Date: 21st March 2006 at 10:30am
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Pompey Exclusive

I have to start by saying that this is not defiantly true however my source in Portsmouth (who I went to university with) is yet to let me down so my guess is that it?s true but only time will tell.

Yesterday Peter Storrie confirmed that all contract talks where on hold, ‘But I think we’re in with a shout of staying up and hopefully I can push discussions back until April.’

This includes Harry Redknapp who signed a contract until the end of the season. My source has told me that Milan and Gaydamak have both agreed with Harry that he will get a three year contract if he keeps Portsmouth in the Premiership. (With conditions; further down.)

There is (apparently) a disagreement between Milan and Gaydamak over the contract of Harry Redknapp if (heaven forbid) Portsmouth are relegated. Milan would want Harry to stay even if we were relegated claming he has the experience to take us back up. However, Gaydamak is unhappy claiming that he has spent too much money for Portsmouth to be relegated.

It is rumoured that Gaydamak would bring in an up and coming manager possible Adrian Boothroyd or Martin Allen. My source isn?t sure who would get the final say.

I think that Milan would because he is still the chairmen. I can see disaster though, Gaydamak walks! The players bought in January are his. What would happen then?

Harry has apparently been told (as I said earlier) that he will get a three year contract on a million pound a year! He has also been told that Jamie Redknapp will be aloud to come in as assistant manager. He would also be given a further ten million to bring in enough quality to push for Europe. Players would include Lee Trundle.

My source has also told me that Milan has told Gaydamak that he won?t walk until 2009! This is a lot longer than thought but then again the stadium is also taking longer than thought.

I have also been informed that Newcastle are interested in signing Gary O?Neil in a possible cash and swap deal (Which would see the return of Amdy Faye, possible on loan if we were relegated.)

That?s the end of the exclusive as I said at the start it isn?t defiantly true but I trust my source and my reaction to what I was told is; this could be brilliant if we stay up and a disaster if we go down.

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