Date: 25th April 2008 at 8:21am
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We must all back this, the unofficial song for Pompey’s FA Cup Final.

It is the inspiration of Radio Solent presenter Steve Harris, who with the Sham 69 have tweaked their 1978 hit ‘Hurry Up Harry’. Click here to hear a sample of the track.

My understanding that the band will try to release very soon & some of the monies will go to the ‘Children in Need’.

There hasn’t been anything from the club as to giving it their blessing but whatever I think it’s great.

Sham 69.
Hurry Up Harry (revised 2008)

Come on, come on, come on,
Hurry up Harry, come on,
Come on, come on,
Hurry up Harry Redknapp,
We are going to win the cup,
We are going to win the cup.

We’ve seen off Ipswich, Plymouth,
And beat Preston and Man U,
We did the Baggies
Thanks to king Kanu
And now it’s final time
We’ll all sing the Pompey chimes
Play up Pompey, Pompey play up. Play up Pompey, Pompey play up
Come on, come on,
Hurry up Harry, come on,
Come on, come on,
Hurry up Harry Redknapp,
We are going to win the cup,
We are going to win the cup.

Written by storagematt.

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19 Replies to “Pompey FA Cup Final Song”

  • And I thought Jimmy Pursey was talented. Christ. Why not have a 2008 remix of Mike Oldfield’s “Portsmouth” instead?

  • I like it having heard it yesterday..better than something liek the John Barnes rap..
    Bit biased though -was 12 in 77 & a bit of a Punk

  • Other than this, no else has bothered. For the real oldies out there (anyone older than me, 41 & a half) it is a bit loud but I like it. We can play it Wembley now the FA have disgracefully allowed Cardiff to have the welsh national anthem. ‘God Save The Queen’ not good enough for them?

  • Matt. I’m 47 and a grumpy old man of the first order but I think it’s great. Can’t believe the FA have allowed the Welsh anthem – is Wales not part of the UK and therefore GSTQ their anthem too?

  • just what i said on the forum ninja tim ;-). and what makes it worse, is that at the same time as this blaspheming, they are also trying to claim to be english as well!!! anyway, i dont know the tune to the song…its…intresting.

  • I’ve heard a few songs around on The Quay – one of them is called ‘Going Back to Wembley’ and has been produced by the supporters group in Spain, and its not bad. Remember the days when every team that got to the cup had an official song, and they’d get the teams into the studio to record it. I wonder which of our current squad can sing?

  • I’m getting really fed up of the FA and everyone else cow-towing to Cardiff. Yes we’ll change the rules of the UEFA cup entry – and class you as English. Yes we’ll play the Welsh National anthem. Anything else? Can we play Defoe please? No chance. I think we should really play up on the England v Wales thing – lots of England regalia mixed in with the Pompey.

  • Bring it on Tracy.. St Harry’s men to slay the Welsh dragon and send them back to the land of their fathers where men are men and sheep and frightened !

  • When HAWKs want to re-arrange a fixture the FA said rules are rules and must be obeyed .. what happened to that stance eh ! even though I am sure we will win (fingers and everything else crossed) I think the decision to let them in the UEFA should the unmentionable happen is wrong and I also think the decision to let them have ‘their’ national anthem is disgraceful…. But what else do we expect from a spineless organisation ….

  • Fair enough, if they win the (unthinkable) then it’s reasonable that they compete in the Uefa cup as they earnt the right and they also play in the English league not the Welsh…. BUT what the f*** is this boll0x about them having the Welsh anthem? It’s a shameful decision by the Muppets at the FA.
    For England, Harry and St. George!!!!!

  • the welsh national anthemn has no place in the english final, of an english cup competition, in an english stadium, when two english teams are playing. either they are english, or they arnt. they cant be both!!! (and even if they are welsh, we arnt playing the english national anthemn, so they should be just as happy with the british one as we are!!!)

  • as a musician this is complete garbage, as an old Punky/hippy type I enjoyed it and laughed, however, never liked sham 69 after I saw Jimmy Pursey on stage at the great ANL/Rock against Racism march in Hyde Park 1978, giving an impassioned speech as to why Sham 69 had pulled out of the gig,saying that it wasn’t that as 99% of their fans were skins and 50% of them were NF…or words that effect. I remeber missing Elvis Costello that day too as i went to brick lane to demonstrate against an NF march after a call from the stage for reinforcements. got there an d No Bugger was there, missed Elvis..

  • Graham I knew I recognised you from somewhere. What was the band you were in? lol Good to hear from you.

  • I’ve been saying it for weeks. Cardiff will have the welsh flags, fckin dragons everywhere. Fine if that what they want then it is ‘Dragon slaying day’. As we won’t be flying our England for the euros, get them to Wembly. Any guesses on what FA stand for now?

  • Be nice if someone could knock up a flag with the pompey badge on the cross of Saint George, I’d buy one!

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