Date: 31st January 2011 at 9:56am
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So guys, here we are – the final hours of the January transfer window.

As previously said this is a window that I am starting to hate with a passion and one that seems more and more like it only benefits those that stand to benefit financially – by that I mean those that get ‘cuts’ of transfer fees as any that do happen in this window, the ‘major ones’ usually happen at the end of it.

On the flip side many clubs lose out as players that are coming towards the end of their contract go for lower fees – that said if the club he is contracted to wait until the summer they get nothing, so every cloud and all that…

Anyway, rant over.

I see that many people are saying that they either expect us to make loan moves today, or when the loan window reopens. Although you have to ask why?

A match day squad can ONLY comprise of 5 loanees – we already have that amount.

So we would have to leave out at least one loan player each week, and what would the sense be in playing a club a loan fee, and no doubt the player some – or all – of his wages if he is not playing?

The only way I could see anymore loan arrivals coming in is if we either return some of the current ones for ‘better ones’, which is doubtful, or try to agree deals with clubs to purchase some of the currently loanees permanently now?

I am thinking the more ‘affordable’ ones would be the likes of Ibrahima Sonko, who is out of contract in the summer with Stoke, or Carl Dickinson?

That said the thought of paying money, or ‘maybe’ forgoing a ‘possible’ payment from Stoke for Marc Wilson, for their permanent arrivals is not something I would like us to be doing.

‘If’ we are going to sign either permanently then I would only want them to come on free transfers!

Anyway, again I stray…

This thread is designed for you to put forward your ideas on what ‘is’ or at least ‘might’ happen today.

If your next door neighbours brothers friends brother, who is twice removed, has told you anything share it here so we can at least discuss it.

Anyone hearing anything may as well share with us here on Vital Pompey.

We at Vital Pompey Towers will of course do our best to keep you up to date with any ‘word on the street’ info we may well hear…


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