. i’m starting to give up i really am lol lets just hope that a) grant can make some improvements and b) he has money in january for a striker that knows where the damn net is!

  • I actually thought all three penalties were acceptable. Brown stood on Rooneys foot, Shirt pulling is against the rules and Piquonne stuck his leg out in front of both of ryan giggs’ legs. If Dindane and Piquonne can get a bit of confidence and luck they will get you out of trouble single handedly as they always seem to be in the right place – but thats a big if.

  • Same old story. We play very good and then we lose. If there is someone who said that English football does not see good goalkeepers, oh then, he is not following Pompey’s matches! It is going to be tough. I believe in Grant, but honestly, nothing changed yesterday, I am guessing that Groves prepared the team yesterday, or maybe Hart was in the dressing room without anyone noticing!

  • it’s starting to irk me more and more the less physical stuff now, used to love seeing a crunching tackle, now players go over at the lightest contact, pundits justify it by saying there was contact and he waited for it, that’s still cheating in my book

  • Ref was shocking. Not only was the Pompey penalty bizarre – no one realised there was a pen and as far as I can so no-one was claiming one – and also the Manyoo ones rather soft (but, as Paultsmouth says, that’s the way it is these days with players going down like a sack of **** at the first opportunity) BUT ALSO there was a shocker by Herman in their box where he was virtually able to autograph the ball – not necessarily deliberate handball but the sort of ing that gets given more often than not. He should have booked Scholes for being a lippy ******** but then (our) Brown got off lightly given his irritating backchat and dodgy challenges.

  • looks like we are doomed we are 8 points off of getting out of relegation zone now .

    bolton hull picking up points away

    westham and wigan winning ..

    wolves host birmingham today its getting to the stage where we want wolves to win so it keeps birmingham in touch .

    i just cant bare to look at the leauge anymore. im depressed

  • you have to laugh at fergies desciption of the penalty… “yes, he broke the laws of the game… but it still shouldn’t have been a penalty!”…!!! that’s right. laws of the game don’t apply to man u, especially when it’s in there penalty box!

  • I agree with Tuscan, all 3 were penalties. And it’s about time refs got tough with the shirt pulling – it can pull you off balance or impede a jump. Liverpool’s just done us a favour by beating Everton but we need a consistent bad run from 3 teams above us for survival – and that’s assuming we can conjure up a run of wins.

  • Maybe its my age then, I like a more physical game, what would Ron “nail scissors” Harris and Norman “shave your legs” Hunter make of it?

  • C’mon guys, how many of us REALLY expected to get anything against Manyoo? Yes it would have been nice, but it didn’t happen. We won’t get anything at Stamford Bridge either, we never do. We have to move on – Burnley is winnable, that counts, and lets see if we can knock Villa out of the Carling on Tuesday!

  • still have not seen any highlights – might check them out on the video here – but still feel rooney ‘made the most’ of his penalty, i really had no thought that the ref would give it – that said he was only a matter of yards away so he could not be wrong, right…
    as for our one, again seemed dodgy but if it was for shirt pulling then i seem to recall AT LEAST one other incident where a pompey player, maybe the herminator, was having his shirt pulled all over the shop!
    quite what Freddy P was thinking about for the penalty he gave away was unbelievable – he did well to win it back but why not then put it out instead of taking it back into his own area?

    all in all it was a case of ‘same old same old’, altho the most encouraging thing for me was the fact that we DID test the keeper, who made 2, 3 or 4 very good saves – we have been playing well and creating chances, but have not really been testing the keepers as much as this, so lets build on it give it a bloody good go against villa and then do burnley!

  • The biggest problem which is well highlighted is our (Dindane’s) inability to finish, I know he scored a hat trick the other week but he should be getting them every week with the guilt edge chances he’s been missing. I’m not putting the blame soley on him for us not winning but when your job is to put a finish to the end product then he only has to look at himself. I’ve never seen another team have so many shot on and off target against Man U yet we still end up on the wrong side of a 4-1 scoreline. Lets hope for better finishing against Burnley.

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